[NEWS] CN BLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa: “Seo Hyun’s Support Gives Me Energy”

Even with the end of their fake marriage on MBC’s “We Got Married”, Jung Yong Hwa and Seo Hyun (also known as the Sweet Potato couple) are continuing to support each other.

On March 21st, CNBlue had a press conference for their first full album “First Step.” The members were asked questions about their new album as well as about Seo Hyun of Girls’ Generation.

Jung Yong Hwa stated, “At first, Seo Hyun said she’ll come to the press conference to support our new album. But when I mentioned that the event will be more of a guerilla concert with fans, she said she’ll send her heart instead. Even though our pretend marriage is over, we’re still there for each other.”

Even fellow CNBlue members were surprised to see Jung Yong Hwa’s romantic side on “We Got Married.” Bassist Jung Shin confessed, “It was strange. I didn’t know he could be a romantic.” After his experiences as a husband, Jung Yong Hwa said, “I believe the key to marriage is doing everything you can for your spouse without regret.”

Jung Yong Hwa and Seo Hyun have been a pretend married couple for about a year and have decided to leave “We Got Married” because of their busy schedules.

Written in Korean by girlalice@soompi; translated by hotshotlover30@soompi

Photos by Lee Sang Hee of Studio_V (studio_v@naver.com); taken from soompi

they are real…. 8′)

116 Comments on “[NEWS] CN BLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa: “Seo Hyun’s Support Gives Me Energy””

  1. goguma fan says:

    I do believe yongseo is real. Im waiting for their real married. Yongseo forever♥♥♥

  2. sherrie says:

    Please post updates of the couple this 2013. I want to know more… thank you..

  3. SEM says:

    Good day! I simply would like to give a huge thumbs up for the great data you’ve got right here on this
    post. I shall be coming again to your blog for extra soon.

  4. im happy for yong hwa even if he choose shin hye or seohyun….if you love yong hwa you will understand who he love….agree…???i love him so much…i cut my class to see him haha:)

  5. Yongseo 4ever says:

    Guys evryone must know that The girl that Yonghwa love is Seohyun ofcours and if you want a prove : http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xiba6k_yonghwa-sh_people
    YONGSEO forever and I love you GOGUMA COUPLE if you watch it believe me you will know that Yongseo is real forever and you will ship them together ,and for me Seohyun unnie love Yonghwa so much ,she even cried in the last EP in WGM , just respect.
    PS : yongshin

  6. POTATOE says:

    OOOO LOOK AT HIS COUPLE RING IS HE STILL KEEPING IT ❤ even after the show ended as mentioned before!!! NOOOOO WHY DID THEY QUIT WGM 😦 I can wait even with both of your schedules!

  7. caroline says:

    There are lots of facts that shows yongseo is real. Wgm is a non scripted show, while the 2 dramas yonghwa and shinhye played is 100% scripted! It’s totally different and geunshin is REAL! So yongshin shippers please leave since this is a spazzing site for yongseo shipper

    • MYEO says:

      Yonghwa and Shinhye are really good pals in real life! As for Seohyun, she is definitely someone closes to Yonghwa’s heart in real life!

      There are too many anti fans in their industry and thus true and genuine feelings cannot be revealed openly especially for YS. That’s their rules and regulations being an idol!

      So we just have to be patient and slowly we will know … it could be sooner hahaha!

  8. Anonymous says:

    I LOVE YONGSEO,,,,,,,,,,,,,WE DON’T CARE WHAT THEY SAY,,,,,haters(please mind your own businesses

    • careless-careless-shoot-anonymous-anonymous says:

      If she really liked him,she wouldn’t deny feelings for him on a variety show,would she?

      • sherrie says:

        she cannot say it,because her company is very strict. she should deny it ofcourse. but we dont know realy what’s up to them behind the camera.maybe they call each other much.. We just dont really know

      • careless-careless-shoot- anonymous-anonymous says:

        Dude,don’t blame it on the company.
        If she DID like him,she wouldn’t care about what the media or company has to say about it.
        I mean Jonghyun had his relationship,SM didn’t stop it..

