[TRANSLATIONS] YongSeo Episode 46 – Wedding Photoshoot (Part 2)

<meanwhile, after hyun tried all the dresses>
Y: It’s a pleasure to meet you.
S: It’s a pleasure to meet you.
Y: You came back
Y:I’ll comeback wearing a 3piece suit.
<this time it’s Yong husbands turn!>
MC: Since it’s men’s clothes, they can change easily.
<the bored while waiting Hyun-wifey >
MC: She is bored.
S: you are taking about the same time as me while changing
Y: That isn’t it.
Y: One, two three!
<Yong-groom, look in a tuxedo>
Y: you always see me in one of these don’t you?
S: Oh, its good, I have a feeling that you’re going to start singing I’m a loner.
Y: Look, Look!~
Y: what do you think?
S: it suits you well.
Y: really?
S: yeah, It looks good.

<but suddenly, has an awkward feeling>
<uselessly touching>
S: Oppa, you really took a long time
Y: what?
S: you took a long time.
Y: I took a long time?
Y: then just go to sleep.
S: alright. Now to the next one.
Y: take a nap.
S: I might not even be here.
Y: alright, I’ll call you.
Y: what?
S: I didn’t take a picture!
Y: it’s alright, it’s alright. You look at me.
S: come back out again, HURRY!
<opens the curtains as he comes out.>
S: Stand over there
MC: you have to stand there to make yourself look good.
S: why do you keep coming out? Get on top, get on top.
Y: I get embarrassed if I go on here.
S: go on it.
S: One, two, three!
S: Why are you so frozen!?
Y: Its really embarrassing to be on this. I really hate this.
Y: I’m done changing
S: Oh that’s quick!
<quickly changes into this 2nd tuxedo.>
S: One, two, three!
<this time, a white tuxedo!>
S: oh is this the same pants?
Y: I only changed the top.
S: so are the pants also white?
Y: let me get down from here.
S: oh, stay there.
Y: there is just a little…TT.TT
MC: it must be awkward, since it is so awkward…
S: One, two , three!
Y: Wait.
S: pretty pose!
Y: Ah, I don’t need it.
S: Cool pose!
Y: AH, I don’t have one.
S: Hurry!
<but still.. tada!>
S: One, two three!
Y: I’ll see you in a bit
S: ah so funny!
Y: Oh so embarrassing!
S: the ones that are on the rack can we try them on again?
<there is something else that she want him to put >
Y: 1, 2,3
Y: Hello Seohyun!
<again he walks off>
MC: why is he walking down again?
MC: Because it’s embarrassing
Y: I’m scared! It’s scarier than going on stage!
S: are you scared because you don’t have a guitar?
Y: It feels as if I’m in a play.
MC: Oh it suits him well.
S: oh it suits you well. I’m going to take a picture
Y: You got it?
S: Profile.
S: Back
Y: why are you taking these?
S: Just because…
Y: I’ll be back after I change.
<while wearing the tailcoat, he is very courteous>
S: You are going to try another one right?
Y: I tried all three.
S: I put in another one, try that one on.
Y: Ah, alright then.
MC: why is he so frozen!?
<frozen Yong>
S: your expressions are really frozen
<is this pose going to be in the wedding shoot!?>
<a while later…>
<the couple who arrived at the wedding studio>
S: wow, really!
<the first time coming to a wedding studio!>
Y&S: Hello!
Staff: it’s nice to meet you
<meeting with the staff to arrange the concept!>
Staff: This is Lee Jaeho, the photographer.
Y&S : oh, hello.
MC: Oh that man! He is now a day’s getting famous for his photographs.
MC: He also shot a lot of CF’s
Staff: how did you first meet?
S: we met in the studio lobby.
<first wanting to hear the story of our couple>
Photographer: what was your first impression when you first met?
Y: a very straight kid.
<the staff that starts writing right away>
S: that’s what you first thought of me when you first met me!?
Photographer: a straight, certain well mannered..
S: A very mischievous person and sometime playful was my first impression
<their first thoughts of each other>
Y: keep matching with her she doesn’t say anything
Y: we went on a trip to Japan.
<remembering the japan trip!>
Y: Seohyun was drinking a non-alcoholic beer and I was just drinking beer. That was when we first really opened up to each other.
Staff: can we do a beer scene!?
