[News] CN Blue’s Jung Yonghwa – ”You Look Like An Angel”


On Last Week’s ”We Got Married” Preview aired on the 26th Of February, Something appeared which aroused everyone’s curiosity, The Contents Of YongSeo Couple’s Wedding Photoshoot. Fans have created photoshopped pictures of the couple in their Wedding suit and dress in the past which became a famous topic. From this, We can see that everyone is anticipating this episode. Also, it’s also rumored that after seeing Seohyun in her white and beautiful wedding dress, Yonghwa said ”You Look Like Angel”.

How did Seohyun looked like when it caused Yonghwa’s soul to ”come out of his body”? How would the couple’s Wedding Photoshoot Story be like? ”YongSeo Couple Wedding Photoshoot” shall be revealed to everyone on the 26th Of Febuary, 5.10PM.

Souce: NAC Media.
Translated By: Tiffany@iloveyongseo.

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