  9. YSFever says:

    in my opinion after i watch WGM i realize that yonghwa don’t like girl who has so many skinship etc kissing or whatever.. I think, how come yonghwa like park shin hye who have so many intimate skinship with other guys even acting at drama.. U guys already know that Yonghwa get easily jealous even seohyun practicing guiter with Jungmo Trax for her and when Minghyuk and Jungshin want to hold her hand while teaching seohyun play the guitar and drum… So i think he like seohyun pure and honest more than park shin hye…

    • chuihan says:

      200% agreed; there are huge differences between how Yong Hwa treated Seo Hyun than to Shi Hye. Yong Hwa can goes crazy head over toes for Seo Hyun, as for Shi Hye, he only behave like a colleague. He didn’t even mind to call Shi Hye so Seo Hyun would talk to Shi Hye, on the other hand, I saw and felt Shi Hye is the one who gets jealous. I felt to very same thing about Yong Hwa not wNTING a girl who get too close to guys.

      • caroline says:

        Totally true! Shin hye is just a mere friend to yonghwa, and geunshin is real. Shinhye even encourages yonghwa and seohyun

  10. Anonymous says:

    Yongshin Shippers out there are you sure you are not BLIND? This blog is for YONGSEO so please! STOP SAYING ANYTHING AGAINST THEM! You are not forced to be here so please! GIVE RESPECT!

    • Anonymous says:

      this site does not block us so we can say anything we want to say you cant do nothing aout it so stfu i leave when i want to YONGSEO SUCKSSSS she is so ugly cant believe there was a time that i supported her she was so LOOKED so nice but guess not… she so ugly with the big ass ugly cheeks no its not cute and she so creepy and they are a akward couple so if you dont like what i say i suggest you stfu!

  11. Anonymous says:

    yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss fake wahhahahahha!!!

  12. Dooley Couple says:

    Seo Hyun Vale mierda, porfavor, ella es una perra. quiere con absolutamente todos, ahora quiere con Leeteuk, antes quería con Yong Hwa Oppa y despues de eso, quería con el coreografo de SM. pordios, Soy Boice y simplemente quiero lo mejor para el.
    Ademas, si YongSeo fuera real, no habría ido Yong Hwa a darle flores a mi Shin Hye >:z
    Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa Fighting ❤

    • Anonymous says:

      No!!Rark Shin Hye and Jang keun Suk best couple!!

      • be@happy says:

        yeah i like jang keun suk and park shin hye better ,.they look so mature together,.however park shin hye looks so mature to be with yonghwa even if she’s younger than him. I don’t said that seohyun matches him,but i am a yongseo couple fan and i idolize them as couple because of wgm and as individual artists but the fact is,no matter what i love them to be together, i can’t force them,its their choice to choose whom they like and love for real, if they are really in love and like each other then i will be so much happy and if not, i respect them..,and no matter what will happen i still idolize them.
        I only emphasize that let’s respect one another and don’t just get angry about some fans of who are interested at celebrities whom you don’t like to be with your idol. Please calm yourself and don’t just talk or comment bad or vile words.R-E-S-P-E-C-T

  13. fahamokha90 says:

    i always encountered such long listed bias comments from yongshin shipper in yongseo articles. pls stop degrading your idol and stop being so desperate, this is yongseo site, go away. seohyun is not a fake girl, she is the type of girl that always beating around the bush and yonghwa knows her the best. he always stated that on wgm:

    “세상에서 누구보다 너에대해서 잘 아라!” – “WHO ELSE IN THE WORLD KNOW YOUR SUFFERING! (EXCEPT ME)”

    whether she cares abt him or not, is out of our concern. yong knows his wife the best xoxo

  14. oearlterrencematheiu says:

    i like CN BLUE..Jung Yong Hwa… but hate Seo Yun or who ever she is..

  15. Anonymous says:

    I don’t like Seohyun
    she’s fake.and btw SNSD seems whoe-ish >_>
    not being rude…just honest

    • Anonymous says:

      ‘ Panget Mo !
      ‘ Hyun Is Cute !

