[VIDEOS][Fanmade]YongSeo ep 56-What’s your ideal type?


[VIDEOS][Fanmade]YongSeo ep 55-Yong~stop teasing me, or…!

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[VIDEOS][Fanmade]YongSeo ep 54-L.O.V.E GEE

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[NEWS][Videos]Yonghwa yells “Seohyun I love you!” on strong heart

Video link preview:

On April 12th, SBS’s “Strong Heart” released a preview for the upcoming April 19th episode. During the preview, CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa was seen yelling, “Seohyun, I love you!” and then, “What am I going to do now?”, gathering much curiosity from netizens.

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[VIDEOS][Fanmade]YongSeo couple-We are one

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[VIDEOS][Fanmade]Love & Laugh-YongSeo eps 52 (FMV)

1.From now, I’ll make a yongseo fmv at least once a week.
The eps that I put here is only my imagination, please
don’t misinterpret it :)) There’s no more YS on the show, but in our heart, Yongseo is everlasting.So, I won’t give up on them. Yeah, i’m delusional. That’s it.
2. I really app if you want to give me any advices for the theme of my next Yongseo fmv :))

[VIDEOS][Fanmade]YongSeo-Endless Love

YongSeo is Everlasting 🙂