[VIDEOS][Subbed] YongSeo Couple Ep. 44

A big thanks to YongSeo Couple♥@FB! 🙂

Enjooooooooooooy gogumas!~

Video Cr: SoneMsSubs04 and sonemssubs03 @YT

Finally! It’s complete!! Enjoy!!


9 Comments on “[VIDEOS][Subbed] YongSeo Couple Ep. 44”

  1. roy says:

    i cant watch part 2..is there any other ways i can watch it? =( it’s been copyright claimed. =(

  2. Tashi says:

    Oh thank you I just read about this couple today and I wanted to see their episodes but I can’t find a single episode that was with English subs. Actually I couldn’t find any without subs either. Could you tell me where I can find the downloads for their episodes? Are there any that are MacBook friendly? Cause i’ve tried to download other shows but they don
    t open on my laptop. They are so cute! Yonghwa is such a good teacher and seohyun is doing really well for her first time:)

  3. Alekza says:

    Thank YOU very VERY MUCH!!!

  4. Hyera says:

    what yong mean with “But you don’t have your license yet~”
    i think hyun has got it..

  5. Sandy says:

    May I know what is the episode after this cause I saw 2pm’s Junsu there.

  6. Hyera says:

    waaaaaaah.. >,< thanks a lot !!!

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