[NEWS] CNBLUE gives a hint of their ideal women

On April 7th, CNBLUE guested on SBS Power FM’s “Choi Ha Jung’s Power Time” and put their teamwork to the test by answering a series of questions that asked them to choose ‘A’ or ‘B’. Should they choose the same answer, they’d pass the round.

Their interview transitioned onto the topic of their ideal women, to which Jonghyun replied, “Someone who’s fun to be with.” Jungshin added, “I’d like an older woman that has a higher mental age,” while Yonghwa stated, “A girl with clear eyes and long, straight hair.”

Minhyuk surprised the rest by replying, “I want to meet a variety of different women, but my ideal woman is gagwoman Song Euni.”

2 Comments on “[NEWS] CNBLUE gives a hint of their ideal women”

  1. dee says:

    ‎​=Dº°˚нåнåнå˚°º=))нå˚°º=D.. When seohyun. Have a wavy hair he said like a long wavy hair, now when seohyun have a straight hair style, yong sobang change it become straight hair…
    Ckcckckckc…yong why you are so obvious…

    • lemonade says:

      lol yong we know you very clearly. goguma jjang. when i saw the new couple today in WGM my tears rolled down. i miss this couple very very much

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