[FANACCOUNT] SeoHyun at Knitting Shop

To: Baneulgwa Shiltarae [Needle and Yarn]
So Nyuh Shi Dae Seohyun
Thank you for being so kind and teaching me~! Thank you for giving me a nice hobby~!

A precious customer came to visit.
It was none other than Seohyun, of Girls’ Generation.
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[TRANSLATIONS] Fan account of CNBlue receiving teddy bears gifts from Thai BOICE

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[PHOTOS][Paparazzi]YongHwa new hairstyle!

Yong looks younger kekeke!! and his couple ring was spotted again!!^0^

I’m so sorry, but the owner of the pics don’t allow us to re-upload or share the pics, so we only can share the link here:


These photos taken from goldenjyh.blog.me
(CNBLUE, Jan 26 2011 @incheon Airport)

[TRANSLATIONS][FanAccounts] More FanAccounts of YongSeo Filming at Myung-Dong

눈스퀘어 맞은편에 서현이 떴습니다 멀어서 뒷모습을 찍었지만 ㅋㅋ 우결 찍고 있는거 같아요
Seohyun appeared at Noon Square, because [I am] far, I only took a picture of her back but keke it seems like they are filming WGM

지금 명동에서 용서커플 봐땀 정말 사람 마니 몰림ㅋㅌㅌㅌㅌㅌㅌ
그럼에도 꾿꾿이 자기할일하는 두사람ㅌㅌㅌㅌㅋ
Just saw Yongseo couple at MyungDong, a lot of people gathered ke~
Nonetheless, the two who are minding their own business ke ke

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[TRANSLATIONS][Fanaccount] YongSeo Filming at Myung-Dong Noonsquare

The PD smiled while he was looking at YongSeo.
Yong went to restroom.
Yong picked clothes for Hyun but did not buy any eventually.
Just saw the sight of Hyun’s back.
They looked very sweet.

Hyun wore Yong’s coat as shown in the picture
They help each other wear hats.
Yong bought Hyun shoes high boots.
They are having lunch

while Yong paid for lunch, Hyun was waiting there.  Yong went back to the seat  after he paid the bill.  Yong talked to Hyun for a while before he took off.

The shooting is over.  Yong is heading to gag concert.

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