[VIDEOS][Raw] Preview: WGM Sweet Potato Couple Episode 50

cr. TheSoneSource21 @ YouTube


13 Comments on “[VIDEOS][Raw] Preview: WGM Sweet Potato Couple Episode 50”

  1. belen ladion says:

    i more worried to yonghwa n seohyun,,espicially 2 seohyun wat woul’d she feel after ,,knowing that der not obliged to see it’s other anymore….oh mannnnnnnn…,,,,,,

  2. belen ladion says:

    oh i know it’s going to end,,,,,but seem it’s 2 sad to know that ders no w,g,m sweet potato coupple 2 wait anymore!!!!,,oh my god!!!god!!god!!im so sad……………….

  3. tyd says:

    i’m crying……. why so fast?? aaah jinjja i have to prepare lots of tissue for next saturday.. 😦 😦 😦

  4. Yongseofan99 says:

    Oh nooo!! I dont want this to end!!!

  5. emma says:

    omg……what am i gonna do…after this….they r my happiness…..ouchhhhhh

  6. aku says:

    Is it the last eps?? Oh nooo.. Why?? They’re so sweet together. It fun and happy to watch them, now I feel really sad… Hikzzz.. T_T

  7. meeraaloveyongseo says:

    why they have to end all this fun and laughter??? its really sad.. 😦

  8. ianrush21 says:

    so ep 50 will be last one?

  9. Hyera says:

    OMOOO… I’m cryin now.. T__________T

  10. Kate says:

    no no no…

  11. caca says:

    feeling so sad…………keep crying

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