[TRANSLATIONS] WGM Sweet Potato Couple Episode 44


<Night after going to the hospital & getting a massage>
YH: Ah today was really tiring.
MC: After the massage they seem totally relaxed…
SH: You really have to drink less coffee… right?
YH: Yes…
SH: But it’s hard to suddenly change a habit.
YH: Yes~
SH: Take it slowly starting from today.
YH: Give me coffee~
SH: …
YH: Your nose, your nose is expanding! Alright, alright, don’t put so much strength into it.
<To not forget to take care of her husband>
SH: Yes
<Playing with her cell phone >
YH: Who is it at this time?
SH: It’s a secret
YH: Alright…
SH: It came…
<What could be the text message they receive so late in night?>
YH: What is this suppose to be?
SH: What comes to mind when you think of “cold winter?” … Roasted Goguma!!
MC: During a cold winter the first thing would be roasted gogumas
YH: When you think of cold winter… snow?
<(thinking) snow…?>
SH: Snowmen…? Sledding…?
MC: I think of coat! Coat! Cashmere is the BEST
YH: Then what is this?
<Why would they suddenly ask about a “cold winter?”>
YH: Do they want us to write a poem? Cold winter… what do when you think of a “cold winter…”

SH: What could it be?
YH: Snow…
SH: Snow…
<Snow… and…>
YH: And… Love (???)… it came again…
<suddenly a text message arrives>
<Pack up your equipment; you’re going for a ski trip!>
YH: What we’re going to a ski resort? YAH(??)
<What are you doing?>
SH: Ah, what are you doing?!
MC: Seems that he like it…
MC: He’s a kid, a kid!
<Is Yong husband a “board maniac”?> (translator note: it means ski/snowboard fanatic)
SH: You can’t run around! The ajumma will come up!
YH: Ah, it’s been four years since I last rode… I TOTALLY love it!
SH: I can’t ride it…
MC: He must really like it!
YH: Can you ride a (snowboard) well?
YH: I’ll teach you then~
SH: I really can’t ride well…
YH: That’s why I’ll teach you.
SH: Can I learn all in one day?
YH: You can do it, you really can. Seriously you just don’t have to be scared of the snowboard/skis

<Is snowboarding a skill>
YH: I don’t think I’ll embarrass myself… I think I know enough skill to teach her…
<But he can’t hide his grin>
YH: What I’m worried about most is that picture at the ski resort was a popular topic so… I have to ride really well…
SH: WOW. Actually I am worried. It was to me a bit burdensome.

<So the day of leaving for the ski resort>
YH: Seo Hyun, I see that you grew out your arm hair…
SH: Isn’t it pretty? It’s sheep.
<Also packing warm clothes>
SH: When did you go to the ski resort?
YH: During high school~
SH: That was the time where the pretty picture of you was taken?
<(Popular >
YH: I think I came once or twice after that.
SH: Since I said I was going, the unnies (SNSD members) said that there will be a Yong look-a-like. So I asked what do you mean? They said that is “romantic”

YH: What is the “pretty picture?”
SH: The picture that came out “pretty.”
YH: Wouldn’t everything (I take) be pretty?
SH: AIGOO… You must be happy…
YH: Did you try once (riding the snowboard)
SH: I only tried once.
YH: Only tried once. Until where?
SH: I just… rode wherever.
YH: Oh really?
SH: Yes. I didn’t learn how to correctly ride. But I learned once… But you like this…
YH: Oh, you know how to at least go down.
SH: It seems to just go down…
YH: Ah but really I tried teaching to my friends, but I got frustrated and just gave up.
SH: So are you saying that you’re going to give up on me!
YH: I’m just warning you beforehand so you won’t misunderstand.
SH: You can’t! Ah, seriously.
YH: I don’t know if I’ll leave you and go down first.
SH: Then I’ll just abandon you and leave.
YH: To where?
SH: I’ll steal this bus and leave!
YH: By yourself? But you don’t have your license yet~
MC: And you yourself don’t have your license yet either~
<Hyun’s mascot appears while going to the ski resort!>
SH: Also eyelashes!
YH: Why eyelashes?!

MC: Wow looks great!
MC: I want to go to a ski resort!

<In front of them, the ski resort>
SH: Ah, it’s really high up!
YH: I guess the left side is for beginners.
SH: What?
YH: You could come down if it’s about that high.
MC: It looks like the expert level.
YH: If you can’t down from about that height, go home…
SH: WOW… Really?
YH: I’ll ride by myself.
SH: You’re seriously too much.

