[VIDEOS][Raw] WGM Sweet Potato Couple Episode 51

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


cr. TheSoneSource21 @ youtube

17 Comments on “[VIDEOS][Raw] WGM Sweet Potato Couple Episode 51”

  1. Yongseofan99 says:

    Waaaa..:( I really loved this couple… I dont think they had lots of skinships but to me, it was the best couple ever for me.. I wish they can have more time together… Seohyun unnie dont cry!! Yooong! plz be with her always! 😛 I love guys! (sorry for grammar errow)

  2. belen ladion says:

    nothing to say……..!!! all i wanna dois laying n my bed and cry all nyt day long……………………………..

  3. mike says:

    what’s the title of the piano song that’s being played?

  4. Rx says:

    Yongseo couple have affect me so much. When I go to work, I been smiling the whole day because I keep thinking their conversation, their surprises, their reaction. I am currently watching Adam couple and I can say this is yongseo has got to be the best couple ever! Even when I watch the last few minutes of the last episode (I can’t bear to watch everything), I cried really badly. I know it’s like only a show, how can I be so affected. But they seem to real. From the day they met, the awkwardness and everything. Then I literally melted when they hold hands so naturally at busan. Yonghwa has got to be the most romantic guy I ever since. He did what girls have always dream of their boyfriends to be. When he lost the letter, he makes a photo book to apologized. When he lost the scarf, he made not one but two for both of them to apologized. This is what a boyfriend should do. You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to do this little small things and your girl will be happy. Seohyun got to be the most lucky girl ever. Love her super much after this show. She is just so unique. Cute, smart, loving and innocent. Sometimes I wished they ain’t artists so they wouldnt be so busy. I really really x1million really hope they date in real life. I’m not sure whether they are in love with each other but they just give me this feeling that they are more than friends. I really hope they can text or call each other often. I really hope to hear good news soon from yongseo. They are so natural that I don’t think they are even reading from the script.

    I really love the goguma/sweet potato/yongseo couple. They let me believe in love and taught me what’s love about. Please let them be real. Please let them date and marry each other in real life. Please.

  5. snddlove says:

    I relly hope that they get married in the future because they are so good to each other. and i relly think that they are the best couple in wgm out of all couples they relly showed how a married life is and not just romantic and fun like khuntoria and adam couple. i relly am like seohyun when it comes to stuff like this, but after following them on the show i began to understand the meaning to all this. i not kidding relly began to cry when seohyun cried i feel so sorry for them.

  6. Phuongninh says:

    How could they leave like that?
    Hope that they will come back to each other again after their busy schedule!!!
    I ♥ YongSeo 4ever!!!!

  7. rissaaa says:

    thats makes me cry . Omg. Real Yongseo couple. :’)

  8. lemonade says:

    im super sad. both of them truly heart each other:((

  9. yongseosarang says:

    Where’s the part when they looked at one another upside down in the restaurant? It was in the Preview last week!
    WGM edited it too short to be considered the last episode!!! I’m very sad Y_Y

    I love it so much when Hyun came out of her dorm again to give Yong a hug!!! And she cried in the end!

    YongSoe is real! Love! Love! Love! ❤

  10. Natalie says:

    oo that was really quick. Can you quickly translate?! xP i can’t wait to watch this, even though it’s gonna be sad. thanks!

  11. ianrush21 says:

    woah… that was superrrr fast….

    and now i’m superrrr sad 😥

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