[TRANSLATIONS] WGM Sweet Potato Couple Episode 45

Starting from the 0:26 mark.

Subs: Leaning on Yong…the board slowly going down

Y: Okay. Like this.

H: Is this right?

Y: Like this, and then you slide down. Putting your weight down.

MC: Woahh…

Y: Okay, come down.

MC: When you’re like that, you’re scared that you’ll fall down.

H: It’s stuck!

H: Ahh, wait, wait!

Sub: the harder-than-expected going backwards

At the 1:08 mark.

H: It’s weird.

Y: What’s weird?

H: The ground keeps calling me…

Y: It calls you?

Y: Stop calling her!

H: Why do you keep calling me?

Sub: taking it out on the ground…

Y: Okay, we’re getting back up again!

H: Okay…

Y: Even that baby is riding on the intermediate slope.

H: He’s cute.

Y: Now’s not the time to say those things.

H: Can we rest for just a little bit?

Y: Huh?

Y: Rest, rest.

H: One minute.

Sub: the two legs wanting a break…

Y: One minute?

MC: Oh, look at that wind.

H: It was reeeaally hard. I felt like I had turned into a tumbling toy. I kept falling forward like a magnet. So it was really…I’ve learned a lot of things in my life, but I don’t think I’ve ever done so bad like this.

Sub: The biggest hurdle of Hyun wife’s life

At the 2:00 mark.

Sub: others are having fun riding…

MC: She was having fun before, but her motivation took a dive.

Sub: Yong teacher, on the other hand…

Y: When I was watching Seohyun, and I turned to look at the boarders speeding by, I thought, “I could ride much better than them…I want  to go against them once.” But then when I looked at Seohyun again, my heart started bleeding.

MC: He wants to ride like that too.

Sub: one minute rest over!

H: Fighting!

At the 3:03 mark.

Sub: renewed attempt at riding backwards!!

Y: Put the weight on your right!

Y: Don’t ride off and on, you’re supposed to do it by feel.

MC: She still did all right.

Y: Don’t rest, don’t rest!

H: Again?

Sub: instead of compliments…

Y: You can’t rest until you get the feel down.

Y: Straight ahead, straight ahead.

H: Straight ahead…

Y: Pay attention to both arms!

Y: Get up!

MC: “Get up!”

Y: No smiling, let’s get back up!

Y: Getting back up, let’s try again!

Y: Okay! Now try going down naturally!

Y: Where are you going?

At the 3:57 mark.

Y: Okay! You’re doing well!

H: Ahhh…

Y: Get back up!

H: Aigoo!

Y: Don’t stop!! You don’t have time to rest!

Sub: glad he’s not our teacher

Sub: the ground keeps calling…

Y: Get back up!! Start!

MC: If that was me, I would’ve quite a long time ago.

Y: Who rides best in SNSD?

H: Uhh…Hyoyeon unnie?

Y: Really?

H: But no one can ride like that.

Y: You’re going to be in first place!

H: Wah…

Y: You’re going to be 1st place in SNSD, I’ll make you into one!

H: Yeah.

Y: I’ll make you into 1st place.

H: Fighting.

At the 5:08 mark.

Y: Okay. Let’s go!

Sub: towards 1st place(?) in SNSD!

Y: You’re going to fall down like that? Look, like that!

H: What?

Y: Like this, like this. Okay! Keep coming down like that.

Sub: showing some effects of the brutal training!?

Y: Okay, okay, okay! Straight down!

Y: Slightly to the left, move your gaze slightly to theleft.

Sub: happy instructor tone because of his wife followingwell

Sub: From the start…much improvement!

MC: Oh, she’s doing well!

Y: The edge, the edge!

Y: Just do it forcefully!

MC: It’s easy when you say it.

Y: Okay, you’re doing fine!

Y: Good job!

At the 6:06 mark.

Sub: relaxed position!

Sub: heading towards a late lunch!

Menu (from top to bottom): coffee, kimbap, cheese ramen, mixed ramen, dduk dumpling ramen, seafood ramen, jajangmyun, dduk udon, odeng

MC: #$@%^@^

H: Dduk dumpling ramen.

Y: Husband ordering for the tired wife!

MC: At a ski resort, ramen really fits the bill.

H: I’ll eat it well.

Y: Eat this and get your strength back.

H: Omo.

Y: Are you being upset?

H: No.

Y: Are you taking it out on the pickled radish?

At the 7:19 mark.

Y: What are you doing, Seo Joohyun.

Y: I went too much Spartan on you, right?

H: I think you’re totally jjang. [NOTE: She’s agreeing with him.]

Moving on to Part 2.

