[PHOTO][Fanart] YongSeo’s First Kiss

cr. as tagged ; shared by _PUTitbackon@twitter

YongSeo’s first kiss is also Seohyun’s first kiss.. It will forever be special no matter what!!

7 Comments on “[PHOTO][Fanart] YongSeo’s First Kiss”

  1. Makocap_16 says:

    i hope seohyun became an actress and had a drama series with yonghwa.i think many fans would be happy and support the show. i think they will be the best drama couple. yongseo couple fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉 ❤

  2. hunn says:

    this is totally jjang~
    wan-jeong daebak!!

    btw..just would like to make a little request…may somebody make a fanart on heartstring banner with yongseo in it..
    hehee..always imagining them instead of shin hye..
    nt that i hate her..just i love yongseo more~

  3. love this couple very much.. tak leh nak tengok episod last dengan kusyuk sebab sedih sangat.. They share a lot of the “first thing n first time” together..

  4. yongseolover says:

    This is also yonghwa’s first kiss too.

  5. morro200 says:

    i only love this couple….ottoke~
    no 1 can replace them though…huh~(sighing)

  6. Bárbara says:

    kiss in the last episode please (x
    ahaha, love the wedding photos ❤

  7. qunaybo says:

    so sad T.T

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