YH: Going to the ski resort with Seo Hyun~ Seo Hyun come of here.
SH: Wow, that a board?
SH: Is it yours?
YH: Yes it is.
SH: Wow
MC: The main personal equipment.
SH: It’s really big! It looks heavy!
YH: It’s really heavy.
SH: It looks really heavy.

SH: It heavy right?
YH: Yeah, can you carry it for me?
SH: That’s a bit…
YH: Did you wear the long underwear?
SH: Ah tights, I wore my tights.
YH: Right, you have to go wearing warm clothes. You’re going to fall down a lot.
SH: I don’t want to fall down.
<Finally they arrive…!>

SH: It’s nice!
YH: It’s the best!
SH: Oh my god! Oh…..
YH: What?
SH: It looks fun.
<Ski resort, Ski resort>
<As they walk in…they see the equipment rentals>

YH: Should be change our clothes first?
SH: Should we~
YH: Ah right, for you I brought protective gear.
SH: Protective gear?
<Padding for the butt and knees>
MC: Wow he’s so cool.
SH: I understand. I’ll see you later.
YH: I’m giving it to you so you’ll fall less.
SH: Thank you.
YH: So that I could ride some too.

<After a few minutes>
MC: Let’s see him!
MC: He seems like the type to know how to ride well.
MC: That kind of outfit is only what the professionals wear.
SH: Are you out there?
YH: Yeah
SH: I’m all done!
YH: The ski resort’s “warm” girl~ (translator note: it’s a bit of slang: hoon = halo/warm)
SH: You are “warm” guy
YH: No… Should we go?
SH: Should we go?
YH: What is your shoe size?
SH: 240 (translator note: about a size 7 in US)
YH: 240
SH: Are you suppose wear a larger size?
YH: No, something that fits exactly.
SH: Ah, something that fits exactly.
YH: So you’re exactly size 240 (size 7)
SH: Yes.
YH: Give us a regular please.
MC: He’s using professional skier language!

YH: See if it matches your height.
SH: My height?
YH: Okay. Here.
<He prepares kid-like socks>
SH: Ah they’re cute! Thank you.
YH: You just have to wear this. And this is for your neck.
<To stop the wind>
MC: Ah he knows what’s needed at a ski resort.
YH: Like mine. A mask.
MC: A man like that when he knows something well is really cool.
<He first ties his wife’s shoes>
MC: When you’re boyfriend helps you wear the snow boots it has the romantic ski resort feel
MC: You’re right!

SH: Since he was taking care of me I felt like a child. About 7 years old?

YH: Is that alright for you? You’re wearing your protective gear right?
SH: Yes! I’m wearing it!
YH: Hold onto the middle. Alright here we go…Is that good?
SH: Yes. Wait.
<Using the goggles as a mirror.>
YH: You ready?
SH: Do you want to see your face? Your feet feel really heavy.
YH: Is it hard?
SH: No it’s comfortable.
YH: Alright, we’re gonna go!

<They are about to go out…>
<For the first time together >
YH: Seo Ju Hyun!
SH: Yes?~
YH: Where should be begin? Here!
SH: Huh?
MC: Oh he’s tough!
MC: Oh he’s being tough!
<Is he saying for her to get >

SH: Do you have to do it sitting down?
YH: What?
SH: But you can’t attach the board right now when … when you’re going down…
YH: What?
SH: Ah, I know, I know! You wear it on only one foot and then you go.
YH: Yeah that’s what I meant. You understand?
SH: Yes I understand.
YH: Sit down.
SH: You have to sit down?
<He first shows how to attach/wear the board>
SH: I get it…
YH: You understand? Let’s go!

MC: You’re suppose to wear only on one side but it’s hard.
YH: Go! You’re suppose to fall when you ride it.
SH: I won’t fall!
YH: Just push! Alright now try to detach it.
MC: Again detaching it?
<Slowly detaching>
YH: Try it yourself.
SH: How can you detach it
YH: What do you think would detach it?
MC: He’s like a teacher!
YH: See, okay?

SH: Okay.
YH: Take it off.
SH: Alright I’ll just carry it! What kind of teacher does this?!
YH: What? Let’s go!
SH: Let’s go!
MC: Beginner…
<Beginner boarding lift>
MC: When that thing falls you’re suppose to put your feet on it.
SH: Oh it’s stuck!
YH: Why did you leave it like that?
MC: I guess it would be hard for YongHwa
YH: Lift your feet.
SH: Lifting my feet. I did fall~
MC: Ah when you’re on top of the slope that’s how you’ll feel.
YH: Hurry up!

