[News] Yonghwa, The Skiing Expert Teaches Novice Hyun


After the Graceful couple massage last week, in order to  recover Health (?), We Got Married’s YongSeo couple went to the Skiing Field to enjoy the Winter. In Reality, Seohyun never went skiing before, however, Yonghwa has been nicknamed the Skiing Expert (?). Yonghwa had this nickname because photos of him skiing before he debuted was uploaded onto the Internet, becoming a hot topic and attracting popularity.


How would the both’s skiing standard be, Will Yong Husband be able to increase Hyun Wife’s skiing skills, it shall be revealed on MBC’s We Got Married ”Goguma Couple Skiing Tour”on 12th Febuary at 5.10PM.

Source: Baidu Goguma Bar.
Translated By: Tiffany@iloveyongseo.

4 Comments on “[News] Yonghwa, The Skiing Expert Teaches Novice Hyun”

  1. munyitaa says:

    so after skiing episode,
    there will be 300 days episode? am I right?
    and will be wedding photo episode
    and shopping at myung dong?
    and maybe 1 year anniversary?
    so our goguma will stay longer in we got married

  2. phy232 says:

    but..when are they shopping at Myung-Dong? what episode? did I missed it?

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