[VIDEO+TRANSLATIONS] Another YongSeo Unseen Cut – Yong Wife

Daebak!! MBC released another unseen footage of YongSeo!!! Cuteness overload!!

cr. serai409

Watch the original video here. 😀

translations after the cut 🙂

YH: I am fast at washing dishes
H: aigo i’m really…really…
YH:(wife) take rest
YH: you just relax all day, why don’t you do something for a change?
H: (pretend not to listen) go and cook some food~
Caption: a couple scene in meoldrama
H: Ahh..so full
YH: i can’t live anymore~i can’t live anymore~i can’t live with you anymore. you are not working~not earning money. you only sleep around at home
H: make me some ma
YH: you do it~
H: Aah…what^^
Caps: (Finally) in a good relation. washing dishes together
YH: (background musick for washing dishes) Sing Gee
H:Gee?let’s sing with fan sing a long version.(sings gee lyric)
Y:Gee Gee Gee Gee Baby Baby baby Gee Gee Gee Gee Baby Baby baby
Caps: SNSD Seohyun and fanboy performance
H:Well done
H:yo’ve work hard
Caps: finally finished cleaning the dishes together
YH: you’ve work hard
H:Well done
YH: thank you.thank you seo joo hyun ssi
H: not a problem

translations by scatterbrain@seohwa soompi thread


goguma baidu

I wish MBC will release more of these!! They’re so cute.. They look like kids.. CHODINGS!! hahaha!! 1:30 seconds of YongSeo love!!!


4 Comments on “[VIDEO+TRANSLATIONS] Another YongSeo Unseen Cut – Yong Wife”

  1. Hyera says:

    OMOOOOOOO… They’r so cute n lovely… ><

  2. munyitaa says:

    CHODINGS!! haha =))
    not only yong choding anymore but also hyun choding

  3. lemonade says:

    lol so cute:)

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