[TRANSLATIONS] YongSeo Episode 43

Starting from the 0:28 mark.

Sub: heading towards the 2nd floor hospital

Y: Second floor.

Y: Hello.

H: Hello.

H: Uhh…he says that his stomach hurts, I don’t know if it’ss omething neurological, or…

Doctor: Then we’ll take a quick…

H: Yes.

Y: Yes, then…#$@%

Sub: Yong slightly ashamed of his stomach

MC: You generally do those kinds of things with your mom, but now that your wife’s doing it with you, there’s a different feeling.

Sub: having to wait in the waiting room…

MC: And the mother-in-law also told her to take good care of him.

MC: That’s right, the responsibility.

Y: Why is the couch so hard?

MC: When you’re in the waiting room, you get a little nervous.

MC: Nervous?

MC: Well, most guys are…is it just me?

Doctor: Jung Yonghwa, Seo Joohyun!

H: Yes!

Y: Yes!

At the 1:20 mark.

H: Hello.

Y: Hello.

Doctor: Hello.

Doctor: So you have any trouble anywhere?

H: Uh…

Y: Well, not trouble, but sometimes when I don’t get sleep,or something like that, I tend to get an upset stomach.

Doctor: So does your insides hurt, does it feel clogged?

Y: Clogged.

Doctor: It feels clogged. Do you…have a lot of diarrhea, or…

Y: No, nothing like that. Just a slight upset feeling, like when you’re not feeling hungry at all.

Sub: Intestines are stressed because of his irregular schedule

H: Because he can’t have a regular schedule, he doesn’t get enough sleep, so…

Sub: Hyun talking about her husband’s condition

H: and his stomach seems to be hurting a lot. So I was worried about his intestines, or his stomach.

Sub: It’s like going with your mother.

Doctor: Then…it would probably be good to have a basic checkup on your insides.

Sub: Receiving a stomach checkup…!

At the 2:23 mark.

Doctor: This way, please.

Y: Do I have to lie down?

Doctor: Yes.

Y: Aigooo….

Sub: slightly shy at receiving treatment in front of his wife

MC: He must be worried.

H: I don’t have to pull up my shirt, right?

Doctor: Is this your first time at a hospital?

Doctor: Pull up your shirt, please.

Y: Really?

Doctor: take a deep breath, and let it out.

Sub: finished with the basic checkup…

Doctor: you can get up now.

Sub. Giving him the results immediately

Doctor: First of all, you’re still at a young age, your family history is fine, and your weight hasn’t changed, so there’s a very low possibility that you have a disease. Even so, considering the stuffy feelings, the digestion problems, and so on, we should take an x-ray to make sure.

Y: Oh.

Doctor: Yes. This way.

At the 3:28 mark.

Sub: In the end, getting an x-ray as well

Y: I don’t think it’s that bad…

H: Exactly, you should come here before it gets bad.

MC: That’s right.

Y: It doesn’t hurt!

H: In any case, it’s uncomfortable.

Doctor: Jung Yonghwa!

MC: It’s always best for the man to listen to the woman.

MC: I wish I had a wife like that.

Y: I have to change my clothes?

Sub: Protector Hyun waiting for her husband to finish changing

H: Um, is it possible to get a quick health checkup here?

Sub: Hyun wife browsing the brochure

H: Ha, you look handsome.

MC: He looks like a sage.

MC: He looks like one of those servers at a traditional restaurant.

Sub: entering to take the lower-body x-ray…

At the 4:41 mark.

MC: Those things can be a little scary too when you haven’t done it before.

Doctor: Take a deep breath and let it out.

Doctor: Okay, we’re done.

Y: Huh? We’re done?

Sub: the simpler-than-expected x-ray

Y: Your hairstyle is similar to mine.

Sub: anything is good news after the exam

MC: Is that hairstyle in fashion now?

H: Are you finished?

Y: Yeah.

Y: It’s similar, right?

H: Totally.

Sub: the laughter subsides…

Sub: what will the x-ray results show…

Doctor: As you know, below the ribcage, there’s the large and the small intestines. Here, we can see all of your large intestine, but we’re not actually supposed to.

Sub: the large intestine can be seen?!!

Doctor: And that’s usually because your intestines aren’t running at full efficiency, so we call that a stagnant intestine. So later on, when you have the time, make sure you get an endoscopy done on your intestines.

MC: That’s a big problem with idols. We probably all have that problem.

MC: Why don’t everyone go get theirs checked together?

At the 6:10 mark.

Doctor: Even though you’re still in your early 20s, the reason why your intestines are so weak can be because you have a naturally weak intestine to begin with. But the more important thing can be your dietary habits.

Sub: The most important thing is dietary habits…!

Doctor: So make sure you eat on a regular schedule, and avoid foods that could cause lack of sleep, like caffeine…

H: Coffee.

