[VIDEO] Yonghwa MC Cut – Inkigayo 27022011

Ring ding dong ~~~

cr. blueshoes@seohwa soompi thread

cr. CrazyCarrot360@YT

Couple ring alert!! love it!! There is no reason to hide for YongSeo now.. The whole world knows you’re married already!! haha! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Yong is so cute with that glasses!!!


[VIDEOS][Subbeb]Hyun senorita

Still remember episode 27? here are the videos of Hyun senorita! Very funny. You can see how scared Yong was..Enjoy!

cr: luv_yesung @ soompi, dkpopsubs @YT, re-upload by fieyrienfyn

[VIDEOS] Yonghwa and Seohyun Imitations

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[VIDEO + TRANS] Yonghwa talks about Seohyun in Inkigayo

cr. guitarpianocouple@YT

Trans by klee22@seohwa soompi thread

sulli: [to yonghwa] now that i think of it, you and seohyun had a duet together, right?
yonghwa: yes, yes we did. our sweet voices really matched well together, better than anyone else’s.
and he laughs and is embarrassed as he says this.

Sweet voices?? kyaaaaa!!!! I really love this subtle YongSeo moments!!!! I want a digital single from both of them! ❤


[VIDEO] Night after night MC Preview – Yonghwa Cut

Credit :st57lucy

One word to describe : “HANDSOME” lol

Yongseo shipper!! Did u see his couple ring??

[VIDEO] Another YongHwa’s SBS Night After Night preview

credit: bigbanghavenYT

Finally, First episode will be broadcast tomorrow night!!^^

[VIDEO] 101031 Inkigayo-SNSD comeback Stage + Interview

Yongseo Cute Moment!!^0^

credit : TheSoneSource14