[VIDEOS][Raw] YongHwa Cut at 110419 Strong Heart

cr. pinkuno011 @ youtube

wait and buffer it until around 4:30, and let us spazz together, gogumas 8)

Translation below the ‘more’ cut:

Starting at the 1:35 mark.

MC: SNSD Doppelganger! I had really thought there was a celebrity that you really looked like. Especially when you’re next to Jung Yonghwa like this.

SES: It’s something that I’ve heard very often since my debut, that I look like Seohyun.

MC: When was your debut?

SES: 2006.

MC: Wow, that’s a long time…it’s been 5 years?

MC: Since when did you start hearing it?

SES: Since before SNSD’s debut.

MC: Before their debut?

SES: Yes. The reason is, before they debuted, I had a CF with Yoona.

MC: What kind of CF?

SES: “Cleanly, brightly, courageously…”

At the 2:17 mark.

SES: Us? We didn’t put on makeup!

Yoona: We only used [name of brand]!

MC: It’s you on the right?

SES: Yes, with Yoona. I was filming with her, and she said, “there’s a dongsaeng that trains with me that look like you.” That was before the debut, so I was just “oh really, that’s pretty cool” and went over it, buta little while later, my friends and entertainment seniors asked me “when did you debut as a singer?” So I checked up on that, and I found out that she had debuted, and I saw her onstage and I realized that she was who they were referring to.

Guests: they really do look similar.

MC: Well, Yonghwa would know the best, right?

Yonghwa: Well, the hairstyle and the “feel” are pretty similar, I think.

MC: So you like Eunseo-shi?

Yonghwa: What?

MC: You don’t?

Yonghwa: Excuse me?

MC: You like her because she’s similar?

Yonghwa: I’m a fan…what?

MC: You said they were similar, right?

Yonghwa: But since I was with her for a long time, Seohyun is more…yes.

MC: Who’s prettier?

Yonghwa: If you look closely, the feel’s slightly different.

Guest: But who’s prettier?

Guest: If you want to end this quickly, just say that Eunseo’s prettier.

MC: Stand up, please.

MC: Just yell “I love you!”

At the 4:00 mark.

MC: Why did you stand up?

MC: He has something to say!

Yonghwa: I’ll go with Seohyun.

MC: Then just shout it out!

Yonghwa: Seohyun, I love you!

MC: Stand up!

Yonghwa: Seohyun, I love you! Love you!

MC: While raising your arms!

Yonghwa: I love you! I love you! Can you hear me? I love you!

MC: It’s his last ounce of pride, he can’t raise his arms up all the way.

MC: Just a moment. Why didn’t you raise your arms?

Yonghwa: I love you! x3

MC: No, no, why can’t you raise your –

Yonghwa: I can raise them.

Guest: As high up as possible.

Yonghwa: I love you!

MC: No, not like that! Like this!

Yonghwa: I love you!

Guests: No, like this! Stretch it! All the way! (etc.)

Yonghwa: I love you!

MC: No, just…can he give a demonstration? You can try afterwards.

At the 5:41 mark.

MC: And…start!

Guest: I love you!

MC: And…go!

Yonghwa: Seohyun! I love you!

MC: The thing is, I was watching him and it looks like his muscles are fused together, his legs come up at the same time.

MC: It’s like one of those marionettes!

MC: “I love you! I love you!”

MC: Seriously, what kind of women do you prefer?

Yonghwa: Well, things like food…she has to eat well. And says things like, “I know this really good place, let’s go there…”

Guest: I do a cooking show.

Yonghwa: Someone like that …

MC: In her 20’s.

Guest: Oh, in her 20’s.

MC: It’s definitely Seohyun.

translations cr. MountainMadman @ soompi

5 Comments on “[VIDEOS][Raw] YongHwa Cut at 110419 Strong Heart”

  1. dian says:

    WAAHHHH…….she is seohyeon..yo~ong,,,,the women you like,,,,^^
    yongseo forever,,,,,don’t forget hyeon,,yo~ng still remember anything @ WGM with you,..

  2. sya.. says:

    wahhhh,,love yongseo,,,
    miss u soo much..

  3. yu9kie says:

    daebak… i just can stop laughing here..
    ahahhhaa…i wish hyun unnie could see this…
    yongseo couple fighting..

  4. anhyen says:

    I laugh a lot when I saw this video although I don’t understand Korean.But when Yong said he loves Huyn, why is there a cut of Huyn at 4:22?

  5. tea_ant says:

    thank you for shared the video, i really like yongseo couple too,, ^^

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