[TRANSLATIONS] CN Blue’s Weibo Update

CN Blue Members sent their new year greetings through Weibo.

Yonghwa: Hello Everyone!  This is Yonghwa first time leaving a message on Sina Weibo^It’s already the second time we spent Chinese New Year with the fans~Is everyone healthy? I hope everyone would continue to like our music just like before!

Jonghyun:  Hello Everyone! I’m the Guitar player Jonghyun~ Although it’s the year, we haven’t rest yet.  We are busy preparing for our new single. Everyone be healthy and rest a lot during this New year. I would like to thank everyone
for their support!

Minhyuk: After meeting each other in Shanghai, October last year,  we finally have the chance to greet everybody. Although it’s the new year, we have to practice so we can’t go home. We are currently putting in effort in our practice! KK I heard that Chinese New Year is long in China, that’s great! Wish everyone a Happy New Year and be healthy! KKK

Jungshin: Thanks to everyone who welcomed us when we visited China last year in October, in order to show better, we are busy putting in effort in our practices. You would see a more Handsome (?) Jungshin this new year, hope everyone would have a great 2011! Eat more since it’s the new year, if you don’t eat because you want to lose weight, you won’t be as tall as I, eat more then exercise more! New year new blessings, but old blessings are more! (?)

Source: CN Blue’s Weibo
Translated By: Tiffany@iloveyongseo


One Comment on “[TRANSLATIONS] CN Blue’s Weibo Update”

  1. vik says:

    see video: yong dance
    it’s really funny

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