[PHOTOS][Paparazzi] Jung YongHwa Still Wearing “The Precious”


This picture was taken from 26/3 MBC’s “Quiz That Change The World”, and according to CNBLUE’s schedule, the show was recorded on 17/3 *after WGM last filming*

What do you think, Gogumas? 😀


photo cr. iris304 @ twitter

CNBLUE schedule cr. klarita, saturn, cnblue.co.kr; shared by zealous @ soompi


17 Comments on “[PHOTOS][Paparazzi] Jung YongHwa Still Wearing “The Precious””

  1. GogumaAdalahUbi says:

    Hi. Do you know where I can watch the video?. I can’t seem to find this show on Youtube, dailymotion, etc. I’m curious to watch him. Thank you so much 😀

  2. afzanaziz says:

    i think he wore it bcoz the last episode didn’t broadcast until april, right?!so, to keep the last episode frm fans, i guess he wore it until after the final episode aired on TV.

    i really hope they are real…never like a couple like them b4…YongSeo, FIGHTING!!!!

  3. chavip says:


  4. Melda Se says:

    aLHAMDULILLAH…im very happy

  5. gogumafighting says:

    Im sooooo happy that he still wears that. It shows that he still cares about it (:

  6. lemonade says:

    im really happy that he still wears it and appreciate it:)
    he’s so sweet
    i hope they are real

  7. ant says:


  8. gandangkamote says:

    im super happy. yong just admit you love hyun.

  9. whaa,, ! this news is such a relief 🙂

  10. yuukitot says:

    gugomas fighting>>>

  11. Thika says:

    I’m totally sure…YongSeo is REAL 😀

  12. sally says:

    wow i knew he wouldnt forget seohyun and i remember that one interview that he siad that the ceo of his company siad he can date and if he is really in love he can anything he wants and the cep will not stand in his way !!!! make them real yongseo couple FIGHTING!!!!!

    • yamelicious says:

      yeah he can do want he want..i really want him and seohyun to date in real life,but seohyun is not allowed,because SNSD are forbidden to enter in a romantic relationship..too bad..but he can w8 for seohyun if he truly loves her…

  13. AnAn says:

    wow……….. im also very happy for Yonghwa and Seohyun … !!! Make it REAL ~~
    YongSeo fighting !!!!

  14. norcea says:

    weeeeeeee..i’m so bloody happy with this picture..they do love each other..goguma villagers!! lets pray for them..make it real yong!!!!

  15. dee says:

    He is also still wearing it at nan latest episode ( ep 20 )and according to the schedule, it recorded after last episode wgm…
    Yong nampyon always a devoted husband …wkwkwkw

    Everlasting yongseo

  16. anu says:

    wooow i really wanna this is real!

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