Photographer: the point is that we are going to put it in the photos
<the history will be put into the photographs!>
Photographer: a story that is just the two of you
<the story of just the two of them, wedding album!>
MC: Oh so they aren’t just taking random photos…
MC: oh I’m anticipating it now, I wonder how it will look.
S: I was thinking about it, I want to make it fun
<a different concept by the wife!?>
S: my husband from time to time does something call Yong Choding
Photographer: of course, mischievous and playful.
S: so in the photos I was wondering if he can look like a student in a picture.
<elementary school concept in a wedding photoshoot!?>
Photographer: oh that’s a good idea.
S: I think it’s a fun idea
<concept meeting finished!>
<getting ready for the photoshoot!>
<just then!>
Y: OH hello!>
JH: oh hello, Jung Yonghwa
<the groomsmen JH and JS!>
JS: we came here to be the groomsmen!
MC: AH it’s been a while JS
Y: Seohyun is getting ready right now.
JH: Hello bride!
S: Oh who is this?
JH: Hello, bride.
S: Oh hello!
<it’s been a while since hyun met with the brother-in-laws>
JH: Our Hyung is already…. TT.TT
<the younger brother’s feelings of not wanting to let go of their hyung?!>
Y: Hey, it’s been already one year!
JH: how are you feeling?
JH: You’re excited!
<he is blushing a little bit!>
Y: no, I’m not. I don’t know what I’m doing.
JH: I’m getting nervous now.
JS: now I want to get married!
<just then, the fully ready bride comes out!>
MC: Oh so pretty!
JS: Oh bride!
<gets up>
<why get up?>
<You are very beautiful!>
MC: ah they are doing well!
MC: they have to do that!
<politely being happy>
<you are pretty…!>
Y: It suits you.
S: its ok?
Photographer: you are all ready?
S: yes!
Photographer: WOW, oh you are beautiful. Now we are going to begin with our first scene
Y: I’m leaving
<finally the photography session begins!>
JS: is there anything you want to eat?
S: Carp bread! (carp shaped bread filled with bean paste)
Y: Orange Juice
<meanwhile the first scene is…>
Photographer: So a brief explanation about the first scene. First greetings situation.
<Yongseo couple’s first meeting situation>
Y: Am I a dragon!?
MC: ah when they first met!
<the first meeting when everything/one was awkward and nervous>
S: If I keep eating this my hands will turn yellow…
S: what is a first love?
Y: what? What is first love?
S: what is the difference between love and like?
Y: you… you really are daebak.
<remembering that feeling again>
Photographer: I’ll be ALL the way in the back taking the photograph
<finally the filming begins.>
S: OH it’s so awkward
MC: She’s right, it must be so awkward
Y: how can I do this?
<even though they began to film, it is still awkward>
JS: Don’t be awkward!
JS: Don’t be nervous!
MC: it’s a good thing they are there, the relieve some of the tension.
JS: casually, casually.
Y: Seohyun, it’s nice to meet you.
S: Hello.
Y: I am CNBLUE, Jung Yonghwa
S: I’m SNSD Seohyun
<casually the filming begins>
Y: I was really a fan.
S: Oh really?
Y: I WAS a fan.
S: and now?
Y: now… we are a married couple.
MC: it’s good!
<recollecting their memories>
S: oh you are right.
Photographer: How were we back then? Talk to each other. Seohyun? How were we back then?
Y: how were we back then?
Photographer: OH its really good!
MC: Oh she is really pretty!
<to make it awkward, yong shake hands>
Photographer: OH it’s really good!
Photographer: ok! Nice!
MC: Lovely!
<meanwhile the groomsmen go out to buy food>
<this time Hyun is serious!>
Y: how old are you now?
S: I am 20years old
Photographer: Oh so pretty!
Y: Oh you’re 20 years old? But why do you have a feather in your head?
S: I put I in there to look pretty.
Y: Are you by chance an angel? Am I looking at an angel?
<Yong husband… you’re doing well!>
Y: at the beginning how was I to you?
S: To me? You were really considerate.
Y: How?
S: you were really adjusted to me.
<Both recollecting their thoughts about their first meeting>
S: when I first met you.
Y: hello, it’s nice to meet you.
S: Hello.
<the past awkward thoughts are coming back>
Photographer: this is why the early stage you can’t be really close.
Y: You have no idea how much effort I made.
Photographer: Put your hand slightly in.
MC: oh he knows how to act.
S: Oh wow, you really know to do it well.
Photographer: shall we have a bit of tea?
Photographer: oh the wife is pretty!
