[NEWS][Translations] WGM ‘Our Seohyun Has Transformed, from Upright Maiden into An Animated Clown’

Recently in WGM, Seohyun had a visible change.

At first, the awkwardness shown by the stubborn and upright maiden in front of her virtual husband Jung Yonghwa captured the audience’s attention. But, as time passed by, the two slowly revealed sides that could not be seen in the beginning.

In the February 5th MBC broadcast of “We Got Married” (WGM), Seohyun and Yonghwa went together to the hospital for a health examination. Yonghwa changed back to his childish form. Seohyun began to nag Yonghwa like a mother, a surprising change from the past where she could not even say a word.

In today’s broadcast, the two’s skinship also attracted attention. The two held hands during the course of the massage. The scene where Seohyun held onto Yonghwa’s pinky had a lot of fans very excited. Seohyun also joked to Yonghwa ‘(We’re a couple) Of course we need to die together’. Seohyun’s past atmosphere cannot be found anymore.
Changes slowly appeared.

Seohyun said she likes to read books, and greatly respects UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, and have read all of his books. At the same time encouraging Yonghwa to read, making the audience feel refreshed.

Many fans have said, Seohyun “Feels different from recent idols, an upright image that is very charming’. Her love of sweet potatoes and all healthy food also makes people feel her peculiarity. The production staffs say, they have witnessed Seohyun’s transformation from a long time ago. The first time the change was seen, was when Seohyun hid in the trunk of a car and scared the CNBlue members.

The production staff said they “Felt a prankster within the expressions of the normally sincere Seohyun”, a change in personality.

Skinship also began on the path to the massage. Seohyun grabbed on to Yonghwa’s arm during the Japan trip, shocking the audience. At the time Yonghwa was also surprised, which can be seen by his stiffened expression and stiffened arm.

Beginning from that awkward skinship, they slowly began to become more natural. Regardless of holding hands or linking arms, no signs of awkwardness can be found from their expression.

Seohyun’s manager that appeared on the program said ‘Seeing that sort of change in Seohyun was shocking’. In the (February) 5th broadcast, you can see sweet skinship like the pinky-holding scene. Right now, aside from not being able to naturally speak banmal, there is no other situation. Succeeding the strongest ‘Adam’ couple, perhaps we can look forward to the adorable skinship of the Yongseo couple.

cr. Daum
Translated by Saqua85@spd


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