[VIDEO][Subbed] YongSeo Episode 47 Preview – Wedding Photoshoot

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What do you think is the concept that they want taken in one shot?? OMO!!! Faces touching?? Looking at each other for a long time?? KISS???????? I’m sooooo looking forward to Saturday!!!!


[VIDEO] Yonghwa MC Cut – Inkigayo 27022011

Ring ding dong ~~~

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Couple ring alert!! love it!! There is no reason to hide for YongSeo now.. The whole world knows you’re married already!! haha! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Yong is so cute with that glasses!!!

[PHOTOS][Icons] Handsome Yonghwa – Episode 46 Wedding Photoshoot



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[VIDEO][Subbed] YongSeo Episode 46 – Wedding Photoshoot

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Yay for the subs!! Thanks to the subbing team!! daebak!!

[TRANSLATIONS] YongSeo Episode 46 – Wedding Photoshoot (Part 2)

<meanwhile, after hyun tried all the dresses>
Y: It’s a pleasure to meet you.
S: It’s a pleasure to meet you.
Y: You came back
Y:I’ll comeback wearing a 3piece suit.
<this time it’s Yong husbands turn!>
MC: Since it’s men’s clothes, they can change easily.
<the bored while waiting Hyun-wifey >
MC: She is bored.
S: you are taking about the same time as me while changing
Y: That isn’t it.
Y: One, two three!
<Yong-groom, look in a tuxedo>
Y: you always see me in one of these don’t you?
S: Oh, its good, I have a feeling that you’re going to start singing I’m a loner.
Y: Look, Look!~
Y: what do you think?
S: it suits you well.
Y: really?
S: yeah, It looks good.

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[TRANSLATIONS] YongSeo Episode 46 – Wedding Photoshoot (Part 1)

Y: it’s another mission card!
Y & S: together, together
Y: oh it’s thick.
<the mission that is before them is…?>
Y&S: today’s mission…
<the couple’s romantic must do course …>
MC: honeymoon?
Y: Honeymoon?
S: Ah~ seriously? What do you think it is?
Y: Wedding photos!
S: really?
<lips that are opened widely due to the shock>
<inside the mission letter contains another letter>
Y: what is this?
Y: Is this a proposal plan?
<other actress/actor’s wedding photos>
Y: this one is good
<jang dong gun and go so young’s couple wedding photo>
<Also a strong skinship photo!>
MC: you can’t forget that pose!
<just then!>
<the already worn wedding dress …>
<Trax’s album cover photos>
MC: ahh~! With Jungmo oppa
MC: oh Trax, trax

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[NEWS] Yonghwa Loves Seohyun in a Wedding Dress

Yonghwa couldn’t close his mouth when “Imaginary Wife” Seohyun was wearing a wedding dress for

As a mission for this episode of “We Got Married” the Goguma couple had to take wedding photos together.

When Yonghwa first saw Seohyun in a wedding dress at the wedding shop he couln’d help but complement her saying “You are pretty!”

As Yonghwa took pictures of Seohyun, he couldn’t stop smiling. For the 1:1 interview Yonghwa said “She seems like an ice princess from ice country, she was like an angel.”

source: mydaily.co.kr  via soompi

It was all over Yonghwa’s face!! haha!  He was nervous and all that he can say was “pretty”! lol!!