[TRANSLATIONS] WGM Sweet Potato Couple Episode 50

Part 1

Y: The last mission…
<yongseo couple’s given last mission>
Y: This is the last mission… Last mission
<Even to Seohyun…>
<give your husband the happiest day as a present>
Y: Give your wife the happiest day?
<Give your wife a happiest day for a present>
<The Last, first story Pt. 1>
<after receiving the mission, a few days later>
<the morning of the yongseo couple’s last day>
Y: tada
S: Oh, right! Today is white day!
Y: White day.
S: Oh, thank you so much!
<because today is white day…>
<White day candy present>
S: looks tasty, Thank you. Look at this!

<what did hyun wife find out?>
<inside me is you>
Y: inside me is you.
<lost in the candy>
S: Looks tasty. I’ll save it and eat it later.
Y: Hey, did you see the mission card?
<last day mission card…>
S: Let’s have a good time today.
Y: I’m going to cry.
S: I’m not going to cry.
Y: Is it fun? You can laugh about this?
<really,… a pleasant last day>
Y: Ah, to think that this is the last time I’m going to lay down here.
S: Do you want to lay down for a bit?
<laying down >
Y: I have to do this…
<yong’s playful foot>
S: It feels that I have to shred yam…
S: This little…
Y: what did you say?
Y: Oh right, Seohyun.
<Yong husband suddenly has a thought.>
Y: If we are going to go and have fun then we will need money.
<To have a fun day, they need to have this…>
S: You’re right.
Y: From our savings account…
S: Saving account? We had something like that?
Y: Why are you like that….?
S: what is that?
<is it because it was so long that she doesn’t remember the couple savings account?>
Y: from a while back…
MC: Oh my gosh, does she not remember?
Y: When we watched Avatar.
S: When we watched Avatar.
MC: Oh Seohyun – sshi!
< 1year ago Yongseo couple making a couple’s savings account>
Bank assistant: Pleas come again!
Y: I’ll come back when I need the money.
<can’t be serious>
Y: Don’t act like you don’t know… I know everything.
S: No really!
Y: You’re acting like you don’t know!
S: What do you mean?
Y: Don’t act Seo JuHyun. This is it…
S: OH! It’s real!
<brings out the savings account book>
<yonghwa, seohyun couple savings account>
S: Oh it’s real! Oh! Now I remember!
<what is this…>
Y: Don’t lie to me. Don’t act Seo Juhyun.
<is Hyun wife acting?>
S: I don’t remember it.
S: Of course I remember it. How would I not remember it?
<why did you say that you don’t remember the bank account?>
S: if I said that I did remember he would think that I would have deposited a lot. That isn’t the case!.
<how much would be in the savings deposit?>
S: It’s been a while since the weather is actually nice>
Y: Ah, you’re right. Let’s go and catch the bus, the bus.
S: Oh~ oppa, you still didn’t get your driver’s license?
Y: Oh man, when do I have time to get it?
<the husband still without license?>
<just then!>
<takes out a car key?>
S: What is this!?
<a red sports car?>
MC: Oh he got it!?
Y: Oh I didn’t have time to get a license.
JS: Yes, he got his license.
MH: Yes, he got it.
<congratulations >
MC: the whole nation is happy because Jung Yonghwa got his license.
MC: what makes this even better is that he did it even thought it was really hard. How many times did he fail…
S: Oppa!
Y: get in!
S: I don’t want to die though!
Y: What!? Die…?!
S: You can’t drive without a license!
Y: What do you mean without license? I am a person who acquired it undoubtedly in this nation.
S: You got it?!
Y: yeah, get it.
Y: Seohyun shi, shall we go?
<laser eyed specialist>
S: When did you get your license?
<got it last time…!?>
MC: So he didn’t tell her because he wanted to surprise her.
S: SEAT BELT! SEAT BELT! This person!…
<oh right…>
S: Since when did you get your license that you forgot about that?
<let’s go!>
<Yongseo couple’s first drive>
Y: shall we go?
S: let’s go.
Y: Finally, I can drive.
S: wow. It really is like a dream.
<Yongseo drive that was drawn from a dream>
MC: this couple always walked around.
MC: So apparently girls like guys who have cars.
MC: I want to meet a guy who has a car.
MC: I have a car.
MC: Has a car and is good looking.
MC: oh really? I only have a car.
<look inside my wallet>
S: It’s the picture from that time.
<wanted to show off his license>
MC: Oh he is showing his license.
MC: oh it’s that picture, that picture
S: Wow, it’s surreal.
Y: I should have brought you to your college.
<yong husband wanted to drive her to her college>
<while hyun wife is having fun… yong husband is…>
<fully concentrated>
MC: his mouth… is opening….
<the driver who has keeps his mouth wide open.>
MC: When he drives, does he usually open his mouth?
<the drive became serious>
JS: Yes, he does that.
<all they need to do now is park>
S: be careful not to scratch others.
<the mouth has widened>
MC: His mouth….
MC: He can’t even speak.
<now all he needs to do is reverse park>
<only looking at the back>
MC: He isn’t looking the other way.
<fully forgot his wife was there>
MC: His mouth is still wide open.
MC: To look cool, the guy has to do this in one go.
<roughly parking>
<still has his mouth open>
MC: Oh his tires are still out.
<front tires are out>
MC: He will have to get out and see it and then he has to get back in.
<opening the door to check his parking>
Y: Oh! The tires! The tires are out.
Y: I’ll just change the tires and come back out.
MC: See, Look…
S: Oh the weather is nice.
Y: Let’s go Seohyun.
Y: OH I almost parked horribly!
Y: what about the savings account…
<till now, Yongseo couple who has a account>
S: I really didn’t.. I’ll believe in you.
<slightly worried about not doing a lot>
<first going to the ATM>
S: You have to put it in like that?
<what is the balance of the savings account?>
MC: I wonder how much is in there.
<After 1 year of collecting…>
<Seo JuHyun deposited 3 times>
<Jung Yonghwa deposited >
S: What is this?
<because of Hyun wife… 29man won>
Y: When did you deposit money?
S: I deposited…
Y: When did you put in so much?
S: I didn’t put in a lot.
S: why?
<last day, came to retrieve the 29manwon>
Bank teller: what can I do for you today?
Y: We came today to retrieve our hard earned money… to spend it.
Bank teller: with your withdrawal, are you also closing the account?
<his smile went away>
Y: We have to close it?
MC: Oh they have to close their account.
<Never expected to speak of canceling the account>
Y: We have to even close the account?
S: We will have to do it…
Y: Yes…
Y: I only came here once but I already have to close the account.
<the couple’s 29manwon savings>
Y: Oh… money is coming out.
Y: when do people usually close their accounts?
Bank teller: they end their joint account when they are separating.
<when separating?>
Y: Oh really?
S & Y: Oh this is sad.
<for some reason the sad couple>
<recounting accurately like a knife>
<Closing the short lived savings account>
Y: We can still have this accounting booklet…
Bankteller: yes you can keep the booklet.
Y: rip it in half.
S: I was going to do the same thing.
S: Alright, for now let’s keep this and get going.