<Right away to relax your body>
YH: Right to left, now roll to the opposite way. Oh ~yeah~ you’re doing a good job. SeoHyun when I see you in the newspaper you really looked pretty~
SH: Thank you~
YH: I’m a SNSD fan. Since today you’re going to fall a lot.
<A long sigh>
YH: Worry about what you can. Are you ready?
SH: Not yet! I still have a long way to go.
YH: When you were at school you did something like this.
SH: Ah, wait wait wait a minute!
YH: Alright look to the sky! Now I’ll teach you how to attach the board. First sit down…
SH: Goodbye~
YH: Where are you going?!
SH: I’m a bit busy…
MC: Where is she going?
SH: I’m just joking.
<Finally the lesson to put the board >
SH: I can do this!
YH: That’s what happens.
<Completely embarrassed.>
YH: You know how to wear it right?
SH: I know.
YH: Are you done?
SH: Not yet.
YH: Put it like this so it doesn’t slip off.
SH: Yes.
YH: Okay. Are you alright? You try
SH: You’re spraying the snow on me! Ah seriously, just you wait!
YH: Alright, I’ll be waiting~

YH: Alright look to get up. Hold on to the board then push off. Then after that…
SH: I’m going to die!
<When she gets up she feels the effects of the board.>
MC: It’s because it’s scary!
YH: Just follow me
SH: Alright.
YH: Understood? Just go slowly!


<Quickly grabs his wife’s hand while explaining>
YH: Straighten your waist. This is called an edge.
SH: What is?
YH: Look. This is an edge.
<Board’s edge>
SH: Are you saying that the board is the edge?
YH: Right, then using both legs give it equal strength…
SH: No~!!!
<During this important time>
<The board is slipping down by itself>
MC: Oh, she’s going down, she’s going down!
SH: No! Save me!
MC: Doesn’t have to hold her?
YH: Look forward! Look forward! This way, this way!
MC: She has to stop! She has to stop!
MC: She’s doing great!
YH: Alright, you’re doing well!
SH: Wait…! What am I suppose to do??
YH: You’re doing well, you’re doing well. Just hold on and come down.
SH: We’re going down now?
YH: Yes we’re going down. Ok.
SH: We’re going down?!
YH: If you just open up… you shouldn’t open up.
<Yong teacher calmly explains>
YH: If you keep yourself open you’ll definitely fall.
SH: Where? Where, are you not supposed to open, your legs?
YH: Your thighs but straighten your hips
SH: Okay…
<Following Yong teacher’s instructions…>
YH: Alright we’re going. Pretend you’re walking on the edge.
<Slowly she’s going down>
SH: Like this, this is how you stop right?
YH: Ok! But you can’t just suddenly stop. Naturally… O~K!!
SH: I can do it!
MC: He’s teaching her properly.
YH: Look forward, look forward, look forward!
<Interested Beginner student>
<Now letting go of the hands!>
MC: Wow her posture is good! He’s teaching her well.
MC: Surely the man should know how to ride well to teach.
YH: Follow me to where I’ll be.
SH: I understand.
YH: Understood?
SH: But I can come down in a straight line right?
YH: Just straight, slowly.
<This time leaving the child to come down herself.>
MC: He’s going down by himself.
YH: Up to here!
MC: Ah still that looks scary.
SH: Slowly~?
<Sure enough, can she make it down by herself?>
<slowly, slowly, slowly>
MC: But apparently that’s how you learn the edge.
SH: bending down…No! I becomes likes this!
<Again the slippery board does what it wants>
MC: Ah! That’s fast, its fast, its fast!
MC: Stop! Stop! Stop!
YH: Brake Brake! Ok!
SH: Beginner specialist of downhill slopes.
YH: You doing great!
<In the confusion she managed to get the brake…!>
YH: You’re doing great, you’re doing great, you’re doing great!!!
<A gradual miracle?>
SH: Like this?!
YH: More, turn your body more. Not like this but like this.
<Yong the the meticulous teacher>
YH: Only this.
SH: Like this?
YH: Ok. You’re doing great. Your body is leaning too far. Your knees, your knees!
SH: My knees?!
YH: Yes you have to learn from falling. Again!
<Yong coach doesn’t give out breaks~>
YH: How do you get up again?
SH: Like this.
YH: Push up your butt.
SH: Push.
YH: Ok and grab (the board) Push yourself up… ok!
SH: I did it!
MC: He’s really like a ski teacher.
YH: Don’t come here by stopping suddenly.
SH: It won’t go down!
YH: Smoothly, come down, smoothly.
MC: It sound like the army.
SH: I want to go the correct was too!
MC: Why can’t move forward?
YH: Ok! You shouldn’t do that because there is a 100%you’ll fall down.
<Again the board is starting to move >
YH: Again Again!
SH: No!
YH: Don’t purposefully get it wrong!
SH: No, it just happens…
YH: Alright~
MC: Right now he wants to go the highest slope and show of…
MC: It must be frustrating…
<Hyun taking her time using the slowly coming down the slope method.>
MC: Ah, but they look nice together~
<Right away Yong teacher switches directions.>

