[TRANSLATIONS] YongSeo Episode 46 – Wedding Photoshoot (Part 1)

Y: it’s another mission card!
Y & S: together, together
Y: oh it’s thick.
<the mission that is before them is…?>
Y&S: today’s mission…
<the couple’s romantic must do course …>
MC: honeymoon?
Y: Honeymoon?
S: Ah~ seriously? What do you think it is?
Y: Wedding photos!
S: really?
<lips that are opened widely due to the shock>
<inside the mission letter contains another letter>
Y: what is this?
Y: Is this a proposal plan?
<other actress/actor’s wedding photos>
Y: this one is good
<jang dong gun and go so young’s couple wedding photo>
<Also a strong skinship photo!>
MC: you can’t forget that pose!
<just then!>
<the already worn wedding dress …>
<Trax’s album cover photos>
MC: ahh~! With Jungmo oppa
MC: oh Trax, trax

S: Oh it’s me!
Y: what? What is this?
S: oh it’s pretty! I wonder who this person is.
Y: well this will be your 2nd time wearing a wedding dress so you won’t be scared right?
S: well you’re probably right.
Y: I’ve worn a tux once too.
MC: he is jealous right now.
MC: He is jealous
S: So it’s wedding photos…
S: I liked it then … then I don’t know. Oh wow, I’m going to take pictures…
S: I did think about taking wedding photos before.
S: Since the mood is so happy I was envious of that.
<the Grooms side of things>
MC: Oh it looks as if he rode a motorcycle.
Y: an unfamiliar mission.
<Unfamiliar! Mission>
Y: with the other missions I just thought, I can just do this, but since it’s my first time doing a wedding photoshoot…
PD: there isn’t one who does it twice.
Y: you’re right… I can’t do it twice… but since it’s my first time …
<extremely scary mission. Wedding photoshoot.>

