[PHOTOS][Icons] Handsome Yonghwa – Episode 46 Wedding Photoshoot





cr. Fo0oZ shared at iloveyongseo

2 batches of YongSeo icons to come!!! Thanks again to the goguma who shared this! 🙂

3 Comments on “[PHOTOS][Icons] Handsome Yonghwa – Episode 46 Wedding Photoshoot”

  1. Makocap_16 says:

    i think yong hwa and my brother has a similarities. i think that were the way how they smile and laught, and there habit that when they are concentrated to something or they were feel nervous or sleeping they’re mouth was widely open hehehhehehheheh ;). but still both of them are cute. i love yongseo couple fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. RNy_0301 says:

    yaaaa, younghwa so cuteeee really luv him. so eny with this couple

  3. Fo0oZ says:

    More Icons 🙂

    i hope you liked the First Batch 🙂


    it contains the First 70 icons

    the new ones starts from 71 until 100

    I named them with Numbers 🙂

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