Doctor: Yes, coffee.

H: He drinks a lot of coffee.

Doctor: Well, if you love coffee more than your wife, you could keep drinking it, but…

Doctor: greasy foods, cold foods, those things can all be bad for your intestines.

H: They’re all things that you like.

Y: I don’t like cold stuff.

H: Of course you do. You drink iced coffee all the time.

At the 6:54 mark.

Sub: after their Han River date in winter

MC: Look at that, iced coffee in winter.

Moving on to Part 2.

H: You drink cold coffee a lot.

Y: But that’s coffee.

MC: The worst thing is iced coffee.

Doctor: Coffee’s bad for you, but iced coffee can be worse. Also, when you chew on raw ice, things like that, then that is also bad for your intestines.

Y: I like chewing on ice.

MC: He’s doing everything that’s bad for him.

Doctor: Yes, so that needs to be changed.

H: What are some foods that are good for you?

Doctor: Foods with a lot of fiber, like fresh vegetables.You need to avoid cold food, greasy food, and food with a lot of flour.

Y: So everything that’s tasty is bad for you.

Y: I don’t have any luck in life.

Doctor: Can you say that with a beautiful wife like this?

Y: I don’t have any luck when it comes to food.

At the 0:53 mark.

Y: I was surprised, too. I didn’t think that it would be that serious, but…I tend to really enjoy coffee, and I decided that I really should start drinking less. And I prefer iced coffee, so I thought that I should fix what needs to be fixed.

Sub: getting a dual checkup after his intestine work!

MC: Getting one of those can be a chore. The time…

MC: You need to make the time.

H: See, it was good to come here, right? Gosh, there’s a lot more that I need to take care of now.

H: I told you so. Really, cut down on the coffee.

Y: Coffee? Then I fall asleep…

H: So don’t rely on the caffeine, but…

Y: I can’t look at you properly.

H: Ahh…what are you talking about? Ridiculous.

Y: Okay, okay, I’ll cut down.

H: Hah…anyways.

Doctor: Jung Yonghwa!

Y: Cut it out with the nagging. You’re worse than my mom.

At the 1:56 mark.

H: The coat and the backpack.

Y: I’m already thinking about it to myself, so it’s like…for example, it’s like a mother telling her son who’s applying for college to study harder when he already knows he has to.

MC: But then, you shouldn’t think that she’s nagging. She’sjust saying it because the husband’s not doing it. But they call that nagging.

Sub: the couple health checkup begins…

Y: My intestines have problems, do I need to operate?

MC: Men have a lot of fear when it comes to hospitals, so even before a routine checkup, they think that they have this huge disease or something.

MC: Does he think he’ll grow taller by rolling his eyes?

MC: Wow, Seohyun is really tall.

Sub: Also getting the weight and body fat…!

MC: It’s not a capture screen, right?

Doctor: Okay, now we’re going to measure your stress level.

Sub: measuring reflex rates related to stress level

MC: Oh, I want to do that too.

Y: There aren’t any jolts of electricity or anything like that, right?

At the 3:12 mark.

Sub: what will their stress levels be like…

Sub: Then…eyesight exam!

Y: Three. Two. Seven.

MC: He has good eyes!

Y: Six. That’s…nine or three?

Sub: Still getting a good eyesight of 1.2!

Y: Sorry, I misread the numbers.

Doctor: If you can’t read that, should we do it with this? This is for the kids…

Doctor: Because you’re a choding, right?

Y: Why are you doing this, you’re hairstyle’s similar to mine…

Sub: taking on the child eyesight exam

Doctor: What picture is this?

Y: A puppy.

Sub: Our Yong choding never losing when it comes to joking around

Doctor: Then what about this?

Y: A car.

H: Six. Three. Two. Seven.

H: I can’t see that.

Doctor: You got 1.5, and 1.5.

MC: I got that score too, but now it’s down to 0.7.

MC: It’s old age.

At the 4:40 mark.

Doctor: One moment, please. We need to do this in the dark.

Doctor: It’s going to be very short, hold on one second.

Y: Oh, daebak.

H: Why?

Y: It’s really bright.

MC: Haven’t you guys done anything like this before?

MC: No.

MC: I heard you do it every week?

MC: I’m planning to buy a machine.

Sub: What is this exam…?

Y: Wow, this is scary.

Sub: Immediately time for the blood test!

Doctor: Make a fist with your hand.

Y: Do I keep clenching?

Doctor: That’s right.

Doctor: There’s going to be a slight prick.

Sub: making sure he’s getting his own shot!

H: Does it hurt?

Y: No, it doesn’t hurt.

Doctor: Make a fist with your hand.

Sub: more nervous(?) than his own shot

Sub: finishing the blood test…

At the 6:33 mark.