<That day, night>

<to give to each other, their last day as a happy present>

MC: I wonder what last happy day it would be.
<where is Seohyun traveling to in the car?>
S: Oppa, how long do you think it is going to take?
Manager: around 15minutes.
S: oh, 15 minutes.
S: You can see it as a separation but I never wanted to do a separation vacation really. I really wanted to happily spend the day.
<for the happy last day present…>
S: the feeling of the first meeting. That feeling.
<to go back to feeling the first meeting>
S: I want to feel that again… and I thought about separating beautifully.
<to spend the day happily, decided to go back to feeling their first meeting>
<so that’s why Seohyun is right now…>
<tired the hair>
<the way she is drinking her water…>
MC: oh the hair style.
MC: Oh it’s the same.
<yongseo couple’s similar first meeting look>
MC: Oh wow it’s the same!
MC: it’s like déjà vu
S: This is weird, it’s weird.
Y: I think the strongest memory is the first meeting. Would it be awkward if we went back to where we first met.
MC: They met at MBC
<first meeting at the MBC Lobby>
MC: Oh wow, they are going back to the first meeting place.
MC: right there, in the front.
MC: Oh, CNBLUE were there also…
<Yong husband is waiting>
MH: Jungshin back then was wearing the backpack and pretended to be the husband.
<at the first meeting, CNBLUE members were there together.>
MC: He wore the similar clothing and is wearing his handmade scarf.
<Yong also wore similar clothing from back then>
<hyung, hurry up!>