Y: she’s pretty!?
Y: what did you just say!?
Y: Kill!?
S: You won’t die!
Photographer: we are done on this side
Y: what did you say?
Photographer: you did well!
<that that is how they finished their first meeting photoshoot.>
<meanwhile the groomsmen are….>
MC: they are eating by themselves!
<they are filling themselves up first!?!>
<off to buy the carp shaped bread>
Photographer: now the next concept is that after you first met each other, then you have to separate. And you either play the guitar or read a book but something is bothering you.
<now is the solo shots>
<even after parting, the couple that yearns for each other!>
Y: AH it’s because of Seohyun.
Photographer: you look up at the windows and think of Seohyun’s face or something like that.
<wonder what their solo shots will feel like?>
Y: the sunlight… the sun is Seohyun’s face.
Photographer: Seohyun, the same goes for you.
S: yes.
Photographer: you can take a break
<Just in time!>
<the brothers in law that brought with them food>
MC: It’s during these times when a friend being there is the huge.
JH: Seohyun~
<of course, the sister in law gets it first.>
S: what is this?
MC: the brother in laws are really good to Seohyun.
MC: yes, they really take good care of her.
<a warm drink>
JS: Seohyun!? Aren’t you hungry!?
S: I’m hungry!
JS: to be honest, there were no carp bread so we bought walnut cookies instead!
S: OH! Walnut is even better!
JS: and also we thought you were going to be hungry so we bought ddukbokgi.
<the brother-in-laws that take good care!>
S: and it’s not like you are going to eat it?
S: thank you.
<the two strong brother in laws>
JS: eat eat!
JH: Hyung’s favorite drink, Americano coffee.
Y: I don’t drink coffee anymore.
S: OH he cannot have coffee!
JH: Why?
MC: Because of his intestines.
<has to take care of his intestines>
S: He can’t drink coffee
JH: Really?
Photographer: did you rest a bit?
S: yes.
Photographer: okokok
<now starting with the wife’s solo shots…>
Photographer: since the wife is the only being shot right now, the husband can’t be playing too far away…
Y: Yes. I’ll be watching intently.
Photographer: Seohyun has to take out some of her emotions.
Y: Yes, that is my specialty.
<finally shooting Hyun’s solo shots>
MC: OH smog!
Y: hey kids follow me!
<standing by the window…Hyun who is yearning for yong.>
Y: oh this is cool looking.
Y: WOW, Seohyun!
JS&JH: Goddess.
Y: My own goddess
JS: oh I like!
MC: Doesn’t she look like a princess?
Y: Oh you’re so pretty!
S: Oh this is really embarrassing!
MC: even though she isn’t hating it.
MC: She looks happy.
Y: Since the dress is really long, your legs look long
Y: how many portions do you have?
(authors note: the body is separated into numbers, and apparently if you have and 8 you are considered to be most beautiful)
Y: 1, 2,3,9, 10,11,…
MC: he is joking again!
Y: OMG you have 22?
MC: is that a person!? It’s more like an alien!
MC: It must be so weird!
Photographer: ok so you just came home… and oh look this way.. you look really pretty!
JS: it’s like a drama
Photographer: OMG
Photographer: WOW nice!
<the wife quickly looks at the monitor>
Y: Seohyun~
<captain brings water>
MC: His service is pretty good
Photographer: what about me?
Y: Inside my heart…
<Quite the talkative moodmaker Yong husband>
<now the Yong who is thinking about Seohyun!>
Photographer: you are reading your book but then …
Y: Seohyun’s face keeps… page after page she comes out of it.
MC: Yes, when they first met Seohyun gave Yong a book as a gift.
<during their marriage, remember how they used books to bring themselves closer>
<Yong who yearns for Hyun while reading!>
MC: they must have thought about their past because of this.
S: you’re doing well!
JS: You aren’t reading a lot of books now days…you are reading an old antique.
Photographer: Whenever you even hear the name Seohyun you smile widely!
Y: Seohyun, Seohyun, Seohyun!
<I miss you…>
S: You’re doing well!
Photographer: While thinking about Seohyun, you are smiling gently.
Y: Ah its seohyun again.
Photographer: you are almost done
S: WOW you really photograph well!
Photographer: he knows his angles well!
S: tell me how to take good pictures! You are doing it so well!
Y: you just have to think then pose.
<the real full blown wedding shoot is just about to begin!>

cr. DDuk @ soompi


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