[PHOTOS] YongSeo Couple’s Wedding Photos


cr. emotional @ DCgallery

They really look good together, don’t they..
I’m really really happy for them T__T ♥

16 Comments on “[PHOTOS] YongSeo Couple’s Wedding Photos”

  1. Natasha says:

    Wow…I like this picture.I hope there are good and be a happy family.

  2. psalm casanann says:


  3. Makocap_16 says:

    i like these picture. they’re so sweet. it’s look like they were a prince and a princess that love each other since they were still a child.

  4. Prince says:

    If somehow the couple can read this, don’t let go of each other. Both of you found something not everyone can get. Treasure it like tomorrow. It’s the year 2012 by the way. If the world is going to end this year, hey, just be a little crazy, go tell each other that ‘you are the one I love’, its simple as that.. what have you got to lose except than to gain.. u get each other. This applies to everyone who hasn’t told how much they love some one.

  5. alita25898 says:

    really love them, if they are in relationship, now… 🙂

  6. seohce forever says:

    please give me episode 47, i want to watch it
    but the video was blocked by iMBC. please sent to my email.

  7. Lail says:

    Can we buy their wedding photos? Is it for sale like they’re compiled in a magazine?

  8. Anonymous says:

    may i know where can get their full wedding photo album?all the photos are so sweet~~~

  9. hiraasyifa says:

    ommona they look so cute together :)) love love love this couple

  10. min ni says:

    is this the official wedding photo??

    • indy says:

      Yes, this is official. You can watch BTS of this weeding photo shoot on eps 47

      • Anonymous says:

        but why is the quality of the picture not good like two other picture before?its abit dark.

      • aeria9 says:

        DC goguma edited the tone of the photos, so they got darker =)

      • Anonymous says:

        but some of the photo got cut like when yong give hyun back hug.its just show half of the body.i want it full cause i love it so much.can’t i get the original photo w/o edited?

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