[PHOTOS][Icons] Goddess Seohyun – Episode 46 Wedding Photoshoot



cr. Fo0oZ shared at iloveyongseo

Thanks to the Goguma villager who shared these icons!! YongSeo and Yonghwa versions to come!! 🙂

4 Comments on “[PHOTOS][Icons] Goddess Seohyun – Episode 46 Wedding Photoshoot”

  1. Makocap_16 says:

    i think she was the goddess of beauty. i really idolize her and i want to be a great dancer like her and the other member of snsd. i love yongseo couple fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. baby says:

    omg!she so beautiful!!!!!

  3. really, really, really, really beautifull girl’s seohyun
    goddes number 9, seohyun

  4. dee says:

    another daebak episode today, I don’t know hoe to make a screen cap, so can you help me to make screen cap of hyun at part 4 minute 2.32 in here you can see her smile to yong, it’s like a proud and love smile for yong … Thank u before

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