YH: Right,
<Hyun&Yong’s young fans>
SH: Hi!
YH: Alright you’re looking up to them and practicing!
SH: You guys~!!! Thank you!!!!
<Automatically turning right.>
MC: Idols needs their fans.
MC: Of course, it’s their strength.
YH: To your left there’s a fan!
YH: Seo Hyun Unnie~
SH: Ah, Hello~
YH: Seo Hyun come here! Look at me, look at me!
<Yong Husband making a lot of effort>
MC: But still he’s teaching her well.
YH: Okay, again.
MC: She’s doing well~
MC: She is doing well.~
<Yong teacher using fan’s as a method to teach.>
<Seeing his wife following (doing) well…>
<Happy Ceremony!>

MC: YongHwa is really cute!
MC: I would like to see him fall once.

YH: Come on! Brake, ok, brake!
MC: She’s doing well!
(sorry I can’t translate this one well)
<She can stop well…!>
YH: You can now feel what to do right?
SH: I think I understand, just a bit.
YH: Should we go to the intermediate level?
SH: Can I go?
<Immediately to the intermediate level?!!>
MC: You have to have the feel to ride it.
YH: There aren’t any slopes here…! I’ll hold onto don’t worry.
SH: I understand…
<With just being a beginner, is it alright to go to the intermediate level?>

MC: Ah it must be scary~
<First lift for the intermediate level….!>
SH: I’m scared of the intermediate level.
<Starting to get scared by the lift.>
YH: It’s not scary x2, there are just a little more slopes.
<No confidence(?) Fighting!>

<She first got the courage to ride the lift but…>
MC: Oh they’re really going high!
SH: I’m riding it well right?
YH: You’re doing perfectly. Besides falling down twice you’re doing really well.
SH: Really?~
MC: Now that I think about it. SeoHyun’s outfit looks like Kim! Tae Won’s outfit from a CF!
MC: Did you come by alone? (famous line)
<Would she again be able to get off safely>
YH: And get off… getting off slowly and put your foot here~
<Holding >
MC: Oh she’s doing well, oh she’s doing well! Wow!
SH: Stop~ I didn’t fall~!!
MC: Wow she’s doing so well!
YH: Do we have to go down from here?
MC: She really learned quickly.
YH: Come on~!!
MC: This is really difficult.
<This is where the slope begins!>
MC: Look! Look!
MC: You can’t even see where it goes!
MC: Even the snow is different.
YH: You can do this much right?
MC: You’ve got to be kidding?!
<The road is steep…!>
MC: It’s so scary!

YH: It’s not steep!
SH: This is the first time I’ve seen this!
YH: This is the intermediate level.
<Finally starting the intermediate level…!>
YH: Come on!
MC: Wow she starts without having fear!
YH: Look forward, look forward!
<Exchanging nervous glances>
<She came down towards her husband really well…>
SH: It’s dangerous. Go straight?
<Letting go of her husband’s hands>
SH: To the left?
<Going towards the left direction!>
YH: Since I’ll hold onto you, don’t worry.
MC: Going backwards like that makes you look like a professional.
YH: Look forward and just go.
<Like a barrier>
MC: He’s properly teaching her.
YH: OK! Step on the edge. Completely OK!!! Now to the side!!! You’re going!!!
SH: Wow, it’s fun!
YH: You’re doing great!
MC: That’s how your ride it! WOW
<Landing by sitting>
SH: Its fun~!
<Wife, Hyun has completely the intermediate course!!>
SH: Its fun!
YH: It is fun!
SH: I think this is place is better.
YH: Right! This place is more fun.
MC: Already she’s comfortable.
YH: You’re totally doing fine, you’re the best! Now if you learn how to go backwards, you can easily learn how to turn.
SH: I want to try it!

