[VIDEOS][Fanmade]YongSeo ep 55-Yong~stop teasing me, or…!

Thanks to Zel/liezelly ‘s suggestion 🙂

[VIDEOS][Fanmade]YongSeo 45-Special Hugs

Eps 45 is another Daebak eps!^^ And this is my new fanvid for today
Hope you enjoy it 🙂

[VIDEO][Fanmade] A thousand trillion minutes (แสนล้านนาที) – YongSeo Version

cr. TamakOpuddinG

tip by Eve_SaiSod@twitter 🙂

A fanmade video by a Goguma! Share your works of art too!!

[VIDEO][Fanmade] It’s a YongSeo World After All

cr. YSInternational0211


[VIDEOS][Fanmade]YongSeo-Honey Baby Love sub

I just want to share my fanvideo
sorry…I really can’t stop spazzing after saw the preview of eps 39 xD xD

[VIDEOS][Fanmade]YongSeo-One love eng sub

I’m dying from happiness after saw YongSeo’s picture in Busan!!

Sorry I can’t stop myself to spazz about them xD
and this is my YongSeo new fanvid

Hope you enjoy it^^

[VIDEO][Fanvid] Banmal Song Full Piano Cover

cr. benkao2008@YT ; tip by Nikki@iloveyongseo

Another daebak cover!!! Gogumas are really talented!!! 🙂