[NEWS] Yonghwa Loves Seohyun in a Wedding Dress

Yonghwa couldn’t close his mouth when “Imaginary Wife” Seohyun was wearing a wedding dress for

As a mission for this episode of “We Got Married” the Goguma couple had to take wedding photos together.

When Yonghwa first saw Seohyun in a wedding dress at the wedding shop he couln’d help but complement her saying “You are pretty!”

As Yonghwa took pictures of Seohyun, he couldn’t stop smiling. For the 1:1 interview Yonghwa said “She seems like an ice princess from ice country, she was like an angel.”

source: mydaily.co.kr  via soompi

It was all over Yonghwa’s face!! haha!  He was nervous and all that he can say was “pretty”! lol!!

6 Comments on “[NEWS] Yonghwa Loves Seohyun in a Wedding Dress”

  1. chichan says:

    Aahh.. I love how Yonghwa choose that blingbling wedding dress.. His eyes seeing SeoHyun so adorable.. Perfect couple! 😉

    • i dont like that girl!! i like park shin hye………………

      • lee han yong says:

        You can not do something because they love each other and I yong hwa and seohyun and This means that yong like seohyun like a girlfrind or A wife not park shin hye Because she is a sister to him just sister not more than that Did you know that now that yonghwa loves seohyun and seohyun love yonghwa and They are suitable for each other and that soo cool and Wonderful . they are a Real couple

  2. Diana says:

    I wish there was a way to find out who designed her dress! I need to add it to my list of possible dresses for when I get married!

  3. kun_cheero says:

    I think for the title it’s okay to go with just “Yonghwa loves Seohyun”.

  4. meredith says:

    wow.. i think yonghwa so fall in love with seohyun..

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