Part 2

<Hyun wife who has almost arrived!>
S: Oh no! I’m almost there!
<waiting for her by the door>
Y: Oh she is here.
MC: He’s hiding.
<finally Hyun wife is finally here>
MC: She’s here.
<Hyun wife getting out of the car>
<the same backpack>
<Even the blanket?>
MC: She’s wearing the same backpack, and even the blanket!
<going back to the past…>
<going back to the first meeting image>
<fainting unnie>
MC: why are your shoulders so tiny!?
<sorry for my small shoulders>
<did she arrive?>
<finally arriving in the lobby is hyun wife>
<will she see me or will she not?>
<where yong husband is hiding>
<where is he?>
MC: we can all see his legs…
<we can all see his legs>
<like the first meeting… pretend to not know each other.>
Y: Hello.
S: Hello.
<finally the couple’s first meeting?>
MC: are they acting out their first meeting?
<walking closer to his wife…>
MC: they must really feel weird.
Y: Hello.
S: Hello.
<right here is hyun’s husband>
<yes, lets go>
S: Yes, let’s go.
<suddenly became the invisible husband>
Y: You look the same
S: Do I?
Y: Yeah.
S: Oppa… why do you look different?
Y: what do you mean different? I wore similar clothes.
S: It’s not the same.
<the wife is just being snappy>
Y: I wore similar clothes.
<the clothes are >
Y: the color is the same.
MC: The color is the same.
MC: 1year ago.
<does the greetings anyway.>
Y: Hello.
S: This is my first time meeting you.
Y: What is your age?
<asking about the age already>
S: I’m 21
Y: oh you’re 21 right now.
S: Yes.
Y: I’m 23.
S: Oh… right…
MH: The only difference is their age.
S: Yong husband already just looked at me differently. Just like when I met him the first time.
Y: Wow, it was really the same. That feeling. It was so similar.
<after seeing her again in that image after 1yr…>
Y: After recollecting my memories from the past year, I think I was even more glad to see her.
Y: Why did you come so late?
S: I didn’t come late.
Y: You’re always late!
S: I wasn’t late!
Y: This is our first meeting and you’re acting like this?
<like a drama, he grabs her>
S: you put a lot of effort into the greeting.
Y: I’m very sorry.
JS: After Yong hyung went on WGM his sense got weaker
^(Authors note, I really didn’t get what they said here! SORRY!)
<the SNSD car they first rode together in>
Y: Hello!
Manager: Hi
<with the experienced manager hyung>
S: Please put on your seatbelt.
<hyun, the person who always remembers her seatbelt>
<just like the first meeting…>
<right away wearing her seatbelt>
S: seatbelt!
Y: Oh right, yes.
S: I written it down.
Y: What?
S: What I should ask you.
<to ask her husband>
S: who do you look up too?
Y: Bon Jovi
S: Mine is Ban Ki-Moon, the UN secretary general.
S: Do you like to read books?
Y: Books? I would like to read them…
<Yong who is thinking about books and about his next thoughts>
S: there is a self-improvement genre.
<just like last time>
S: Do you like to read books?
Y: Oh do you like to read books?
S: Do you like books?
Y: Yes.
S: who is the person you respect?…
Y: I respect Ban Ki-moon the UN Secretary General.
S: Oh really?
S: Why is that?
Y: I read a book that was about him and became a fan.
Y: how about you Seohyun sshi?
S: I too admire Ban Ki-Moon the UN Secretary General.
Y: Is this how we understand each other?
S: I also like Bon Jovi.
Y: Bon Jovi also?
<this is the dignity of the 1year couple…>
<this is fun>
<this is fun>
MC: After they met they became similar.
<Yong husband takes out something>
S: What is this?
<Yong husband took out…>
Y: I wrote down what I wanted to ask when I get a wife.
<Yong husband’s diary of questions to ask>
MH: Oh so this time it’s Yonghwa who is asking the questions from the diary.
Y: One, which idol do you like?
S: An idol that I like?
<already knows the answer look?>
<the witty Hyun says…?>
Y: Please say it…
S: FTIsland
S: I also like CNBlue.
Y: CNBlue? They are good.
Y: Out of the members of CNBlue who do you like the most?
< what will she say this time?>