H: Who did you learn it from?

Y: From an instructor.

H: Really? How did he teach?

Y: This is how I learned it.

H: Really?

Y: I cried while learning it.

Sub: teaching the way he learned it…

Y: I think you’re really the best.

Y: Generally, when they reach about the halfway point, they give up. So you’re the best.

H: Is that right?

Y: Even a few boys gave up.

H: Really?

Y: They would say, “Hey! I’m switching to skis!” or “I’m never riding snowboard ever again!” Honestly.

H: Honestly. Your friends?

Y: Friends, too.

H: You’re a scary teacher.

Y: Don’t feel upset.

H: It’s all right.

Y: Don’t feel upset, I can’t help it.

H: I thought you would be like that.

MC: It’s fortunate he said those words afterwards. She would’ve been more upset if he hadn’t.

H: I won’t give up.

Y: Do you think you can turn by the end of today?

H: I can do it.

MC: Once you can turn, you’ve mastered it.

Y: We can ride one more time. [NOTE: referring to the closing time.]

H: We can do it.

Y: Let’s go, keeping in mind the hundred more times we’re going to fall.

H: Okay.

At the 1:19 mark.

Sub: channeling their courage…

MC: So she learned most of the basics, now she just needs to learn how to turn.

MC: And then you’ve mastered it.

MC: Because most of snowboarding consists of turning.

MC: What do you do when you go to a ski resort?

MC: I ride the ski lift.

MC: That’s fun, right?

H: I’m worried.

Y: Are you ready?

Y: If you can do a turn, I’ll grant you a wish.

H: Honestly?

Y: You have to make an S.

H: I’m going to wish an awesome wish.

Sub: looks like she’s thought of something?

At the 2:00 mark.

Y: Let’s start from here.

Sub: challenging the S-line!

Y: Like that.

MC: Wow, that’s cool!

Y: And later on, like that.

MC: When girls ride like that, they look cool.

Y: You want to try?

H: Yes.

H: This is practice. It doesn’t matter how you do it in practice.

Y: Where are you going?

Y: Okay…and we fall!

Sub: there is no giving up!

Sub: burning will for the chance to make a wish!

At the 3:09 mark.

H: I have to turn like that, right?

Sub: let alone two turns, hard to even make one turn…

Y: It’s because you don’t go all the way!

Sub: Yong teacher personally giving an example!

Y: One like that!

MC: Going forward, then going backwards.

Sub: another attempt!

H: Like that…

Sub: This time…?

H: Wait, this isn’t it!

Sub: wire fence…

H: It was a totally new world. I couldn’t even get the feel of what I was supposed to do. So I felt that maybe I was getting too much ahead of myself. Even while I was riding.

MC: The moon’s up.

Sub: can’t give up easily!

Y: Stop, stop. You’re going to hurt yourself.

Sub: the teacher stopping the student…

H: What do I do…

Y: Come here. Today’s not going to be the day.

H: What do I do?

H: Sorry, you didn’t get to ride because of me.

Y: It doesn’t matter, it’s all over anyway.

MC: First time in 4 years.

Sub: closed…

MC: The lift’s stopped.

Sub: Boarder Yong spending the entire day teaching his wife…

Y: You lost your bet.

H: I suppose I can’t help it.

Sub: Let’s go.

At the 4:42 mark.

Sub: reverting to simply riding backwards…

H: Aish! Why are you taking those?

MC: Their relationship will be all right after this, right?

MC: She still learned very well. Yonghwa taught very well too.

Sub: what is he doing now??

Sub: while his wife goes down halfway…

Sub: Boarder Yong departs!

Y: Seohyun, hurry up!

MC: He rides really well.

Sub: arriving in the blink of an eye!

H: I can do it. I won’t give up!

Sub: returning motivation after seeing her husband!

MC: Didn’t she just do an S?

Sub: one turn successful!

MC: One more time

MC: She just needed to finish half a turn more…

MC: Why do I feel so sad?

At the 6:21 mark.

H: I fell so much.

H: Mommy…

Y: You did well, you were good. You improved a lot.

H: Thank you…

Y: That hat is really interesting.

Sub: representing today’s suffering…

H: My face is really something.

MC: The only support is your husband.

Y: Okay…where should we go?

MC: Wow, at the ski resort, at sunset…they look cute.

Y: Good, good…and turn! Okay.

Y: Edge, edge! Turn!

H: Is this the end?

H: I was really, really regretful. I wanted to be a wife who could easily follow him in whatever he taught me. But it didn’t turn out the way I wanted, so it was saddening.

Moving on to Part 3.

Sub: returning to their lodgings

MC: They’re at a condo.

