[VIDEO][Raw] YongSeo Episode 46 – Wedding Photoshoot

cr. ThaiRabbitAloneJoobz@YT

DAEBAK!! SPAZZ SPAZZ!!! Seohyun is soooo beautiful in a wedding dress and Yonghwa… gosh! I can’t even count how many times he said the word “pretty” today!!!! Yonghwa is soooo good looking in a suit!! OMO! YONGSEO DAEBAK!!!

3 Comments on “[VIDEO][Raw] YongSeo Episode 46 – Wedding Photoshoot”

  1. meredith says:

    plisss tell me, is it the last episode??

  2. oshin says:

    omoo! Thanks for upload this video 😀
    yongseo’s really really kyeopta~~!

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