S: The person who sings the best?
Y: Oh, really?
MC: Oh then that’s Jungshin.
<AH~ hyun!…>
S: The person looks like an octopus.
<it is this person>
MC: Oh the person who looks like an octopus.
JS: Oh, it’s Yonghwa Hyung.
Y: I don’t think anyone looks like an octopus.
S: there is.
<startling the husband with her answers>
Y: You’re the one who looks like an octopus.
S: No. What do you mean an octopus?
Y: What is the drama that you liked?
<Filmed You’re Beautiful>
MC: You’re Beautiful?
S: I really like historical dramas.
Y: You don’t like dramas with good looking guys?
S: Oh, you mean Boy’s Over Flowers?
S: Oh, You’re Beautiful.
Y: Yes
S: Yes I liked that.
<after 1yr Yong husband is tightly grasped.>
Y: Your ideal man…
S: I don’t have an ideal man.
Y: Oh really?
Y: What is your husband’s name?
S: My husband’s name is … Jung…
Y: Yonghwa?
Y: you got everything right.
S: Oh really?
<questions that had an ulterior motive.>
Y: Yes, with that one answer you answered everything.
S: Oh really?
MC: Those questions had answers to them?
Y: It’s not like I really needed to hear it… but it’s the last time, and I’m her husband… but she isn’t going to do it now…
<when will she say the words that he wants to hear?>
<Hyun wife with the quick sense>
S: Oh, I know what’s going on, I quickly caught on. For the best Idol group it is CNBlue, The band that I like the most is CNBlue and the person who I really like in that group is Jung Yonghwa.
<Hyun’s answers are threaded together>
S: And in my favorite drama that’s called You’re Beautiful I really liked the character named Shinwoo.
S: Are you satisfied now?
S: Yes, everybody should know it.
Y: this is the last question. What is the difference between love and like?
<what is the difference between love and like?>
S: Difference!?
<The comment that Hyun wife made that was shocking>
Y: Have you ever went out with a guy before?
S: what is the difference between love and like?
Y: what did you say?
Y: you.. you really are great.
<after 1yr has passed what would hyun wife response be?>
<thinking about it?…>
S: to like…
<for now like is…>
S: Is to have a good feeling toward someone.
Y: Yes.
S: And to love is…?
<Love is?>
S: Is to have good feelings toward someone x100. I means that you have more interest in that person.
S: To love is to like that person deeper!
Y: to love that person deeper?
<one think that Yong husband has to detect>
Y: I got the feeling that she finally understood it. Before she really didn’t know what it was but now even though she couldn’t explain well I got the feeling she knew what the difference was.
<even though the explanation was clumsy… sensed that she knew what love is>
Y:yeah. I felt that she knew.
<what else does Hyun understand now 1yr has past?>
S: to use a figure of speech, I’ll try to make a beautiful.
S: Like is… like when a dandelion seed is on the ground and it’s a soft and good feeling. While love is that same seed is in the ground is growing and sprouting. A dandelion seed can always be spotted and always can just fly away. But for that flower to grow, you need to give it water, block it from the wind and it becomes very precious. That is what I think of it.
S: Oh this is embarrassing!
S: I thought about it.
<dandelion theory: how much thought she must have put in that.>
S: I really thought about it hard. It might not be the right answer but… I thought isn’t like that?
<this is Hyun wife’s learned about love?>
S: Oppa, what do you think love is?
Y: there is good feelings.
<to like someone you have good feelings…>
Y: Love is…
S: Love is…
Y: to think about that person
S: to think about that person.
Y: makes you crazy. *sighs* something like that.
<can’t live without feeling?>
Y: Oh really? ARGHH!
<love… is it similar?>
Y: Thanks Seohyun, for thinking like that.
S: What?…
<while they were talking>
Y: it’s the same practice room from before.
<finally, they are off to the first meeting practice room>