Sub: the last lung capacity test

Doctor: The lung capacity test will measure the health of your lungs.

Doctor: The first three times, I will tell you to breathe in slowly and breathe out. And on the fourth time, take in as deep as a breath as you can, and I will tell you to blow hard.

MC: It’s that test when you have to blow as hard as possible.

MC: Like that.

Doctor: You should think about blowing this computer out of this room.

Y: Can I really blow it away?

Doctor: Sure, if you can.

At the 7:00 mark.

MC: So that’s actually testable?

MC: Yes, it’s possible.

Doctor: Breathe in slowly. And let it out slowly, now breathe in again. And now breathe in as much as possible, and as hard as you can.

Doctor: Ohhh, well, you didn’t do it right at all. You’re not supposed to stop after one second, but blow it out as long as you can.

Sub: Have to keep blowing as long as possible…!

MC: You have to keep doing it?

MC: As long as you can.

Doctor: Until I tell you to stop blowing.

Y: Oh, this is really hard.

MC: He’s a singer, so he wants the results to be as good as possible.

Doctor: breathe in as much as you can, and…strongly exhale.Okay, good job.

Doctor: Okay, this time, you need to do it as quick as possible.

MC: The doctor’s really enthusiastic.

Doctor: Oh, you shouldn’t stop, keep doing it. Until I tell you to stop.

MC: Is this some sort of secret camera?

At the 9:00 mark.

Doctor: Okay, well done.

H: It looks hard.

Y: I have a headache.

MC: That’s strangely addicting.

MC: You end up doing it with them.

Doctor: You should be feeling a bit dizzy.

H: Yes.

Doctor: Still, you do it better than Jung Yonghwa.

H: Thank you.

Sub: finally finishing all of their tests

H: I feel so dizzy.

Y: I was completely dizzy, too.

Sub: now waiting for the results…

Y: I hope everything comes out fine.

H: Yeah.

Doctor: Jung Yonghwa, Seo Joohyun, please go to the examination room for your test results.

H: Why are you sighing?

Moving on to Part 3.

Sub: Will their combined health results be all right…?

Doctor: I will only show you the results that are available right now.

MC: You get nervous when you’re about to hear the results.

Doctor: First, the body results. The weight, body fat, etc. is normal if it’s inside this green rectangle here. For Yonghwa, his weight, muscle mass, body fat, etc. is all normal. But it seems like your body fat is slightly higher than what is completely healthy. So about 1.3 kilograms…

Y: I gained a bit of weight recently because I’ve been eating a lot.

Doctor: For Seohyun, there are a few areas that doesn’t quite reach the rectangle. Such as your weight, and your muscle mass.

MC: Wow, that’s a lot.

MC: She needs to gain weight.

Doctor: You need to gain about 9 kilograms, but shouldn’t consist only of body fat, but muscle mass as well. For your blood work, we got the results, and…Yonghwa, are you sick anywhere?

MC: Huh?

Sub: Suddenly asking if he has a sickness…!

Doctor: You don’t have anemia, and your platelet level is normal, but…your leukocyte level is very high. The leukocyte levels tend to rise when there’s an inflammation in our bodies somewhere. The normal level is around 4,000 to10,000. But Yonghwa has around 17,000 leukocytes in his bloodstream. The reason could be an infection, or when you take medications such as steroids.

Y: Oh, I had to take steroids before because of my throat.

Doctor: Oh, it could go up because of that.

At the 1:50 mark.

Sub: eyesight test results!

Doctor: Everything seems to be fine with your eyes. Next, the results from your lung capacity exam. Normally, the lung capacity should beat around 80 percent. In Yonghwa’s case, he has 115.8 percent capacity, and Seohyun is the same with 121 percent. Both are very good.

MC: They’re definitely singers.

Y: A singer should have good lung capacity.

Sub: All in all, their health exams checking out normal!

MC: They did hard work.

Y: It’s a relief. Actually, I was…a bit scared of the results. But then I thought about getting the massage, so my mood went up.

H: Like a family…it’s the wife’s duty. Since I’m there, I should be caring for him.

At the 2:56 mark.

Sub: On their way to get massages

Y: Anyways, we’re a singer couple.

H: That’s right. Our lung capacity is good.

Y: She said that 80 percent was normal.

H: We’re 120.

MC: They’re so happy over the smallest stuff.

Y: Ah, massage time, massage.

H: I, massage…

Y: Did you ever have one before?

H: Once.

Y: Once?

Y: I really like massages.

H: I’m really ticklish.

Y: Actually, I only got it twice.

H: Really?

Y: But it felt really refreshing.

H: Mmm…

Y: That way, that way.

H: There?

Sub: joking around in happiness

H: Ah, what?

Sub: looks slightly like a sauna…^^

Receptionist: There’s a foot massage, and you know about the sports massage, right?

Receptionist: There’s also a couple special.

