[VIDEOS][Fancams] 110403 SeoHyun at LG Cinema 3D Game Festival

cr. Ihope9 @ youtube


[VIDEOS][Fancams] 110404 CNBLUE at Thailand Fancam Compilation

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[VIDEOS][fancam] SMtown Genie – SNSD


Cr: dragonfruitsking@yotuube

[VIDEOS][[fancam] Live Performance of ”For The First Time Lovers” at Thailand

cr: sariyacsr

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[VIDEOS][fancam] Seohyun at Seoul Music Awards

Cr: lwansoal

[VIDEOS][fancam] Seohyun Visual Dreams @ Intel Processor Conference

Cr: bisanghara

[VIDEOS][Fancams]YongSeo shopping 110119


Wow,this fan was really close to uri YongSeo!!
Can’t wait to watch this eps ❤