      • heyhey says:

        para namang ang ganda mo ^^^ yongseo??? they broke up already(i heard that seohyun said “i dont think i should still support them” and yongshin??? their super close friends but just that

  16. zaza says:

    so sweeeet 😉

  17. Ashuma Rana says:

    i wish to know about seo hyun unni’s birthday so…… please my friend if u have known about it reply me…………………………

  18. alyana says:

    they make a good couple i wish they will tie the knot in real life because they have a real feelings for each other

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m not saying this cause I dislike SNSD,but she seemed like she never cared

      • heyhey says:

        i think she never cared, thats what i know about searching all about yongseo, she really dont care about yong hwa after wgm

      • Anonymous says:

        i so agree with you she give yong some cheap ass stuff for 200 anniversery while yong gave her the best experience in her life

    • Krissy says:

      “Seohyun was given three sentences that she either had to agree or disagree with by holding up an “O” or “X” sign. The first question was “I am pretty,” to which she gave an “X” sign. The second sentence was “I had true feelings for Jung Yonghwa,” but she held up the “X” sign again, surprising everyone on the set…”

      • wennydewanty says:

        If you guys really love this yongseo couple then you guys must know how hard to protect the girlfriend from the fans.
        that’s why Yonghwa remind Seo about the new album press release because it will be dangerous for Seo.
        and showing the X sign on the show are not the big thing for sure. the must know how to protect their relationship (if its real outside) rather than show it all to public.

        in my opinion, the hide it up because both of them wanted to maintain and take the relationship seriously (not for shared with public). just wishing for both of them to tie the knot in a real life.. i really love the way Yonghwa take a good care of Seo, and how Seo changed each day and really show us that she got the love & share her love 🙂 🙂

      • Seohyun is not just from any girl group but SNSD and Yonghwa is not just from any band but CNBlue. 2 of the biggest names in the industry. SM has a very strict rule about their artists dating, and knowing Seohyun, she will never do something to compromise her group and her company. Plus the anti fans, you can never imagine what an anti fan can do! Seohyun may have denied it on that show, and many other shows but seriously…I didnt buy it. Many didnt, as you’ve said her answer surprised everyone on the set. Even MC Mi Sun and MC Jake believed in YongSeo. Im not trying to impose on all of you who’s reading this, but we can’t judge someone’s feelings because of a single answer like that and in the kind of business that they’re in. And for all Yongshin shippers who are flooding this page with rude comments about SNSD and Seohyun, please learn to have some respect. Just a little bit of respect, if not for Seohyun, at least a little for Shinye. Because if you have been following closely, she is a supporter of the Goguma Couple. LoL!

      • Anonymous says:

        Smtown which is seo company, doesn’t allow their artists to date and she was on that show w her members and if she said Yes she would get bashed up later. Even if she has feelings for him she has to hide it. She probably just wants e best for yonghwa, cnblue and snsd. Very caring right?

  19. Yonghwa is suitable with seohyun
    Than park shin hye

  20. Ashuma Rana says:


  21. Roro says:


    everybody is entitled to voice out their opinions, but when you start pushing, you are abusing the privilege dear. dont be annoying, accept the fact that, this article is what yonghwa says about seohyun. not others 🙂

    about yonghwa and shinhye, im sorry to say, if its about Heartstrings or You’re Beautiful that you are talking about, im sorry, those are just an act, compare to WGM, it is 80% reality, its totally based on their own personalities. and if you’re talking about Yonghwa being so much comfortable with Shin Hye, well, he only see her as a close friend. do you see that smile he gave when he’s with seohyun? 🙂

    they’re celebrities afterall.

    • cherrylava says:

      I’m totally agree with you!. Although Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye also close but their relationship is totally just a bestfriend ( She already got Jang Geun Suk and I think both suit better together) although WGM only a make believe reality show, it’s not 100% scripted.Every each couple was given 4 weeks to create their ‘marriage’ short term or long lasting period.Even WGM staffs also stated ‘YongSeo’ couple case was different than any other WGM’s couple.Remember how busy Seohyun with SNSD and Yonghwa with CN Blue ,but they still want to spare time for WGM in their hectic schedule.And their eye contact to each other cannot lie the true feelings they had in their heart.Yonghwa even said she brings influence to his life like now he read books more often and think before committing any act in his routine life.Don’t you think that’s a sincere confession from a guy a who i think is gradually falls in love for to his ideal girl?

      • =) Eunjung and Son Eun Seo both said in the past that WGM is not scripted. they follow an over all outline but they don’t have scripts like in dramas. it’s a spontaneous flow of events so we can safely assume that all characteristics of the couple shown on the program were their real personalities, or at least 80% of it. YongSeo is the most genuine couple ever on WGM.

