[VIDEOS] SNSD YoonYul Teases Seohyun about Her ‘Husband’ on The Making of ‘Genie’ 3D MV

It is revealed on ‘The Making of Genie 3D MV’ that Yoona and Yuri teases Seohyun about her appearance on We Got Married!

The girls were in the middle of shooting for Genie 3D MV, thus Yoona and Yuri said that it reminds them of ‘Avatar’, which use tons of 3D effect. And guess what, the topic of “Seohyun go watch Avatar with his ‘husband’ on We Got Married” was suddenly thrown up!

Check this cut out… (starting from 1:37)

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[PHOTOS][Paparazzi] YongSeo at 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics

SNSD and CNBLUE had to perform at the same stage today for 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics Support Concert. And guess what, our eagle-eyed goguma FBI spotted these moments ♥!!

YongHwa watching SoShi performance from the side <<<<

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[VIDEOS][Fanmade]YongSeo ep 56-What’s your ideal type?

[VIDEOS][Fanmade]YongSeo ep 55-Yong~stop teasing me, or…!

Thanks to Zel/liezelly ‘s suggestion :)

[VIDEOS][Fanmade]YongSeo ep 54-L.O.V.E GEE

Thanks to Aeromedith’s suggestion :)

[VIDEOS][Fanmade]YongSeo eps 53-Hyun show me your aegyo

Thanks to monica & cute11597′s suggestions :)

I also put YongHwa’s Love confession from Strong heart preview^^

[NEWS][Videos]Yonghwa yells “Seohyun I love you!” on strong heart

Video link preview:

On April 12th, SBS’s “Strong Heart” released a preview for the upcoming April 19th episode. During the preview, CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa was seen yelling, “Seohyun, I love you!” and then, “What am I going to do now?”, gathering much curiosity from netizens.

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[VIDEOS][Fanmade]YongSeo couple-We are one

Thanks to Lovelight500 & MsNarimiya’s suggestions :)

[VIDEOS][Fanmade]Love & Laugh-YongSeo eps 52 (FMV)

1.From now, I’ll make a yongseo fmv at least once a week.
The eps that I put here is only my imagination, please
don’t misinterpret it :)) There’s no more YS on the show, but in our heart, Yongseo is everlasting.So, I won’t give up on them. Yeah, i’m delusional. That’s it.
2. I really app if you want to give me any advices for the theme of my next Yongseo fmv :))

[VIDEOS][Fanmade]YongSeo-Endless Love

YongSeo is Everlasting :)

[VIDEOS][Fanmade]Yonghwa & Seohyun are…

Another YongSeo FMV, requested by clozy @tumblr :)

[VIDEOS][Fanmade]YongSeo-Dandelion Couple

This is a FMV for eps 50^^

[VIDEOS][Fanmade]YongSeo-Mission & Love Lines collections

Requested video by : Lena

[VIDEOS][Fanmade]More YongSeo,more facts

Sorry about the lack of updates lately >.<

And, this is a new YongSeo fanvid for today :))

[VIDEOS][Subbed] YongSeo goes shopping – Episode 48

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