Part 3

<meanwhile, the Yongseo couple arrived at the practice room>
MC: Isn’t that your office?
MH: yes that is our office/practice room.
<during this late hour, no >
MC: Oh here!
S: It really has been a while.
<just like the first night, has skill>
<it’s been a while>
Y: Wow, It really is the same.
Y: this is actually my favorite room.
<Yongseo Couple first date spot>
MC: I remember they played their guitar and practiced there.
<It is also the place where Yong Husband taught hyun wife, the guitar>
<the falling of the hair>
<pushing back her hair without noticing himself>
MC: ah, he pushed back her hair.
Y: oh give me your bag.
Y: Seohyun shi, do you like the guitar?
S: Yes!
Y: Oh really?
S: It’s big.
Y: It’s awkward.
S: Please sing me I’m a Loner!
Y: oh I’m a loner…
<does whatever is told>
Y: Thank you.
S: It’s nothing.
Y: Coming here, it really does remind me of our first meeting.
S: I know. I really remember it.
Y: Would you like to learn how to play the guitar?
S: Yes.
Y: Do you have the confidence to learn it?
S: Yes!
Y: I taught it once to someone but for 1yr didn’t practice.
<during that time, didn’t practice the guitar>
S: Oh they must have had a reason.
Y: Ay~ how can there be something like that?
S: There is.
Y: right…
S: there is a reason…
<Hyun wife who didn’t practice her guitar has a hidden meaning?>
Y: It’s been a while since you saw it.
S: Yes
S: Hello! Have you been good?
S: Oh no, you have dust on you.
MC: That is the guitar that Yonghwa personally bought.
<even though Yong husband personally bought the guitar…>
S: I think I need to tune my guitar again…
Y: give it here.
<checking the state of the guitar>
MC: if you don’t play with the instrument for a while it gets broken.
<deliberately inspects >
<looking if it has been practiced >
S: How would you know?
Y: Oh it still is fine.
S: Oh really?
<checking to see if the guitar is tuned properly>
S: It is alright?
Y: Yeah it’s tuned.
S: Really!? No such thing…
Y: No such thing?
S: no I meant…
Y: I thought you were practicing on it…
MC: he must be hurt.
S: No its not.
Y: Did you practice?!
S: I can do it.
S: even though I forgot all the chords…
Y: Try C Key. C Key.
<is this it?>
Y: What the heck is that?
S: I did it l like this…
<Just make it look like the position of the hands.>
Y: You really don’t remember any of it?
S: Oh it’s these two fingers… two fingers.
Y: Fingers.. What?
Y: Seohyun… guitar… it seemed she neglected it.
MC: even though he bought it.
Y: it’s a guitar that has memories
MC: It was collecting dust.
Y: I wished she practiced on it at least a little bit.
S: Please sing to me like you did last time!
Y: I don’t really know the lyrics to it anymore.
MC: Oh it’s once… ha na (that’s how to say 1 in Korean)
MH: Once means one time though…
MC: It’s not tonce (two + once)
<moves to the keyboard>
Y: OH the feeling is back again.
<The feeling of when they first played it>
<want to try it >
<after a long time they play the song in sync again!>
MC: This is also going to be their last time they sing together like this.
MC: it is their last time.
<without confidence makes the heart go closer>
<and like that their ensemble ends>
Y: This also has been a while.
S: You’re right.
Y: a year has past.
S: Really…
<somehow 1yr of the yongseo couple being together has past>
Y: Oh Seohyun Shi,
S: Yes?!
Y: Shall we drops honorifics?
S: No.
S: We only been together for 1yr.
Y: Oh so you’re the type of person who doesn’t easily speak in banmal?
S: Yes.
Y: that is what I hate the most.
<strong joke>
S: I’ll be leaving now.
