[TRANSLATIONS] Jung YongHwa on ENews ‘Behind Stars’ Interview (Incomplete)

Y: When that song was first released I was still in Japan, hearing that news in Japan made my mood very good, and I also had thoughts like “I need to create more music in the future! To compose more songs!”.
====song end

Y: In any case, this song’s melody is simple to the audience, and the lyrics are pretty good.
====Q&A start

Q: Domestic-queen (hard to translate for me, it’s like wife-queen?), Seohyun’s reaction was?

Y: Seohyun was very happy, and carefully listened to this song, so I felt happy.

====The showcase stag before debuting

Y: I feel that <Love Revolution> is our most bright and positive song in this album, and I also wrote lyrics for this song, this is a song that I am passionate for, so when I hear that song I smile.

Caption: Providing infinite inspiration + source of ideas, Seohyun

Y: (She) was nervous seeing mom, very nervous, and friends have contacted me too…

Caption: Our meeting was not a coincidence

Y: I like feminine women, if their eyes are beautiful~smiles are beautiful too then it would be great.

Caption: Yongwha’s image of ideal type = Seohyun?
Caption: 100% resemblance

Caption: Is Yonghwa’s ideal type 2NE1?
(from a certain interview)
Caption: Yonghwa’s favorite girl group is?

MC: Oh, his favorite girl group is 2NE1!
(insert Hyun’s part from Hoot MV)

Caption: What to do? SNSD has fallen to second place!

*Yong holds the SNSD plaque and mumbles something*

Y: First of all, their (SNSD) choreography on stage is very neat, very charismatic. And they’re female sunbaes, even to men they are a very cool group, and their music is great.

Rapid Q&A
Handsome pose, honey-sweet voice, CNBlue’s leader Jung Yonghwa’s 100 seconds

Q: What is CNBlue to Jung Yonghwa?
A: Family
Q: What is WGM to Jung Yonghwa?
A: I really received a lot of help from it, I diligently working on it~
Q: Honestly, who is more pitiable out of the Yongseo couple?
A: I think it’s more of a pity for Seohyun.
Q: Is Seohyun the most beautiful out of all celebrities?
A: Nei, the most beautiful.
Q: Celebrities you are close with?
A: F.T.Island
Q: When you eat Jajangmyeon in Seoul, do you miss the Busan-style Jajangmyeon with the raw egg?
A: Nei, I still miss it.
Q: Something you want to praise yourself for?
A: I’m still working hard.
Q: Were your studies good in school?
A: Average
Q: What rank?
A: In class, usually within the top 10.
Q: Were you popular with female in school?
A: Not extremely popular, but not unpopular
Q: As someone known for his looks, do you have confidence in your appearance? ~~ Don’t think hard, just answer.
A: I feel that I am charming.
Q: What score would you give yourself for appearance? ~~~ hurry.
A: 60 points.
Q: What is music to Jung Yonghwa?
A: My friend.
Q: What is acting to Jung Yonghwa?
A: A stepboard to challenge a new domain.

(still incomplete)

cr. Baidu, translated by sagua85 @ spdcbox

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  1. waaaa they’re real 😀

  2. tita says:

    He said “Seohyun the most beautiful” ♥ like this 🙂 daebak!

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