If you guys have tips about the Yongseo Couple, Yonghwa or Seohyun.. Share it in the comments below so I can post it here at iloveyongseo! I’ll credit you gogumas in the post!!

You can share anything, fanarts, photos, rumors, videos.. anything under the sun! hehe! 🙂

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40 Comments on “Tips”

  1. onlylove89 says:

    Here is the interview about the duet. Please translate it. Thanks

    • kirimi says:

      Yonghwa: I was in the program ‘We Got Married’ with SNSD’s Seohyun. At first, we were not really comfortable with each other. We wrote the ‘Banmal Song’ so we can get closer. This is my first time to perform this song with her in the stage so please anticipate it.

      Seohyun: Although our ‘We Got Married’ series is over in Korea, it is still yet to be broadcasted in Japan. I also heard that there are a lot of people who wanted it to be shown in Japan. We’re honored. So we prepared this special stage for the concert. I hope everyone would enjoy it.


      Read more:

  2. onlylove89 says:

    This is the link for bts of YongSeo duet in Japan, Can anyone translate what they said

  3. onlylove89 says:

    Yong Seo will have a collaboration stage on ‘K-POP All Star Live in Niigata”

  4. dahlia says:

    Hi, as we all know jinwoon of 2am does contact with seohyun. In july’s episode of Infinity challenge. The other hosts says that jinwoon reveals secrets. The hosts then says that those 2 are dating for real. Even though they did not mention one. Relating with jin woon, i feel that they might be saying yongseo is real. 20110709 episode of Infinity Challenge

  5. justalilcloudinthesky says:

    there was a moment where yonghwa talked about seohyun ‘making his day’ 😀

    • justalilcloudinthesky says:

      around 6:40 ish

  6. `i love YONGSEO !! soo much !! their love is very innocent and pure !! they’re very caring with each other !! i hope they can be a REAL couple someday.. talk about the memories, surprise gifts that they had with each other !!

  7. onlylove89 says:

    Yong Hwa picks Seo Huyn as his ideal type. Is that a good news for Goguma couple lovers, isn’t it? keke

  8. onlylove89 says:

    Eng sub Strong Heart – Yong Hwa talks about Seo Huyn

  9. onlylove89 says:


  10. anonymous says:

    yong beating around the bush that hyun’s his ideal type! ; P

  11. onlylove89 says:

    everyone, let’s vote for our beloved goguma couple

  12. YONGSEOK says:

    isnt seohyun wearing the couplering in this video

  13. onlylove89 says:

    Yong Seo Couple Sweetest moment from the beginning until separation.

  14. onlylove89 says:

    Haha..Yong finally got his red car and i think his driver license too

  15. onlylove89 says:

    Yong Seo last episode

  16. onlylove89 says:

    Seo Huyn appears in Yong Hwa CF. Check it out! Yong Seo is real.

  17. cyrine says:

    oh no i don’t want it to end for the SEOhung couple.they are sooooooooooo cute together they complete each other.

    • onlylove89 says:

      where did you get that news? Is it confirmed?

  18. Anonymous says:

  19. onlylove89 says:

    Yong Hwa was placed as 10th of 2010 Sexiest Korean Men by Argentinian poll. For me, he was No1
    Here is the news.

  20. onlylove89 says:

    Yongseo unseen cut from MC Music Core
    I don’t know whether you guys watch this or not. But this is unseen cut when our loving couple were MCs with SNSD Yuri. They look so cute together.

  21. syong says:

    In case you haven’t watched, on Running Man eps.17 where YongHwa is the guest, he wore the couple ring! It’s almost look like he’s showing it off. kekeke..



  22. Nikki says:

    This guy is SOOO GOOD!!! I wish you guys would share this video to all the YongSeo fans because this piano/vocal cover is just AWESOME!!! If this guy can collab with YongSeo that will be awesome!!! XD

  23. Check says:

    The wedding episode.. and it breaks my heart to say this but I have read from dcmarried that it is the final episode and here it their final schedule as their 1 yr contract with MBC expires Feb 2th, 1 yr to the date of their first episode. I don’t know why there is no renewal probably due to their busy commitments which seem the most likely with SNSD looking to further in Japan.

    And heres the final schedule lineup of YongSeo… Aww my tears are coming out…

    Jan 1st – Making of BanMal MV
    Jan 8th – Busan Filming 1/3
    Jan 15th – Busan Filming 2/3
    Jan 22nd – Busan Filming 3/3
    Jan 29th – Skiing 1/2
    Feb 5th – Skiing 2/2
    Feb 12th – Wedding preparation 1/2
    Feb 19th – Actual wedding
    Feb 26th – Final goodbye probably flashbacks from the past episodes

    • mint says:

      So, they will done for next year..?? Really…It’s make me so sad

    • onlylove89 says:

      Oh no, Adam couple ended and on Feb is our loving goguma couple, omg…why they have to end so soon, what should i watch in WGM show anymore? I’m crying so hard when reading his news. I was looking forward to watching their wedding but now i hope it won’t come…am i weird?

    • Leona says:

      omo!! is it true?? TT.TT

      • jaslovesyg says:

        nope.. it’s just a rumor… people from soompi said it’s not true.. :))

  24. Check says:

    • jaslovesyg says:

      this is just a rumor.. I hope you won’t get depressed.. People from soompi said that dcmarried didn’t say that YongSeo would end on Feb.. There are a lot of rumors going around about them leaving but let’s hope for the best.. As of now.. There’s no news yet about them leaving We Got Married.. 🙂

      • onlylove89 says:

        oh cool…that lightens up my day. I love this couple so much that I really cannot see them separate.

  25. Carolyn C. says:

    Hey all Yongseo lovers around the globe! =)
    Just wanted to inform you that the MBC Entertainment Awards Ceremony will be hosted in December 29, and there is a “Best Couple” category.. and Yongseo is – YES, you guessed it!- in the nominations!! The voting will start at midnight, December 20, at You will have to sign up as a member to vote. Spread the word and show your love for Yongseo =D

    • Carolyn C. says:

      Here’s the link for the voting page:

      Best Couple is the sixth tab – 06 Vote – on the page 🙂

      • jaslovesyg says:

        hello! do you know how to vote? I can’t seem to figure out how to.. 🙂

    • Carolyn C. says:

      The voting page has changed to:

      If you go to the bottom of the page, you’ll see the pictures of the nominated couples including Yongseo 🙂

      You will need a Cyworld ID.. I don’t know if there is an English service when signing up 😦 Try it out though!

      **When voting, remember to press only ONE time. (The button turns orange when you vote, pressing again will make it default.)

      • Carolyn C. says:

        How To Vote promotion vid:

    • Huipretty says:

      I would like to vote for Yong-Seoh Couple but I can’t read Korean language. This web site
      need to sign in before. How can I do? I would like to vote for them.
      Please tell me how I can log in.

  26. Ah Ju says:

    Tips for Yonghwa,

    Since Seohyun is sulking due to missing and worrying him for 30 days then he should pacify by giving her 30 roses (if he insist then 30 sweet potato) with comments for each stalk of his each day activities of why he has not or tried to fall and must end with i miss you..

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