Y: You can’t even joke around?
S: you really know how to joke around a lot.
Y: Oh it’s because I feel as if I met you a lot already.
<it’s been a while since the two of them were completely absorbed into playing guitar.>
MC: what is this?
MC: Why shut off the lights!?
<minhyuk comes in bashfully and shuts off the lights!>
S: What is this!?
<why suddenly turn off the lights?>
<this situation…!?>
<for the sister-in-law, the brother in laws present>
<the performance that included the finger snapping>
<For today’s darkly lit event>
MC: you can’t forget about the brother in laws.
<even prepared a cake!>
MH: We prepared the same goguma cake like last time.
MC: CNBlue brothers did a lot.
MC: They helped out a lot.
<Between the couple, the brother in laws that help out a lot>
JS: I am moved by this.
Y: I knew you guys would do this!
JS: We knew you guys were going to be here.
S: let’s blow it together!
S & Y: 1,2,3!
MH: We personally wrote on the cake.
S: This looks like a frog.
JH: I personally wrote that.
<the confidently written letters that he shows off>
JH: what do you think?
S: Its cute!
Y: you were all standing right there and couldn’t say anything!
S: I remember this.
<the diligently finger snapping>
JH: oh we didn’t this!
Y: you had to snap your fingers!
<been a while>
JS: let’s do the ensemble.
S: What?
Y: We have to use this.
<Love Revolution, the song everyone sang together>
S: Ah!
<you remember this song?>
<you’re right>
<this song>
JH: why suddenly this song?
Y: we sang this song back then.
S: Right.
MH: I was playing the drums… I was really playing the drums.
<the >
S: I was sitting right here.
JH: Oh really?!
<he was singing it like this so diligently>
<but doesn’t remember…>
Y: And you guys each taught her individually an instrument.
<the ever so klutzy Jonghyun brother in law>
JH: Oh last time we did this?
S: You guys did it.
<even though he doesn’t remember, the hyung plays>
<plays the same >
<they are clapping>
<instead of the snapping they upgrade to saying OH!>
<while the studio is snapping away>
MH: oh I remember back then now.
S: I remember it.
<Only now remembering it>
Y: I remember when you were teaching her the bass, what did I say to you?
JS: Oh right, right.
S: right.
<minhyuk who was teaching Hyun how to play the drums>
<This time it’s Jungshin who was teaching the bass>
<Jungshin’s hands were too close to Hyun’s…>
Y: Get a hold of yourself.
JS: I must be crazy.
Y: if you only kept that hairstyle.
S: Shrimp sushi!
Y: Shrimp sushi!?
<that’s shrimp sushi hair?>
Y: You should have come with the shrimp sushi hairstyle!
JS: I’m sorry I don’t knows the basics.
JH: Go and do it then come back!
JH & S: I’ll eat well!
MH: cheers, cheers, cheers, let’s cheer one time.
S: cheer?
MH: Yongseo Couple everlasting.
JH: Everlasting~
Y: Everlasting~… sounds like a historical drama.
Y: Back then we couldn’t even talk like this.
S: You’re right. It was really awkward back then.
Y: Jungshin, You know that picture you gave me, I finally put it up.
<the presents Jungshin gave>
Y: I put that in the car and drove it.
JS: Doesn’t this deserve a round of applause?
Y: Oh it doesn’t need one…
<the driver’s license>
JH: How long did it take you to do it?
Y: doesn’t it usually take 1yr to get driver’s license?
Y: Last time where did we go after?
Y: the sauna.
Y: yea.
MH: really!?
Y: What, since you went there a year ago you don’t want to go back?
MH: No, no no! it’s not that. It’s just… it’s so similar to before…
Y: Yeah, we’re really going. Lets clean up quick so we can go.