  22. I dont like Seohyun, I like Park Shin Hye , and I REALLY LIKE&LOVE YONGHWA ❤
    I know I dont like Seohyun because she approach Kyuhyun and Yonghwa, but Park Shin Hye.. She is so beautiful and match to Yonghwa.. 🙂 If my comments
    you do not like it… that's all right 🙂 and If my comments, you like it..
    GOMAWO.. 🙂

  23. jenny says:


  24. jenny says:

    i love park shin hye and yong hwa ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  25. lena says:

    yonghwa and park shin hye ♥ very beautiful !!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  26. Broken heart says:

    I love yonghwa and seohyun! Hope they will be a real couple! And i hate park shin hye so much!!

    • Anonymous says:

      snsd seems fake to me. sorry
      that’s why i kinda dislike seohyun
      she hurted yonghwa
      i mean come on, he says he loves her and she didn’t care -.-

  27. IZZA says:

    i nearly cried in the last episode…

  28. imane says:

    ilove you yongseo

  29. AyupRima says:

    yong hwa,how about wth me??wish someday we’ll meet,,wish there u are beside me hear my story..

  30. thesnowy says:

    I cry on the last episode…(╥_╥)
    It’s good to know that you both still supporting each other…
    4 me, you guys are so great together…
    I love YongSeo…ˆ⌣ˆ

  31. R17 says:

    if shin hye is the ideal girl for yonghwa he would’ve said it earlier, but seohyun is in fact his ideal girl. 🙂 YongSeo couple is THE BEST!!! you wanna see real feeling in WGM? YongSeo couple it is. <3333333333333333

  32. well, yonghwa choose again seohyun over park shin hye during their radio guesting with suju heechul… he also said that he like shin hye as a friend..

  33. Anonymous says:

    I Don’t Like yONGsEO Couple!! ParK shin hye is The Best For YongHwa!

    • DCY says:

      you got that right! ShinHye is better

    • Izzy says:

      Yonghwa stated in a recent interview that he’d be lying if he will say that he didn’t have any feelings during WGM. He could have said something like that pertaining his relationship with shinhye right? You could see that shinhye and yonghwa are so close like brother and sister. I like Shinhye and Yonghwa and Seohyun and professes no hate to any of them. I kind of feel bad for Shinhye and Yonghwa because of some YongShin dating issues, they cannot meet up. As for Seohyun, say she denied that she didn’t have any feelings for Yonghwa but in Beatles code, if i not mistaken, she mentioned about her first love in which, in Wgm she hadn’t had her first love yet. SM, SNSD’s company has strict rules in dating and/or their stars should not date at it’s peak. I am both a YongShin and a YongSeo shipperbecause yonghwa felt happy when he’s with either Seohyun or Shinhye. But it would be slightly awkward if yonghwa and shinhye would be dating. I ship their being friends. And I ship yongseo for being lovers.

  34. pinky says:

    yongshin forever i hate yongseo …

  35. i want to hear a news that seohyun and jung yong hwa are break up couse i hate seo hyun very very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • shirlee shin says:

      me too,,mas gus2 ko cla ni park shin hye kc bagay cla

      • pinky says:

        me2 mas bagay tlga cla nii PSH ayoko kay seohyun ang laki ng pisnggi iwww

      • Anonymous says:

        kala mo ang ganda mo. Zzzzzzzzzz

      • Izzy. says:

        I kinda understand this. Excuse me, who do you think you are to judge seohyun that way? What? Are you some kind of celebrity? Seohyun is the maknae and one of the lead vocals of SNSD, one of the leading kpop girlbands in the world. A model and sm actress supported by thousands of people. And what does that make you? You think you’re going to be a superstar after saying that? Just so you know, SM entertainment pays their stars to have plastic surgery or whatever to make them likable. And of all SnSD members, seohyun didn’t do something that changed her face nor physical features. Have you seen her pre-debut pictures? I think you have tp check that out. And likewise, Shinhye didn’t have major plastic surgery. Is it that hard to accept that both ladies are beautiful? C’mon, shinhye even, is a Yongseo shipper. And seohyun, on the other hand is okaywwith shinhye. You guys are just making everything look bad. Please, feel free to go over the things you’ve said wrong to seohyun and do keep on loving shinhye like we all do. No hate please.

  36. jung yonghwa will be the one to decide whether its seohyun or park shin hye or any other girl..

    jung yong hwa hope to see you here in the philippines!!

    go! go! fighting! fighting!

