[TRANSLATIONS] YongSeo Wedding Photoshoot Text Preview

Yonghwa Seohyun: Oh, My Bride! ♥

Finally, today’s the day of the YongSeo couple’s wedding album photoshoot~!!
After receiving a bride-groom makeup session, heads to the dress shop to pick out a wedding dress~
Hyun wife who wants to wear as much as possible and pick out the best vs. Yong husband who is forever waiting!
How will Yong husband pass the time while Hyun wife takes forever(?) to select a dress?
And what will be his reaction to Seohyun wearing a pure-white wedding dress?

Wearing a tuxedo and a bridal gown, they have transformed into the ‘Yonghwa Groom’ and ‘Seohyun Bride’!
Using their own history as a background, the photoshoot begins~
How will their first meeting, re-captured on camera, turn out?
And who is the number one best man, come to cheer on their wedding shoot?

Translation credits: MountainMadman

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