[FROM A YONGSEO LOVER] Cute Couple – Yonghwa and Seohyun

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cr. minzyne@twitter
*thanks for sharing your artwork! 🙂

YongSeo is a cute and young couple!!! I love that there are a lot of talented Gogumas! Share your artworks too! 🙂


[VIDEO][CNBLUE] Love Holiday

Haha doens’t the lyrics remind you of Yongseo? With LYRICS!

credits-youtube@ sharker783

[NEWS][EVENT] Yongseo 1 Year Anniversary

As we all know February 11,2011 will be Yongseo’s 1 year anniversary! If you want to join in the fun connect with Yongseo International fans. Join us on twitter. For more info click below!

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[VIDEOS][fanmade] Living The Dream – YongSeo

cr: youmustknowme88

[VIDEOS][Fanmade]YongSeo-Yong’s sweet lines to Hyun

I make this fmv after read Aya Otohata & JustBulan’s post @soompi seohwa official thread 🙂

[PHOTO][YongSeo Love] Yonghwa showing off his ring on Running Man??

this was shared by syong at the tips section of iloveyongseo 🙂

this was from Episode 17 of Running Man aired last November 🙂

from syong : “In case you haven’t watched, on Running Man eps.17 where YongHwa is the guest, he wore the couple ring! It’s almost look like he’s showing it off. kekeke..”

thanks for sending us tips!

[TRIVIA] Yonghwa wants Seohyun to call him ” Yonghwa Ya” ?

At the caption, yong wants hyun to call him “yonghwa ya


Yong:  At the end, say ‘I understand Yonghwa-ya’  (really informal way of addressing someone)

Hyun:  (laughing) What?

Yong: ‘I understand, Yonghwa oppa’

Hyun: Ah~… I understand…. I understand (cutely&informally)

Caption: ~blank (expression)

Yong:   (is shy) Ack, don’t say it cutely (or it could be: don’t try to be cute ㅋㅋㅋ)

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