[NEWS][Paparazzi] YongSeo: Still Not Over Yet?


Today’s Mca – Is Jung Yonghwa still hung up on SH? Look forward to CNBLUE who needs SeoHyun’s cheer, performance today at 6PM

In the picture:
Who would you like to cheer for you on stage today?
1. Kim Yuna
2. Seo Hyun
3. Gil Raim

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[TRANSLATIONS] WGM Sweet Potato Couple Episode 51

Part 1

Starting from the 0:41 mark.

Y: Ah, this place…really…we were holding the umbrella.

H: That’s right.

MC: That looks like Sindang-dong.

MC: Ahh, where they first came together and ate ddukbokki.

H: “Even Your Wife Won’t Know”…right? [NOTE: This is probably a reference to the name of the restaurant, which in turn is a reference to a Korean idiom about when the food is so delicious that you wouldn’t even know if your wife died.]

At the 1:00 mark.

Y: Yahhh…really…how long has it been?

H: I know.

Y: Give us the 2-person set.

Y: We’re not…we’re not comfortable with each other yet. Instead of being married right away, how about being a preparatory couple?

H: It’s a good idea.

Y: You think so?

H: Yes…

Y: Okay, we’ll do that then.

H: It’s like going back in time.

Y: It’s the same.

MC: We’re more confused right now than the actual couple.

Y: Why aren’t you using banmal?

H: Oh, right.

H: I’ll…I’ll eat it well.

Y: “I’ll eat it well.”

H: Eat well.

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[VIDEOS][Raw] WGM Sweet Potato Couple Episode 51

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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[TRANSLATIONS] WGM Sweet Potato Couple Episode 50

Part 1

Y: The last mission…
<yongseo couple’s given last mission>
Y: This is the last mission… Last mission
<Even to Seohyun…>
<give your husband the happiest day as a present>
Y: Give your wife the happiest day?
<Give your wife a happiest day for a present>
<The Last, first story Pt. 1>
<after receiving the mission, a few days later>
<the morning of the yongseo couple’s last day>
Y: tada
S: Oh, right! Today is white day!
Y: White day.
S: Oh, thank you so much!
<because today is white day…>
<White day candy present>
S: looks tasty, Thank you. Look at this!

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[NEWS] CN BLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa: “Seo Hyun’s Support Gives Me Energy”

Even with the end of their fake marriage on MBC’s “We Got Married”, Jung Yong Hwa and Seo Hyun (also known as the Sweet Potato couple) are continuing to support each other.

On March 21st, CNBlue had a press conference for their first full album “First Step.” The members were asked questions about their new album as well as about Seo Hyun of Girls’ Generation.

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[TRANSLATIONS] WGM Sweet Potato Couple Episode 49

Part 1

Sub: after buying the cape…

H: Fur. Fur obsession.

Y: I’m not obsessed. I just like it…

Y: Which one do you like?

H: Mmm…clean ones.

MC: She likes clean, simple things.

MC: He keeps picking snake, fur…

H: I think you have weird tastes.

Y: This is all right.

H: Still…

Sub: Yong husband’s preferences (?) foreign to Hyun wife

H: Do I have a lot of chances to wear boots?

Y: I wear boots…

H: You do?

Y: Red ones.

H: Oh, I saw it, I saw.

H: Oh, these ones are cute.

Y: Cute, right?

H: Yeah.

Y: Get the pink ones.

H: Pink?

H: They’re cute.

Sub: This time (?) she likes his recommendation…

Y: Cute?

H: Yeah.

MC: She could wear those and go to the sweet potato field.

H: I want to try them.

Sub: trying on the boots he recommended…

H: Ah, something’s weird!

Sub: trying on boots for the first time thanks to Yong

H: Oh, it’s really comfortable.

Y: It’s pretty, it’s pretty.

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[VIDEOS][Raw] Preview: WGM Sweet Potato Couple Episode 50

cr. TheSoneSource21 @ YouTube