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[NEWS][Translations] YongSeo Fans Published Heartwarming Messages on Newspaper

Seohyun and Jung Yonghwa, who will be ending their virtual marriage soon, appeared in a newspaper.
On April 1st, YongSeo couple’s fan cafe, “Which Planet Are You From?”, left a message for the couple in newspaper, ‘Seoul Metro’. This message was a small gift from the sad fans who will be missing YongSeo couple in “We Got Married (WGM)”.

Here is the message published on the paper:

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[NEWS][Translations] We Got Married – YongSeo Couple’s Last Story

What is the last present that Jung YongHwa prepared for his wife?

This week on We Got Married, the Yongseo couple that have received a lot of love from viewers will broadcast their final story.

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[VIDEOS][Subbed] Preview WGM Sweet Potato Couple Episode 51

cr. SONEmsSubs05 @ youtube; translations cr. LalaCAKES @ soompi

[TRANSLATIONS] WGM Sweet Potato Couple Episode 48


<something given to hyun?>
H: It really looks like a newspaper!
<CNBlue’s Japanese album>
H: wow thank you so much. Oh there is even a message! Shall I read it outloud? To HYUN! Hyun! The our Japanese album came out. I also heard that you are working in Japan earnestly. Until now fighting! Girls Generation!
<Hyun who feels good with her husband’s message>
H: ah! Do you wear your scarf around?
MC: ah! The ….
<sudden Yong doesn’t know what to do>
H: What now again?!
MC: he probably didn’t wear it.
H: I will listen to your excuse.
Y: what excuse?
H: what is it?
Y: It’s in Japan.
MC: oh he must have left it!
<the scarf that the wife made, he left it in Japan!?>
MC: this is upsetting
H: Why? Why? Please tell me. I’ll listen
Y: It’s not it…
H: What did you say?
Y: It will sound like an excuse
H: I’ll listen to it either way.
<even if it’s an excuse hyun-wife wants to listen>
MC: It’s like an excuse
Y: lastly when I was just packing the luggage
H: You call that just luggage!?
MC: WOW that is just too much!
H: give it back to me!
Y: No, I’m not calling it luggage
H: I knitted it really diligently!
MC: that’s right!
MC: wait a second, he said that he left it but why can’t he say that?
<is he going to say the reason?>
Y: the end fell off again.
MC: What?
H: what do you mean by that?
Y: the end of it fell off.
MC: omomo!
H: what? It was already loose.
Y: I had it on during a performance…until the rehearsal.
<so he did at least wear it.>
Y: you know when you are about to get interviewed you quickly change clothes. I asked them to put it in my bag…
<but then the story gets longer>
<somehow there is an intense feeling>
H: So, it’s not you lost it right?
Y: So I don’t think I lost it.
MC: thank god.
Y: I wore it until then everywhere!
<Yong became urgent>
<you really didn’t lose it right?>
Y: when I came back to Korea and unloaded my things is when I realized it. I asked if it was in my other luggage bag because I had three. I looked in the bags and… it wasn’t there.
MC: it’s not there!
MC: So he lost it?
MC: in this world, that only one scarf… the scarf that seohyun meticulously made.
MC: this is a once in a lifetime. This is the same scene if you put the kids away.
MC: really?
Y: it was in my last bag… my bag…not it’s not like that… I’ll look for it! Don’t worry!
MC: Jung –husband made a mistake.
<apologetic pats>
<suddenly, Yong asked to send a picture of the scarf >
H: he texted me if I had a picture of the scarf on me. Ah, it’s because he must be thankful because I handmade the scarf for him, maybe he is preparing something for me… but the reason was because he lost the scarf… he wanted ME to send a picture.
<please find this scarf for me TT_TT>
<the picture to send to the Japanese staff>
H: So that’s the reason why he needed the picture.
MC: of course a heavy sigh would come out.
H: I am ready to eat all the gogumas.
<yongseo couple’s measuring stick = gogumas>
<anger fluttering out>
H: this is really too much!
Y: I really thought I was going to die yesterday.
< so sorry he couldn’t sleep>
Y: It felt as if I was going to die, I’m really sorry!
<I want to cry…>
MC: because he is really that sorry, he can only do this much.
<Yong-husband who is lost for words because he is sorry>
MC: this is really bad.
<I’m sorry>
<automatically the hands come together>
Y: I’m really sorry.
<3stage cover>
<Laid it somewhere -> picked it up-> lost it.>
H: I think I lost all will.
Y: I’m really sorry.
<fully sorry>
<even he doesn’t realize that he is begging forgiveness>
MC: ah~ this is upsetting. He should have packed that before his passport.
MC: but you know in the airplane you really can’t wear a scarf.
<wanting to help a fellow man out>
MC: no way, you have to wear it even if you sweat.
H: so you thought that it wasn’t precious then.
Y: no it’s not like that.
H: Liar.
Y: How can I not think that that was precious?
<Hyun, can’t believe it>
<fully upset>

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[TRANSLATIONS] WGM Sweet Potato Couple Episode 47


SH: Is it alright?
YH: I decided.
SH: Really?
<Picking out both their clothes>
SH: This one? Stand over there.
<Although it’s an awkward dress and tuxedo>
SH: why do you keep coming out?
YH: It’s embarrassing standing here!
SH: 1…2…
<Nervous and Fun First Wedding Photo Shoot>

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[TRANSLATIONS][Preview]YongSeo eps 47

용화♡서현 : 용서부부의 웨딩촬영 2탄! 뽀뽀해도 될까요…?
지난 주, 극강 미모를 뽐내며 웨딩 촬영을 하던 용서부부!
두 사람을 응원하기 위해 ‘깜짝 들러리’ 김나영과 임슬옹이 촬영장을 급습하고~
그들은 용서부부에게 ‘뽀뽀 신’에 대비하여 자꾸만 ‘가글을 하라’고 밀어붙이는데~
과연 ‘정용화 신랑님’과 ‘서현 신부님’의 반응은?

기타, 반지, 책 등의 소품으로 둘만의 스토리 촬영을 이어 나가는 용화♡서현!
이 때, 용서부부를 얼어붙게 만든 ‘고난도(?) 포즈’! 과연 두 사람은 잘 해낼 수 있을
그리고, 사진작가가 현 부인에게 직접 주문한 ‘오빠에 대한 고마움의 표시’는 무엇?
현 부인은 ‘고마움의 표시’를 잘 할 수 있을지~ 용서부부의 웨딩 촬영 스토리 2탄 전
격 공개~!!


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