About Jung Yonghwa

Name – 정용화 | 鄭容和 | Jung Yong Hwa | ジョンヨンハー
Birthdate – 6.22.1989
Height, Weight – 180cm, 62Kg
Blood group – A
Family – Parents, 4-year-older brother
Hobby – Listening to music
Talent – Piano, clarinet, composing
Music Group – C.N. Blue (CODE NAME BLUE): Vocal & Guitar & Rap & Leader
Company – F&C Music (same as F.T Island)
Drama – 미남이시네요 You’re Beautiful as Kang Shinwoo

cr. *sunhee @ soompi


46 Comments on “About Jung Yonghwa”

  1. dora irene says:

    i love you both
    ❤ YongSeo..
    i believe, everywhere and everytime, you both always think to be the true couple..
    so, let's do it…
    make your hearth and your fans happier to saving each other

  2. maruchie says:

    i miss you oppa ! keep safe always 🙂

  3. ain says:

    saranghae yo jong yong hwa…nemo neomo choa

  4. marie123 says:

    very handsome yonghwa.. saranghae! ♥

  5. zineb says:

    be real with seohyun okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  6. sony rai says:

    i love to watching your movies.

  7. yong oppa and hyun eonnie 🙂 I ❤ your tandem ever ** i wish i could meet you if i given a chance to go korea !! YONGSEO fyti!

  8. yong oppa and seohyun eonnie ❤ .. im your fan , wish to see you if i will be able to go in korea 🙂

  9. irishsese says:

    hello oppa yong hwa na bogopaseo someday 🙂 your so cute…:) saranghae na ❤ cnblue (code name blue)..

  10. kendra says:

    .. love love c.n blue and snsd !!
    —–> go go go go go hwaiting !!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Khun Khun San Bway
    I Love

  12. jiecela says:

    i love yongseoh couple

  13. jiecela says:

    i love jungyonghwa……….he is very cute,,,,,,,,,i wish that we”ve meet ………….super cute mo………….im your dying fan

  14. yeorim says:

    yonghwa and seohyun is the best couple for us .. go!go! fighting !! .. sna mgkaroon sli ng palabas .. mgcli-click un .. (-_-)

  15. Lorievel Almario says:

    I love watching your movies…

  16. sorry but you are not compatible to eah other, I hope jung yong hwa and park shin hye forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Goguma007 says:

      But I couldn’t feel love
      From Yonghwa and shinhye , all I
      Could see is an act :0
      Well even thought she is pretty -_-

  17. sorry but you are not compatible to each other!!!!!!!!!!

  18. kem kem says:

    my oppa ^^!

  19. Choi Rae Ki says:

    Yonghwa is a very funny guy. He’s cute and cares with girls. I think what he did with seo is just because he’s care, because he has a good attitude. In the end, when they were going to the ski and were going to take wedding photo, I think yonnghwa were bored and tired about it.
    I love Yonghwa so much. I really love the way he sees gilrs. and He’s really funny and loveable. I wish he could come to Indonesia. I wish CN Blue could come and never cancel their concert again in Indonesia. LOVE YOU!

  20. Anonymous says:

    wait. if he’s born 1989 that would make him only 22 years old this 2011. but supposedly, he turned 23 in 2010. so which is it really? same thing with seohyun. if she’s born 1991, then she’d only be 20 this year. i think your dates are off by a year or two.

    • Anonymous says:

      actually, the koreans have their own annual/ calendar system, so their (korean) age would be a little bit faster than their (international) age, since most of us use the gregorian calendar, and they use their own korean calendar. the biodata is real

  21. Anonymous says:

    very sweet couple ^^
    ❤ saranghae ❤

  22. Anonymous says:

    you are so handsome…….

  23. Anonymous says:

    I love your couple….sweet couple 🙂

  24. yongseofan says:

    Hello! Lol I only recently started watching WGM of YongSeo and I really really like this couple!! So sweet! Anyway, I’m glad that I found this site with YongSeo updates!:DDD Great job~~

  25. HappyLyn says:

    I love the Yongseo couple so much that I am really proud to be an ardent fan. Both of them represent the modern youth of today – pure, innocent, smart, intelligent, talented, & full of self confidence. I really adore and admire them so much & I just read a news yesterday that they will be together on stage in Niigata for a duet. Wow! I still believe in miracles! Yonghwa & Seohyun, show the world that your tandem is the best ever, real & lasting.

  26. i just love jung yong hwa,ha is so talented and bla3,i just adore him

  27. Irene says:

    Advance Happy Birthday oppa…!!!

  28. dina says:

    sweet potatoes couple “YONGSEO” is the best ! 🙂 hope it will be true…

  29. Saranghae Oppa~ :3

  30. zipporah says:

    yong hwa… u’re really cute and i really like yoo… i wish i am seohyun …my goshh!!!

  31. yu9kie says:

    beside be friend..
    what about be a real couple..
    marry her yo~ng oppa…

  32. yul says:

    yonghwa height?180 cm??? i thought its 170cm

  33. rena says:

    love it.. hahhahha

    Yongseo couple forever..

  34. alif fazhan says:

    yongseo couple ❤

  35. yongjanehwa says:

    haha…yongseo couple the best!!!
    saranghae oppa!!!good luck and may god bless you always!!

  36. Haslily Hamzah says:

    Saranghae Jung YongHwa sshi..
    I hope you will always success in your life even as a singer,actor or mc…

  37. nur adriana says:

    yes,ihope they will 2gether for real….

  38. chubby says:

    ilove this couple……i hope yong and hyun are good frend for real

  39. hasnafina says:

    please take care of my unnie, oppa! kekeke~

  40. Kate says:

    saranghae YongHwa oppa!)

  41. dian says:

    Sarangahae Yong Oppa…
    Saranghae YongSeo,,
    Saranghae CNBLUE…^^

  42. Yanie90 says:

    sarange oppa ^_^

  43. Madina says:

    Beautiful boy…

  44. Yongseo says:

    saranghae Oppa. ❤

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