Sub: Yong coming out first after changing

MC: Yah, she’s cute!

MC: Couple look.

MC: Her butt must hurt.

Y: You look like a baby chicken.

H: Chirp.

Sub: baby chick tired out after intense training…

H: I’m a tired chick.

Sub: laying down first!

Y: Oh, it’s the best!

Y: Give me a massage.

H: I’m tired out too!

Y: I held you up!

H: “Get up! Get up!” That’s all you did!

Y: When did I do that?

Y: I only did that to help you be better.

H: Ah, my butt really hurts.

Y: Should I give you a butt massage?

Sub: Yong professor losing his mind due to fatigue

Y: Seohyun, here’s a pillow.

MC: You have to stretch before you sleep, otherwise your body hurts the next morning.

MC: She’s definitely a dancer.

Y: Why are you stretching?

H: Yong oppa.

Y: What?

At the 1:30 mark.

H: Because I rode so hard, can’t you just grant me the wish?

MC: I’m curious as to what the wish is going to be.

MC: What will it be?

Y: But you lost the bet.

H: Still.

Y: You lost, so you should grant me a wish.

H: Even so, but…

Y: No. I’m strict.

H: Ah, really.

Y: What is it, let me just hear it.

H: No, it’s all right.

Sub: curious about what it is…

Y: What is it?

H: If you’re not going to grant it, I’m not going to say it.

Y: Okay, fine. I’ll grant it. What is it?

H: For real, right?

Sub: in the end, granting the wish!

H: This is a promise.

At the 2:22 mark.

Sub: preparing a late dinner

Sub: a favorite of a ski vacation, samgyeopsal!

MC: That looks so good!

H: You need to eat a lot of vegetables today.

H: I’ll make it so vegetables are the main course.

Y: Make it tasty.

H: Of course.

Sub: keeping track of her husband’s health…

H: I’m so sad, I’m really so sad! [NOTE: She was cutting the onions.]

MC: That looks delicious!

Y: Samgyeopsal~

Y: Maneul.

MC: Is he speaking in English?

MC: He looks like he’s studying English lately.

Sub: dinner preparations finished!

Y: Let’s open it.

H: Okay.

H: This looks weird.

H: I think we really…are horrible at cooking rice.

Y: What do you mean, we?

H: Do you remember what our first rice was like?

At the 3:25 mark.

Y: At that time…we were bad.

MC: That must be so good.

Y: Wrap me something.

H: I’ll make you one.

Sub: putting garlic…onions…onions…garlic again?

MC: Why is she putting in so much garlic?

Y: It’s you after me.

H: No, I’m fine.

Y: I’m going to put in all the extra peppers.

MC: Will that all fit?

MC: She’s still feeding him!

MC: Yonghwa’s mouth is a bit like a cabinet.

H: I’m full.

Sub: making one for his wife?!

MC: Are they competing now?

MC: If he does it like that, it’s going to stab the back of the throat.

Sub: showing manners by putting in only half a pepper…

MC: Will that go in?

MC: She doesn’t open her mouth very wide.

MC: It all went in!

MC: It’s hot, it’s hot.

At the 5:30 mark.

Y: It’s hot?

Sub: because he put in so much garlic…

MC: They shouldn’t talk so close to each other after that.

MC: No, it’s all right because they both ate it.

Sub: as expected…

Y: What?

H: Nothing.

MC: The smell…hahaha.

Y: Seohyun, eat some meat.

H: I ate too much already.

At the 6:18 mark.

Sub: starting to get their strength back up again…

Y: What’s your wish?

MC: The wish.

MC: I’m curious.

H: It’s something fun.

Y: What is it, hurry up and tell me.

H: How do you feel about stepping into the wife’s shoes?

Y: The wife’s shoes?

MC: The wife’s shoes?

Sub: sounds like he has to fulfill the roles of a wife…

Y: Now?

H: Yes.

Y: Okay.

H: Honestly, right?

Y: Okay, fine.

H: However, you have to transform on the outside.

MC: On the outside?

MC: What does that mean?

MC: Makeup?

Y: What?

At the 6:58 mark.

Y: Why on earth would she want to do something like that? That’s what I thought.

Y: Why do girls like it when boys tie their hair, do manicures, why do they call that kind of thing cute? I don’t really know.

H: It’s really not that bad.

Sub: such an awkward wish…

H: It’s going to be fun.

H: It’s going to be all right!

Y: Seo Joohyun, really!

H: It’s going to be fine.

Y: Okay, fine.

H: Wahh!

H: Really. I’ll make you really pretty.

Sub: Hyun artist’s makeup time~

MC: She’s happy.