SH: It was like this. A chicken when it’s coming out of an egg it uses all its strength. If the mother chicken helps the chick come out it would not be as developed (reach its potential). Something like that.
YH: SeoHyun has a lot of will power so do I. So that’s why I believe she’s learning well. Today’s goal is to… turn. A S turn or at least a C.

YH: Miss Seo Hyun this time we’re going to try going backwards
SH: Yes, isn’t that going too fast?
YH: You’re doing so well.
SH: Aw cute!
YH: I did that with my dad.
MC: Ah he did that with his father!
YH: Go down slowly so you won’t fall.
MC: Without speaking to each other.
MC: Now she can do it herself!
YH: Now, we have to learn going backwards
SH: Yes!
YH: Going backwards, if you don’t have any fear you can do it.
SH: If I’m just not scared?
YH: Yes~
MC: Is it necessary to learn to go backwards?
MC: Perhaps,…
MC: It’s because when you ride you can suddenly go backwards…and fall
MC: Ah I understand.
<First she moves…>
MC: Oh she’s doing well!
YH: That’s a turn!
SH: What?!
YH: What you just did is a turn!
SH: Really?!
<Without realizing she did a turn…!>
MC: She just did that naturally.
YH: Now for going backwards, it’s the same but putting pressure on and leaning on the knees.
<Slowly moving.>
SH: That’s how you’re going down?!
YH: First Left! Right…
<Wide Open Mouth>
YH: Okay?!
SH: Yes!
<It’s finally Hyun’s turn to try>
SH: Like this?!
YH: Brake in the front and slowly come down.
SH: Ah, this is scary though! Ah this really is scary. No, you can do this!
YH: Brake in the front!
SH: Brake in the front!
YH: It’s okay!
SH: Brake in the front?
YH: Brake in front…
<Of course going backwards isn’t easy>
YH: Are you alright?!
SH: I’m alright~
MC: Didn’t she fell like a idol though?!
MC: Yes~
MC: An idol has to fall gracefully.

SH: Oh, when the hat fell off that was… very embarrassing! If he didn’t come! I was grateful for him to help me but I didn’t want to show him that side of me close up. The hat with the pins everywhere! To show the side of me falling apart is really…

SH: My hat!
<Yong husband quickly running like the wind to Hyun>
MC: To run quickly like the wind for your loved one…
MC: That must have been hard to do.
<Worried> <Worried>
SH: Is it okay to suddenly go backwards here?
YH: Huh?
SH: To go backwards…
YH: You can, (if there is no slope) you can’t
SH: Really?
YH: I’ll hold onto you.
<Not looking back to him>
SH: Do I look okay?
YH: No…
YH: Come here, look at me.
<You can still see (the hairs)>
MC: Ah they look good (its hard to translate but the literal translation is nice to look at [the scene])
<Yong like a father taking care of his child>
MC: SunHwa I bet you really want to go there.
MC: I do want to go!
MC: You have to go with your boyfriend; it’s no fun going by yourself!
MC: Seriously! Do you want to go?!
MC: SunHwa don’t confess to me!~
MC: You’re making a big fuss over nothing!

<Firstly starting from near the barriers>
YH: I’ll hold onto you from the back, get up. You have to at least dig in this deep.
SH: Like this?
YH: Put pressure, keep putting pressure Okay?
SH: Yes.
YH: Look see, it immediately just goes right?
SH: Yes.
YH: It’s because you don’t have enough strength.
SH: I was doing so well when going forward.
<What to do?>
MC: He must be worried for her.
MC: She might get hurt.
YH: Alright right first.
SH: No! No! Not now!
YH: You feel like you’ll fall right?
<She’s sitting like if she’s sitting >
SH: What is this, wait a minute!
SH: What am I going to do?!
MC: What kind of posture is that? “I’ll be your chair~…”
SH: I’m sorry teacher.
YH: Now~ Seo Ju Hyun student, let’s try it again.
SH: My legs hurt~
YH: Learning the basics is essential If you can’t do this, then you can’t do any of it~!
<So the classes went >
YH: Slowly put pressure on it. Okay that’s how you’re suppose to do it.
SH: This is right?!
YH: Then just try going straight down~ using your strength.

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