MC: during your wedding photoshoot you have to wake up at dawn.
<Yong & Hyun who are receiving makeup>
S: I’m tense.
Y: this gown…. Really…
<the groom and bride makeup gown….>
Y: there is no reason to wear this…
<Jung Yonghwa – Groom>
<the nametag that indicates groom and bride >
MC: oh they really must be nervous.
S: What is the difference between a bride’s makeup?
Y: It’s laid on thick.
MC: to make her less nervous.
S: It’s not thick!
Y: during weddings do people usually wear their outfits here and go?
Makeup artist: Yes.
Y: oh~ what do they ride to the place?
S: Just a car.
Makeup artist: there was once where the bride wore her dress and drove off.
S: Oh really?
Makeup artist: the groom didn’t know how to drive.
S: Oh that is just like us.
<OH that is like us!>
<reminded Yong>
Makeup artist: big problem
<kidding, kidding>
Y: don’t worry I’m the type that is going to walk on my wedding day.
Y: I’m going to walk.
S: you do know that we are also going to be shooting in our casual wear also?
Y: really?
S: others have done it also…
Y: really?
S: I thought of many fun ones.
MC: oh, they have a concept.
MC: many people have a concept when shooting photos.
Y: Oh this is it!
Y: Seohyun used this once.
S: What is it?
<the curler that curls the eyelashes!>
S: Curler! I tried it on him.
<the wife who put make up >
S: look down.
MC: did she pinch his eyelid?
MC: that is scary
Y: yes, this is different…
S: what is?
Y: you pinched my skin.
Y: Because of that I got a double eyelid!
S: oh what are you saying!?
S: I pinched you on the other eyelid
Y: you did both.
S: No I didn’t!
MC: very childlike…
S: Oh! You’re going to put eyelashes?
Y: I have to see how you put on eyelashes.
S: Don’t look~
Y: I never see it before.
S: You don’t have to see it.
<the bride who is embarrassed to show her eyelashes getting glued>
Y: I want to see it once.
<the curious groom>
S: I don’t want to!
Y: I won’t look, I won’t look.
<Hyun who is getting her eyelashes put >
<even though he said he wouldn’t look, he still looks>
S: is it that amazing?
Y: Do you attach it with glue?
S: then what? You think I sew it on?
MC: For me, I sewed a lot in.
MC: you sewed it in?
<this time its…!>
MC: oh she is using fire.
MC: Oh men usually find that amazing.
Y: what is that?
Makeup artist: it helps with the curl
Y: you glued it on?
S: yes, I glued it, only the ends though.
MC: if you use fire it curls right up.
Y: Oh~ you are becoming elegant
<yong gave me a compliment>
Makeup artist: you are now done.
<the groom who is finished first>
Makeup artist: congratulations
Y: yes, thank you
<now, the groom who finished his makeup is in watch mode>
MC: oh she is pretty!
<hyun finished her bride makeup>
<Now to do their hair>
<they have to select what hairstyle they want>
S: Oppa, what style do you like?
Y: Do whatever style you like, to be honest, I don’t really know.
S: when you just look and say I like this…
Y: I like something like this…
<the long haired elegant wedding style>
MC: leaving it down is best
<Today’s style>
MC: men like hair that isn’t tied.
Stylist: do you like this?
Y: Yes I think I like this.
MC: I like it when the hair is all up and there is lace all down on her side.
MC: It’s my style
<the start of the wedding styling!>
<what kind of look will she change too?>
MC: oh, he keeps looking over.
MC: how pretty is she going to look?
MC: Close your mouth.
<Yong who can’t take his eyes off her>
<the gorgeously transformed hyun>
Y: Oh my goddess
MC: He called her my goddess
Y: my goddess
S: thank you.
S: Oh it’s cold.
<now going to the wedding shop>
<the two who keep getting more and more beautiful>
S: Oh it’s cold!
S: Cold Breath!
Y: try breathing from your nose
S: Oh it’s coming out
<the bride who is letting air from her nose>
Y: Is it coming out?
S: it’s not coming out.
MC: Since their walking it should be close.
<arriving in front of the wedding shop>
Y: Bride, Please enter
Y: I’ve never been in this place once
S: Me neither!
MC: Oh they are so lucky!
MC: you envious?
MC: yes!
<the envious 19yr girl>
S: hello!
Y: hello.
<the first time coming to a wedding shop!>
Y: You can watch tv from here.
S: oh really!
<wedding accessory>
Y: is it a wedding present?
<you get the wedding presents during the wedding day…>
S: It’s sort of awkward isn’t it?
manager: hello!
Y&S: Hello.
Manager: its nice to meet you.
<the manager who is going to help>
Manager: when looking through the album, select which style you like best.
Y: oh this style is really elegant.
Y: foreign… when watching a movie..
Y: a rich family…
S: if there is something pretty tell me.
Y: everything is pretty.
MC: for me, I am not going to wear a white dress.
MC: Oh?! Then black?
<then a black dress?!>
MC: no! no!
MC: a slightly yellow dress
MC: wear a red clay colored dress
S: I think I’ll know when wearing the dress, I really can’t tell.
Manager: then we will put you in dresses
<will make a discussion after putting it >
<finally wedding dresses>
S: wow it’s really pretty
