[News] Secret’s Sunhwa is Envious of the YongSeo Couple


On MBC’s We Got Married which aired on Febuary 12th, Seohyun (Girls’ Generation) and Jung Yonghwa (CN Blue) went to the Skiing Field. Yonghwa, who’s an expert in Skiing taught Seohyun some Skiing Techniques so she could Ski as well as him.

On that day, Sunhwa, Who was currently an MC for ”We Got Married Season 2”, Can’t hide her enviousness towards the both’s Sweet Expressions and Skinships. She also said ”They look great”. Especially the part where Seohyun’s Cap dropped and Yonghwa helped to put it on her head again, Sunhwa was smiling the whole time. Another MC Who was sitting beside her, Kwanghee from Boyband ZE:A, said ”Let’s go to the Skiing Field!” ”Don’t Confess” Ect, Making everyone burst into Laughter.

Picture: Nate.com.
Source: Baidu.
Translated By: Tiffany@iloveyongseo.


2 Comments on “[News] Secret’s Sunhwa is Envious of the YongSeo Couple”

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