  37. Anonymous says:

    yonghwa and seohyun…YONGSEO..a most pretty name of couple…i love YONGSEO 4 ever….

  38. 3d webdesign says:

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  39. lovelove says:

    i really like yong hwa..!

  40. lovelove says:

    i really like yonghwa..

  41. Jie Lipton says:

    plssssssssss YONG!! make it true… I want the two of you be together… >__<

  42. mumtaz says:

    make it true!!!! please….

  43. Anonymous says:

    although in the beginning, I had absolutely no interest to us got married, but, I became interested when I started watching the pair because they were so funny yonghwa and mutual care for each other. If you noticed, during the k-pop concert in Niigata, seohyun was wearing a chain given by yonghwa during WGM:)

  44. Anonymous says:

    I rlly want jung yong hwa with park shin hye not seohyun:(

  45. Anonymous says:

    can anyone have a latest news of what happen between yonghwa and seohyun…their lovestory is very interesting…does anyone knows what happen after WGM? and what happen to the rings?did they still wear it up until now?

  46. hosanna says:

    really really nice couple ring 🙂

  47. Anonymous says:


  48. Anonymous says:

    hay ni denan nurdin kdi buk aku penggmar brat kontstan dangdut TVi bolh kira nya aku jdi teman kamu,,,?

  49. doantrang says:

    i’m fan yongseo couple forever. i love they

  50. Anonymous says:

    im really really fan of JUNG YONGHWA AND SEO JOOHYUN !

    ahh , i love both ! hope they are real couple one day !

    i love you both so much much much ❤

    SM ent please do something reality show just about them ! i really want ! PLEASE !

  51. Anonymous says:

    ahh i feel sad too ! they look so cute and adorable 😀

    YONGSEO hwaiting baby ❤

  52. bocut indonesia says:

    will they really have a relationship ? I hope so .. please, find the update news ..

  53. lhubyongseo says:

    hope u could really be a real couple…im looking forward to that, so much…=)

  54. i love you two so much! i cried a lot when i saw the last eps! HUhu! hope you 2 will become a real couple soon! :X love you 2 so so so much! hic!

  55. yuukitot says:

    forever yongseo…:D

  56. […] Photos by Lee Sang Hee of Studio_V (studio_v@naver.com); taken from soompiTaken from : iloveyongseo […]

  57. nowoinm says:

    Hey can someone check this out it seems that yong is wearing a ring…


  58. […] Photos by Lee Sang Hee of Studio_V (studio_v@naver.com); taken from soompi Taken from : iloveyongseo […]

  59. Hajar says:

    is that their couple ring?????????????

    • XaiaRanya says:

      The photo above is showing his right hand, you won’t see the couple ring b’coz he wears it on his left hand. 🙂

      Sadly, he’s not wearing the couple ring. I saw his close-up photos in CNBlueStorm, he’s wearing a different ring on his left hand.

      …Unless the YongSeo Couple provided new rings for themselves. You know, like to symbolize the end of their virtual marriage but also the start of a real relationship (which I am desperately hoping for.. keke)

  60. qunaybo says:

    omo… they are so real…forever yongseo :’)

    • Ashuma Rana says:

      There is a ring on yong hwa oppa’s finger but i don’t know whether it is the ring given by seo hyun unni or not. But i want to tell that both park shin hye unni and seo hyun unni are good ideals. They are good and best on their own path.I know shin hye unni and jung yong hwa oppa are best friend or close friend so, i think that they have to behave as a close friend or bestfriend and i also know that yong hwa oppa and seo hyun unni are married couple so,i also think that they have to behave as a good married couple.I know that they are married couple because of their business but i also know that seo hyun unni and yong hwa oppa started love each other after they married.All people think that shin hye unni and yong hwa oppa have something special between them because they have roled together in 2 korean drama but it is not true.The truth is that they have roled in 2 korean drama but they are only bestfriend. Their is nothing special between them.So, i want to tell to all my friends not to complain about two ideals (shin hye unni and seo hyun unni) bringing yong hwa oppa’s personal things. I am sorry to all my friend,yong hwa oppa,shin hye unni and seo hyun unni if u don’t like my command.

      • Ashuma Rana says:


      • rxeedaa37 says:

        youuuuuuuuuuu are the best!!!!! <3<3<3

      • rxeedaa37 says:

        commented on the wrong post. sorry! the reply is meant to be for maine mallillin (@meganrhys)

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