Part 4

JH: Don’t leave just yet, I have prepared a present for you guys.
Y: Oh really?
S: really?
<besides the cake, they prepared something else?>
MC: Oh a song present?
JH: You have to pay for my food expenses.
Y: pay for food expenses.
<finger snapping signals the beginning of the song>
<the song present that was prepared by all the brother in laws>
<everyone suddenly is snapping away to the beat>
Song: to me you are, you are to me…
To you, I’m like
Y: I knew you guys would sing this.
CNBLUE: the sunset and a chapter of your memory. A memory of our precious younger days that has no regrets..
MC: Yonghwa is acting up again.
<joking again>
<hyun wife is joins in>
<even though it might be weird they are earnest.>
CNBLUE: and I wish it’d be kept in your heart as a beautiful picture of the past.
<the SNSD dance that was awkward to follow>
CNBLUE: To me, you are like the sunshine that
JS: peel the egg
<with the brothers in law, all went together to the sauna>
JS: You don’t know what artificial flavoring is?
CNBLUE: shone upon my lonely heart. Like the unchanging precious stone
<even though they are sloppy, they gave a warm welcome>
on your pale hand, you’re forever in my heart.
Y: You will be really surprised.
<to scare Hyun, they gave her a disgusting present>
<Minhyuk brother in law did his magic show>
<even to the imfamous sea tasting kimchi>
<Yong husband’s jealousy during billiards game>
< the memories that they have is just like a dream>
MH: I remember she called him the nation friend jungshin friend that time.
S: Thank you.
JH: thank you for making our hyung into a person. After he met you, he laughs more often and is brighter. He was originally a bright person but he became even brighter.
JS: He became too bright.
MH: After Yonghwa hyung met you I could see that his heart opened up.
MH: I really… felt your strength.
JH: It’s the Hyun effect.
JS: They pretty much said everything… I’m glad that we became closer.
S: Your right.
JS: And we will be still able to see each other a lot…
S: Thank you!
<The brother in laws that are very thoughtful!!>
JH: Say something individually.
S: right now?
Y: Later, when I drop her off at her house. I’ll say it then.
JH: Oh really? Alright…
<Alright, I’m sorry I’m not quick >
MC: Look at that, that’s when you have to have some sense.
MC: The two are going to talk alone later.
S: Even though they are congratulating us, it had a dim feeling… I thought it felt like that.
MC: when we saw it we felt that too.
S: Even though it was so awkward…they put in a lot of effort. They got close to me. I am thankful to them as in laws and I’m thankful to them because they are good people.
<the last picture commemoration picture>
Everyone: It came out nice…
MC: this is when you only look at yourself.
MC: you’re right.
MC: It came out nice.
<2011 today, spring, with precious people>
Y: I’ll see you at home.
MH: you did well.
<time for the brother in laws to leave…>
S: Thank you very much.
JS: Have a good time you guys.
JH: Fighting!
S: Thank you.
MC: He is quickly making you guys leave.
JS: He was slightly pushing us.
<suddenly feels empty…>
S: That was fun.
Y: That was fun right? I keep thinking back.
S: Yeah, but back then we were really awkward around eachother.
Y: After it was awkward that was the end of it.
<now looking back they can laugh at it…>
S: Where is the guitar?
Y: Your guitar?
S: Yes.
S: Oh there it is, the guitar.
<the wife who wasn’t to play the guitar again?>
<Yong also grabs his guitar>
S: Now, I will sing a song.
MC: Oh with the guitar?
MC: but she said she didn’t remember the chords.
S: Listen to the lyrics please.
< can’t play the guitar?>
MC: Oh wow, she must have practiced hard!
MC: Wow she is playing well!
MC: He is moved by that.
<hyun wife who is singing the BanMal Song with the guitar>
MC: Wow she must have practiced a lot.

