[News] Korean footballer, Ki Seungyong is jealous of Yongseo

Korea Republic and Celtic’s Central Midfielder, Ki Seungyong is jealous of the Yongseo couple.
On February 15th, Ki tweeted, “I’m jealous of Yongseo Couple…WGM is fun…hahahaha”, expressing his envy of the couple’s loving ‘married’ life.

Ki Seungyong is known for his admiration towards Seohyun. On SBS ‘Good Morning’ aired on July 7th last year, Ki Seungyong admitted that Seohyun and Yuri are his ideal types.
Netizens commented, “Ki Seungyong must be scared of being lonely in Scotland”, “I’m jealous of you instead”, “It seems that he really like Seohyun”,”Ki Seungyong is cute”, etc.

Credit: mdtoday.co.kr
Translated by: Fanwonder.com

Yay! YongSeo love is spreading already.. alot of celebs or people are getting jealous of our YongSeo couple.. fighting!! ^_^

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