[RUMOR] YongHwa’s “Banmal Song” CD…?

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[Rumors] CNBlue’s Manager?

We have already see Hyun’s manager..it’s Yong turn..

cr: dc and soompi, re-upload by fieyrienfyn

*this is actually Supreme Team’s Manager.. thanks rxp! 🙂 Yong is actually close to Supreme Team especially Simon D.. Both are from Busan!

[TRANSLATIONS][RUMOR] YongSeo not leaving WGM

I also tagged this as rumor since we don’t know if it’s a reliable source or not but the influx of questions and worries of Gogumas about YongSeo leaving WGM because they already have their wedding photoshoot increased when the rumor about them having the photoshoot was revealed..

Credit: 小雨 from BaiduGoguma shared by Claude71@seohwa soompi thread



translations after the cut.. 🙂

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[RUMOR] YongSeo Wedding Photoshoot


2 hours ago they were having their wedding photoshoot in one of the studios at Apgujeong (my unnie’s boyfriend’s workplace). it’s wedding photoshoot~~ Everybody please anticipates it!!!

cr.besti via  _shikshin@twitter


translate by 小雨
english translations by fannyluluu@seohwa soompi thread

they take wedding photos from 7:00 AM today in a photostudio …………
and DC fans confirm that this information is true!!!!!!!!!!!!

FINALLY! WEDDING PHOTOSHOOT! Note though that I tagged this post as [RUMOR].. Until the confirmation of the wedding photoshoot shows up.. Let’s still treat this as a rumor.. BUT… OMG! I have been waiting for this!!! HAHAHA!! I’m so excited!! I really hope this is true!!!!

[PHOTOS] YongSeo in Busan plus Yonghwa or Seohyun’s mother??

Fantaken pictures by fans in Busan 🙂

(according to reliable information, she is not yong’s mom. sorry) keke
WGM filming with yonghwa’s high school friends!!!! and his friends are very handsome. kk

cr. dcmarried shared by bolmaejung@seohwa soompi thread

Check out photos of Seohyun’s mother after the cut 🙂

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[RUMOR] YongSeo filming in Busan

shared by bolmaejung@seohwa soompi thread

DDochi_Park Chido Park 해운대에 밥먹으러 왔는데 우결 촬영 중이군~서현이랑 용화랑 밥먹고 나가네~~ㅋㅋ

translations by MountainMadman@seohwa soompi thread

Came to eat at Haewoondae and they’re filming WGM~Seohyun and Yonghwa are leaving after eating~~keke

Note from MountainMadman: 해운대, or Haewoondae, is a district in Busan. If the tweet is true, then chances are very good that they visited Yonghwa’s family! OMG!

This is it! They are already in Busan! I really hope they meet their inlaws already! One big happy family!!! 🙂

[VIDEO] Inkigayo 112110-SNSD ‘HOOT’ Perform + Today’s Winner

Look at 01:14! Yong waved to Hyun!! ❤