[NEWS][Translations] YongSeo Fans Published Heartwarming Messages on Newspaper

Seohyun and Jung Yonghwa, who will be ending their virtual marriage soon, appeared in a newspaper.
On April 1st, YongSeo couple’s fan cafe, “Which Planet Are You From?”, left a message for the couple in newspaper, ‘Seoul Metro’. This message was a small gift from the sad fans who will be missing YongSeo couple in “We Got Married (WGM)”.

Here is the message published on the paper:

Until the day that Yonghwa’s ambition and SeoHyun’s dreams shine throughout the entire world,
CN Blue’s Jung Yonghwa and SNSD’s Seohyun,
We will support your bright futures.
From the beginning to the end it’s as if you guys were one
And you formed a strong relationship from the start,
You circled through a long journey and eventually ended up to where you started again
Because you were the Yongseo couple who treasured even little fateful meetings
We know that you will always show us your best in your respective places
We will give cheers, claps, praise, trust, and love to you
In the road to achieving your dreams, we will be like the wind that provides strength
Jung YongHwa and Seohyun who shine on this Earth like stars, we support you


YongSeo couple started their love story in “We Got Married” last February and received love from many fans. Their final episode will be aired on April 2nd. The next new couple will be T-ara’s EunJung and the actor Lee Jangwoo.

cr. tvreport.co.kr; news translated by Taengfan @ fanwonder.com/Soshi9sone; gogumas message translated by LalaCAKES @ soompi; photos cr. yseos, shared by rxp080100@ soompi


Well, I guess we must support our beloved couple ’til the end..
Because YongSeo is everlasting.. :’)

4 Comments on “[NEWS][Translations] YongSeo Fans Published Heartwarming Messages on Newspaper”

  1. angelicdevil says:

    guys please trend #YONGSEO today..let’s make history for our beloved YONGSEO couple ❤

  2. Thika says:

    This is make me crying……..Yes,,I will support YongSeo FOREVER……coz,,we know YongSeo is Everlasting….no doubt about it……
    I love you,, YONGSEO :’)

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