[TRANSLATIONS] Yongseo Ep 45 text preview

Yonghwa-Seohyun: Fly Away Yongseo Board
Last Week, Yonghwa and Seohyun enjoyed a couple massage and recovered their health.
The star of winter sports, let’s head towards the slopes for snowboarding.
Former “Ski Slope Hottie” and board-maniac Yong-husband vs. starter level Hyun-wife.
Yong-husband confidently declares that he will pass on the mastery of snowboarding skills to Hyun-wife.
Finally, the Yongseo couple appear on the snow-white fields as “Ski Slope Hotties”!
But, why did Yong-husband toss away Hyun-wife’s snowboard as soon as they got on to the slopes?
Seeing this, Hyun-wife grumbled, “What kind of teacher is this?”
Exactly what happened to the Yongseo couple at the ski slopes?

Translations: Sagua85@SPD chatbox cr: Baidu goguma bar


2 Comments on “[TRANSLATIONS] Yongseo Ep 45 text preview”

  1. chandrawd says:

    where’s the video?

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