[VIDEOS] SNSD YoonYul Teases Seohyun about Her ‘Husband’ on The Making of ‘Genie’ 3D MV

It is revealed on ‘The Making of Genie 3D MV’ that Yoona and Yuri teases Seohyun about her appearance on We Got Married!

The girls were in the middle of shooting for Genie 3D MV, thus Yoona and Yuri said that it reminds them of ‘Avatar’, which use tons of 3D effect. And guess what, the topic of “Seohyun go watch Avatar with his ‘husband’ on We Got Married” was suddenly thrown up!

Check this cut out… (starting from 1:37)

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[VIDEOS] SNSD Run Devil Run Jap MV released

[VIDEOS] SNSD Run Devil Run Jap + Mr Taxi Preview

[VIDEO] SNSD New CF – Daum (Ver. A 20sec)


Rapper Hyun in action!

[PHOTOS][Icons] Goddess Seohyun – Episode 46 Wedding Photoshoot


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[NEWS] Seohyun: Top ulzaangs of Jeonju Art High School

The top 3 pretty faces of Jeonju Art High School became a hot discussion topic on the internet. Previously, there were also discussions about the top 3 of pretty faces of Eunkwang Girls’ High School – Han Hyejin, Song Hyegyo and Lee Jin (First row of photos shown above).

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[NEWS] Seohyun: They Like ”Yong Hubby” Very Much

On MBC’s We Got Married (WGM) Which Aired on the 29th, Seohyun had the chance to meet with Yonghwa’s friends from Busan. In a Cafe, they enjoyed listening to stories, taking photos for Memories and even received couple shirts and an old photo of Yonghwa. They spent a wonderful time together.

When they were having fun, Yonghwa Said ”I became angry like a Child”, Making everyone present burst into Laughter. In one of the interviews, Seohyun said ”I can see that they are really good friends. They like Yonghwa very much”.

Source: Nate.com / Newsen.com
Translated By: Tiffany@iloveyongseo