[VIDEO] YongSeo on Y Star – SMA Behind the Scenes

YongSeo Cut …

Seohyun Cut …

full version after the cut 🙂

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[VIDEOS] CNBLUE Filming ‘Bang Bang’ CF with Seo HyoRim

CNBLUE holding gogumas lol
*see something on the finger, Gogumas? 😀 *

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[VIDEO][YongSeo Love] Golden Disk Awards Behind The Scenes

cr. aslotuss6@YT shared by yongseofacts@twitter

OMG!! This really is a must-watch! Everything that happened in GDA is outside WGM.. This is the real Yonghwa and Seohyun! Real YongSeo! OMG!!! That stares… That concerned look of Yonghwa when Seohyun was crying.. The support they have shown each other while performing! WAAA! THE BEST!!

[VIDEOS][BTS] Behind-the-Scenes of SNSD’s Photoshoot for W Korea


It was said that girl group SNSD had posed for magazine W Korea’s upcoming December issue. The members were photographed individually with 9 different concepts that the staffs came up with and will be emphasizing each member’s individual personality and charms.
W Korea recently uploaded a BTS video of the said photoshoot.

BTS video under the cut…

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[VIDEOS + Photos] CNBLUE for Ericson X10 Mini

CNBLUE[101031] X10 mini UCC

CFs 30s, 20s, 15s Versions

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cr. BOICEMinShin2 @ YT

Busan Brothers!! Jonghyun and Yonghwa sharing coffee and Simon D is also joining the fan! Some Supreme Team and CNBlue love going on! haha! 🙂

Guys! CNBLUE and SNSD are nominated for the MAMA Awards though I think SNSD won’t attend due to the conflict between Mnet and SM.. They actually have a no show no award policy.. and as for CNBLUE.. I think they will attend since they appeared in the promo clip.. I will definitely hate on the Inkigayo PD’s if they wouldn’t let Yonghwa attend MAMA.. arrrghhhh..

You can vote once per day so register on Mnet and vote now!!

[VIDEOS][BTS] Yonghwa Visited Jonghyun & Minhyuk during KBS “Acoustic” Filming

Yong, being such a supportive hyung and leader to his dongsaengs and fellow bandmates, visited the location of filming for KBS “Acoustic”, in which Jonghyun & Minhyuk stars in.

KBS “Acoustic” short film BTS – Yonghwa Cut