MC: I actually think Yonghwa would look cute in makeup.

MC: He would.

Sub: the basics of makeup, skin tone~

At the 8:02 mark.

H: Look up.

Y: What happens if I look down?

H: If you look down, this gets stuck under your aegyo skin. [NOTE: ‘aegyo skin’ is a term that refers to the little bags under your eyes that make your eyes look scrunched up when you smile. For a perfect example, refer to SNSD’s Tiffany.]

H: Now we’re going to do the eyelash curler.

Sub: the second level of basics, raising your eyelashes!

H: It’s an instrument that raises your eyelashes. I’ll do it for you.

H: You shouldn’t feel scared. Look downwards.

Y: It pinched my skin!

H: Sorry.

MC: Every time you use that, you get nervous.

Sub: another attempt at raising eyelashes

H: Ohh. It’s pretty.

H: This is a cheek brush. Please smile. More.

At the 9:00 mark.

H: You can’t smile like that.

H: Mmm…it’s pretty.

Y: Thank you.

H: You should feel gratitude towards me.

Y: Why?

H: Because you’re going to be very pretty.

MC: I don’t think that’ll happen anytime soon.

H: Mmm, your cheeks are blushing.

H: Okay, we’re done.

Y: What’s next?

H: We’re going to do mascara. We’re going to go with brown.

MC: When you do that and you close your eyes, there are these dots under your eyes.

MC: Oh, have you done mascara before?

MC: Because of my noona.

Sub: elongating his eyebrows with mascara!

H: You can’t be scared. You need to look down.

Y: Really?

H: The same as for the eyelash curler.

Y: Don’t paint my eyes.

Y: Seo Joohyun, your nostrils are widening.

H: It’s because I’m concentrating.

Y: Seo Joohyun nostril width, Seo Joohyun nostril width…

H: You breath smells like garlic.

MC: Oh, it went up.

MC: He’s so pretty!

H: Lips.

Y: That’s the one that you use. Don’t give me an indirect kiss.

MC: So childish.

Sub: now automatic

At the 10:24 mark.

MC: So cute.

Sub: a well-behaved customer~

MC: When the underside is being worked on, it’s hard to be still.

MC: Because you need to look up.

H: I don’t do makeup for anyone.

H: Open your eyes.

MC: It looks all right!

H: Ohh, it’s pretty!

Sub: much brighter eyes

Y: What’s that?

Sub: finishing touch, shading!

H: It makes your face look smaller.

Y: Is that why yours looks so small?

H: You do this the same as me.

Y: I know it gets bigger when you go home.

H: What is that supposed to mean?

Y: This is all painted on, right?

Y: Am I pretty?

H: It’s pretty. Ah! The finish.

Sub: enters hiding something…

H: close your eyes.

MC: A headband?

Sub: a princess headband~!!

Y: Am I your doll?

H: Aha, it’s so cute!

MC: Isn’t the flower so small? It should be like this!

MC: I think that size is about right.

Sub: Princess Yong

H: It really fits you.

Y: Am I your doll?

H: Please be my doll for one day.

Sub: immediately transforming into a doll

Sub: goes to check the mirror…

H: It’s like an unnie!

Y: Ahhh!

Sub: Hyun wife enjoying his reaction!

MC: He fell down.

H: Why?

H: Ah, so pretty.

Y: Seohyun likes it? She likes it?

Sub: headlock of rage

MC: They look so close together.

At the 12:21 mark.

Y: She was so happy. Like a child at a playground. When I saw her face up close, she had a lot of aegyo skin. I kept seeing her eyes, and…they looked very cute.

H: His eyes were really large. And he had long inner eyebrows. It was slightly feminine. I think there’s a sense of lovability in his face, something like that.

H: How is it?

Sub: continuing facial acting

H: You do it better than me.

Y: Like this? Is this how I’m supposed to be like?!

H: But it really does fit you.

Sub: Yong turning Hyun into a feminine style

Y: This hairstyle looks good on you.

H: It’s like Heechul hyung’s hairstyle at the Gayo Daejun.

MC: It feels really good when your husband brushes your hair for you.

MC: That’s right.

H: So, now…

Y: You should go tough.

H: Okay. You need to be feminine.

Y: What’s this? A man should act like a man.

H: Look…here!

Y: Oppa, stop it.

H: Look at the camera…look at the camera! Hurry!

Sub: Yong Princess and Hyun Husband

MC: They’re playing so well.

Sub: leaving their memories of the ski resort…

Sub: from the charismatic Yong teacher

Sub: to beautiful Yong unnie…!

MC: Oh, it came out so cute.

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