[PHOTOS] YongSeo New Rings…?


cr. anacapridge @ Twitter; tip from sequoi @ Twitter; sophiapia @ soompi


What do you think, Gogumas…? 😀

10 Comments on “[PHOTOS] YongSeo New Rings…?”

  1. Makocap_16 says:

    at first when i see that the ring of yonghwa that seohyun gave that was broken i feel sad because i know their has a special meaning for both of them but i know also that the new ring will also have a special meaning after a long time. yongseo couple fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. yuukitot says:

    huhuhu im so sad…

  3. haha says:

    people already said left 2 EP only cos yong got show to act

  4. dodo says:

    plz dnt talk abt the end of yongseo im nt ready yet,,the both agency already stated its still un decided if u read the artical at the end part..so i dnt wnt to belive that rumors first!!..huhu bck to d ring- i dnt want yong lose the old ring or even the scarf it will show the bad side of him i hope tomoro he jst mking smting surprise..hoping!!

  5. NZ says:

    could it be that the thing that yonghwa lost is the old ring ? so they decided to make a new one ? 😀 geez…can’t wait for 2morrow !

  6. haha says:

    people said wgm yongseo couple going end soon

  7. caca says:

    in the upcoming episode, yonghwa lost something, right? at first, i thought he lost the scarf that hyun made for him. hmmm…..now i’m guessing…..he lost their ring?????

  8. dodo says:

    hey,hv u read abt their performing banmal song in thai..i hope u cn post any fancam here.jst wana c them.i hope there is mbc recording so it will be more clear :).and i curious abt their performance..plz say NO to MBC.:(

  9. dodo says:

    yupz its seems diffrent frm previous 1.but thats mean they had recording wgm b4 beside d shopping or during feb..they meet n record on their 1yr annv.wow!i hoping for this.cn u mke a diff photo btw this n previous?

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