[PHOTOS][Paparazzi] Jung YongHwa Holding Gift from Fans: A SeoHyun’s Vita500 Bottle?

Recently, fans gave YongHwa a packet of Vita500 with SeoHyun’s labels on the bottle.

And guess what? YongHwa’s holding it! Lol

cr. iris304 @ twitter; gifts brought to yonghwa by jeongs1127 @ twitter

Oh my, these photos make my day! ♥

YongSeo is real 🙂

7 Comments on “[PHOTOS][Paparazzi] Jung YongHwa Holding Gift from Fans: A SeoHyun’s Vita500 Bottle?”

  1. mawar says:

    anyonghaseyo…. i love goguma couple so much. they are so sweet to watch. I can feel they love each other but still shy to confess anything to the public. I think everybody can see their love when they look at each other. I hope they will be dating for real. fighting YongSeo couple….

  2. chavip says:

    I LOVE IT~~

  3. Mentis says:

    I thought the SNSD girls are ot allowed to date ? pls correct if i am wrong

  4. natalie says:

    date already 🙂

  5. Thika says:

    Ooh,,I’m totally sure…YongSeo is REAL….no doubt about it….Ooh,,this is called “love” :DD

  6. momo-chan says:

    I’m really hping that they’ll get married for real. I’ve never seen such sweet n innocent love affair like this. But I know when they look at each other, they want to say “I Love You” and reveal their feelings but they’re shy in front of camera. I don’t this love to end. I can feel their emotions in the songs they compose and the way they sing it.

  7. raeraz says:

    Yes, they can’t denied that there’s ‘something’ between them. We all can see love in their eyes.
    It’s oke if YongSeo dating secretly 🙂

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