I’m just going to put LALACAKES translation in here. I hope she/he doesn’t mind!! ><!
The first day that we met, I still remember that awkward meeting.
MC: OH she is using Banmal right now!
What words should I say, how should I reply.. I really worried a lot.
But a day passed, then a month, and now a year
MC: She made different lyrics right?
I won’t be able to forget those precious memories and I have a final thing I want to say.
We will be able to speak banmal even though it’s a bit awkward and unnatural
Instead of thank you (formal) should I say it a bit more casually(banmal)?
We will be able to speak banmal, as I slowly draw closer
MC: Her ears went red.
Now, I will look into your two eyes and say it…
Y: Oh what is this?!
<everyone in the studio is moved>
MC: you didn’t know about this?
JS: yeah, we didn’t know at all.
<a surprise present that no >
MC: It was a surprise.
MC: Yonghwa must be really happy.
Y: you just played it?
<how was it?>
<swallows to get rid of the tension>
S: Did you listen to the lyrics?
Y: Yeah.
S: (the lyrics) Did you understand it?
S: There was no YO (formal way to end a sentence)
Y: AH!
MC: She took all the YO’s out of the song.
<Hyun wife sang it roughly because she took all the YO’s out!
S: There is a deep thought to it.
Y: So you intentionally did it like that?
S: Yes.
Y: I never thought of that.
S: But were the chords right?
Y: They were right.
S: really?
Y: How did you learn how to play like that? With the chords?
S: For his.. I asked JungMo Oppa’s help.
MC: Jungmo Oppa…
<Jungmo hyung?!>
Y: Alright…
S: But it was only once when we were in a concert together.
<strumming his precious guitar>
S: that concert, his dressing room was next to ours so I asked him then.
Y: You did?
S: Yes
<you’ll understand right?>
S: I remembered back then in Kanghwado, while fishing, I sang for him and he liked it. So I felt again that oh my husband likes something like this…and also, today is the last day and if I don’t speak to him in banmal then I feel that I am going to be so sorry to Yong husband and I felt that I was going regret it.
Y: Oh.. she prepared the banmal song… I was moved to first even see that she brought her guitar with her but for her to do something like this…wow…really. Without even knowing … really those lyrics are really between us two and since we know what it really means… so when I hear those lyrics…I think oh we really …
<can’t easily say the words>
MC: He can’t speak properly.
MC: he must be sad.
Y: with lyrics like this we can really empathize with each other.
MC: He likes it.
Y: Where should we go now?
S: I’m hungry(informally)
S: You’re not hungry? (informally)
MC: She is speaking in banmal right now!
Y: When you speak in banmal your voice changes?
S: No~
<he is joking around because he likes it>
S: Was I like that?
S: You’re nOt HunGry? (informal)
Y: I am hungry.
S: Then (informal)
MC: Ddukbokgi? (spicy rice cake)
S: Then (informal)
S: SHINDANG! What do you think about going there?
Y: what?
MC: It’s so awkward.
Y: SHINDANG… You want to go?
S: Do you want to go to shindangdong? (informal)
Y: Oh you’re doing well.
S: Am I?
MC: It looks almost sour.
S: Let’s go.
Y: How long did Jungmo hyung teach you for?
Y: for one hour?
<the jealousy that that erupts even now>
MC: oh before they separate, he throws that in.
<meanwhile in Shindangdong, how will their date go?>

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      ost “the classic”movie

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