Sub: foot massage + sports massage = couple special

MC: I got a couple massage with my wife once.

MC: Me too.

MC: And I thought it was very nice.

At the 3:50 mark.

Sub: A little while later…

Y: Seohyun, let’s go.

H: Hi.

Y: It fits you well.

H: Oh, there’s fish inside it!

Y: These things, they latch onto your feet.

H: Where do we sit?

Y: Here.

H: They’re not coming?

Y: Huh?

Y: Oh, they’re coming!

H: Ahh!

H: Ohh, they’re like anchovies.

MC: That actually feels quite nice.

MC: It feels refreshing.

MC: It’s like when you eat live octopus, the feeling when their suckers latch onto your throat. [NOTE: This isn’t as disgusting as it sounds…trust me.]

At the 4:46 mark.

Y: They’re my friends, along with the Busan seagulls.

H: You sure have a lot of friends.

Y: Doctor fishes go crazy over my feet.

H: Then you can do it a lot. Until your feet are completely eaten up…

Y: Hurry, you do it too.

Y: It’s like you put your feet in, and there’s grass brushing against it.

H: Really?

H: No, no, ahh!$@%^&@ Save me!

Sub: Hyun wife scared of fish

Y: It needs to go deeper.

H: Okay.

H: Ahhh, I’m not looking…ahh, this is grass!

H: I’m seriously going to cry!

Sub: Yong husband getting hit a lot lately

Receptionist: We’ll be starting the massage now.

Sub: time for the actual massage!

Y: I like it!

H: You like it?

MC: It looks like he’s receiving a bit of a sensation from the doctor fish.

Sub: the comfortable interior!

At the 6:00 mark.

Y: Please treat us well.

H: Please treat us well.

Y: Seohyun, why are you praying?

H: Huh? Nothing.

MC: Yonghwa’s legs…he’s a man.

MC: He’s a man?

MC: I didn’t know it was that much.

H: How is it?

Y: It’s totally awesome.

H: Oppa.

Y: Yeah.

H: How are you doing?

Y: It’s refreshing.

H: Refreshing?

Y: It hurts, but it’s refreshing.

Sub: that feeling has yet to reach her

Y: It hurts a little right there.

Masseur: that’s the intestines.

MC: It looks like she’s hurting.

MC: If you can’t tell it’s refreshing, then it hurts.

Masseuse: Are you okay?

H: I…I’m fine.

Y: What’s this?

H: Relief from pain.

At the 8:00 mark.

Y: How old are you going to live?

H: I’m going to live healthily.

Y: Around 100 years?

H: That seems about right.

Y: Then I’ll live until 101.

H: That’s too much.

Y: Why?

H: We need to die together…

Sub: blurting out random comments in the middle of pain

H: What am I talking about? It’s nothing. Pretend I didn’t say it.

H: Do you really want to live until 101?

Y: Yeah.

H: Then you’re going to die before me.

Y: Why?

H: Because you’re two years older than me.

MC: That’s right.

H: Goodbye.

Y: Goodbye?

MC: Oh, it’s like she’s being roasted on a spit.

Y: If it hurts, it hurts. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t. Why can’t you say it out loud?

MC: That looks good.

MC: That part is really good.

Sub: finishing with a steam towel

MC: It’s like you’re melting.

Masseur: It’s done.

Y: Yes, thank you.

MC: He’s liking it too much.

MC: Seohyun’s a bit embarrassed.

At the 9:38 mark.

Sub: getting a sports massage for their backs

MC: You’re getting the massage while you’re on your face, sowhen you’re done, your face is swollen.

Sub: 30 minutes later

Y: Seohyun, are you alive?

MC: Yaaaaaahhhh! That…

MC: What are you two doing?

MC: Is it some sort of signal?

Masseur: You’re done.

Sub: Then, Seohyun…

MC: Oh, Seohyun…

Sub: “The Ring” fitness edition

MC: Is she a ghost?

Y: Seohyun, are you feeling good?

H: Seriously, without mind control, this would’ve been impossible.

At the 11:14 mark.

H: It was so painful my insides were getting into a knot. But since it’s good for your health, so…it should be good. I should bear it. So…I bore it.

Y: I was so happy. I could feel my blood stream getting better. It really relieved my stress. I’m really wondering if it wasn’t our best date, by far.

MC: The newly born couple.

Sub: finishing their 2 hour massage…

H: I feel like I’m 30 years younger.

MC: She says she feels 30 years younger.

Sub: 20 years – 30 years = absurd

MC: She needs to enter into the negatives.

cr. MountainMadman @seohwa soompi thread

Yong really listens to his wife! It’s good that they are taking care of their health well because just like what YongSeo told each other… They have to live 100+ plus years and in the end die together… awwwww… YongSeo will be really old by then but still in love!! ❤

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