[VIDEOS] 110820 YongSeo Couple Performance at K-POP Live in Niigata


cr. peacefulda @ YouTube

Gogumas, let us party!! This reunion is DAEBAK!!
OMG i feel like flying in heaven right now T____T


[VIDEOS] SNSD YoonYul Teases Seohyun about Her ‘Husband’ on The Making of ‘Genie’ 3D MV

It is revealed on ‘The Making of Genie 3D MV’ that Yoona and Yuri teases Seohyun about her appearance on We Got Married!

The girls were in the middle of shooting for Genie 3D MV, thus Yoona and Yuri said that it reminds them of ‘Avatar’, which use tons of 3D effect. And guess what, the topic of “Seohyun go watch Avatar with his ‘husband’ on We Got Married” was suddenly thrown up!

Check this cut out… (starting from 1:37)

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[NEWS] CNBLUE Jung YongHwa-SNSD SeoHyun-TRAX JungMo ‘Love Triangle’?

TRAX’s Jungmo and CN Blue’s Yonghwa appeared on the same show together, and the topic regarding Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun was eventually brought up.

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[PHOTOS][Paparazzi] YongSeo at 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics

SNSD and CNBLUE had to perform at the same stage today for 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics Support Concert. And guess what, our eagle-eyed goguma FBI spotted these moments ♥!!

YongHwa watching SoShi performance from the side <<<<

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[VIDEOS][Raw] YongHwa Cut at 110419 Strong Heart

cr. pinkuno011 @ youtube

wait and buffer it until around 4:30, and let us spazz together, gogumas 8)

Translation below the ‘more’ cut:

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[PHOTOS][Official] YongSeo Couple Wedding Pictures Wallpapers (with 2 Unseen Photos)

Recently, MBC official site has released 3 wedding pictures as wallpaper for fans, including the one that was spotted on Hyun’s handmade book for Yong, with the choding concept.

Check this out!

shared by Lumpiere @ soompi; original photos by iMBC 

Go and download it as your desktop wallpaper, gogumas ^^