[TRANSLATIONS] YongSeo Episode 44 Preview – Skiing Episode

Caps: Yongseo Couple going skiing! Yong choding & Wifey Hyun
Y: I like it very much
H: i really can’t ~!

Caps: Turns out he even taught his friends..?
Y: i even taught my friends before, but gave up halfway..
H:why gave up halfway?

Caps: finally arrived at the skiing resort
Y: where did you go?
H: i am all geared up~

Caps: Teacher Yong’s lesson begins
H: that’s too much

caps: harsh teaching method
H: it’s not working ~~
Y: where are you going?
H: i’m too busy
caps: too tired, that’s it bye~
Caps:can the snowboard lesson end well?

credit: 小蓝 goguma baidu ; trans by scatterbrain@seohwa soompi thread

I’m so excited!! Yong will be showing off his skills to his wife!! I hope it’s Saturday already!!! haha!


One Comment on “[TRANSLATIONS] YongSeo Episode 44 Preview – Skiing Episode”

  1. vik says:

    see video: yong dance
    it’s really funny

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