Y: wow, this is the first time I actually see on up close.
S: this is the first time that I saw so many too.
MC: Close your mouth.
MC: they look all the same…
<from a males eyes>
MC: they are all different
S: which one is pretty?
Y: they are all really pretty
S: look carefully… which would look best.
S: please wait…
<going in to change into the dress…>
S: Please sit
<wonder how seohyun will look in a wedding dress>
MC: I’m really anticipating it.
<looking through the pictures>
< thinking >
<what will our bride hyun look like with the wedding dress?>
MC: when the curtain opens, I wonder how pretty seohyun will look.
MC: I bet you Seohyun will be anticipating
MC: During drama’s the men usually are captivated
MC: yes, the men have to be like that.
Manager: open it please.
<the first look at what hyun looks like in a wedding dress>
MC: OMG she looks so pretty!
<the very gorgeous pure-white hyun>
MC: he is speechless
Y: WOW, you look really pretty
MC: she really looks pretty
MC: he has nothing to say
MC: Because she is so pretty
S: does it look alright?
Y: you look absolutely pretty.
Y: you changed your hairstyle
S: I quickly pulled it back
<the naturally rising of his mouth>
MC: is so likes it.
Y: Since everything was so white, it looked like if she came from an ice world.
Y: Somewhat… a bit… I somewhat felt as she was an angel. I felt that.
Y: It felt as if I had to look up.
Y: Oh, Seohyun is really beautiful.
<mood is up because of Yong’s compliments>
S: remember this.
Y: Alright, I’ll remember it. Oh right, picture.. I got a camera.
MC: right! You have to take a lot of photos.
MC: I wish that all the husbands remember the time when they looks at their wife’s beautiful look for a long time.
Y: I’m taking it now.
S: ok
MC: so that they can say that the person I love and is so beautiful is this woman. Something like that.
S: it looks alright?
S: should we try on another dress?
<trying >
<Yong Husband who has started to wait again>
<suddenly he gets up>
MC: it looks like that he like that the most.
MC: oh that looks nice!
MC: Oh since it is bedazzled, it looks expensive
<about to sit but goes back>
<the magnificent beaded dress>
< his heart beating considerably>
S: Oppa
Y: yeah?
S: I’m done, just wait a sec.
<Hyun-bride’s second dress>
MC: I think this is the dress that he liked first.
<again with the camera?>
Y: OH… it’s a different dress.
S: You think it’s the same?
Y: it looks similar. But I think this one is prettier.
<advising to try a different style>
Y: this one!
MC: he chose the bling bling one.
<the dress that he saw before!>
S: It really is a magnificent dress
S: I’ll try that one.
Y: If you wear it, you’ll look pretty.
MC: changing must be annoying but she said she is going to wear it.
MC: oh no, when girls do this, it is not annoying.
MC: oh it’s not?
MC: they can try 100.
<this time trying >
S: I’m going out.
<the bride who is wearing the dress that was pick with Yong’s love>
MC: Oh this one looks really good!
S: what do you think?
Y: It’s pretty
MC: this is the first time he clapped
<right away takes a picture>
S: so you this is something you like.
S: I think this is pretty
Y: It’s pretty?
S: yes
Y: You’re pretty
Y: Oh it suits you.
S: it’s suits me?
S: What else should I try on? I want to try something that is a different design
Y: I selected already.
S: this?
Y: for me only.
< already deeply fallen for the bedazzled dress>
S: I want to see other kinds of dresses
<trying >
<2hrs has passed looking for dresses>
<the slowly bored yong>
Y: Seohyun~
S: I’m almost done, just wait a min.
<the warm air temperature>
MC: he is getting tired
<getting a little bit tired!>
<what is he doing?
<starting to play with the camera?>
<Yong choding’s piece #1>
<Mannequin heads>
<Yong choding’s piece #2>
<Seohyun, hurry and come out!>
<Yong Choding’s piece #3>
< I am waiting a long time>
<his own watch…>
<what is he doing now?>
S: I’m all done!
MC: OH so pretty!
<slim design dress >
MC: She looks good in all of them
S: what do you think?
Y: this is really pretty too
Y: how are you supposed to choose?
<keeps wearing different dresses!!>
S: Mini dress!
Y: oh really?
<the constant coming of the dress parade>
S: this gives off a different feel to it.
<does it?>
S: what do you think?
Y: this is pretty too.
S: why are not concerned?
Y: what do you mean I’m not concerned?
S: look in the mirror you look like you aren’t concerned
S: he was like a pickled kimchi. He looked very tired.
S: But since he wasn’t concerned, I just thought , ah I have to just choose it.
Y: after all those dresses, why does she beat around the bush?
Y: I kept thinking what are you thinking about?
Y: Seohyun, take your time. I’m going to use twice the amount of time.

cr. DDuk@seohwa soompi thread

Before the Eng sub of the episode comes out.. here’s the translations first!! It’s still incomplete though and I’m about to sleep so be sure to check soompi for the next part in case it’s still not posted here.. wieeee!! 🙂

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