[TRIVIA] List of SeoHyun’s Questions to Mother-in Law

1. How was Yong during his childhood? kindergarten, primary,junior, high.

2.Yong’s favourite things

3.How filial is he, memory of his presents or surprises

4.food and drinks he likes/hates

5.When did yong start to dream to be a a singer?(when do parents noticed yong oppa’s talent)

6.How did yong prepare his dream so that parents are not against it.

7.parents want yong to be what kind of person?

8.do parents face any challenges, what kind of challenge?

9.Do you pay attention to his activities?

10.How do you celebrate yong oppa’s b’days?

11.what should be done for parents’ birthday?

12.Seeing our marriage live, how do you feel?anything you want to say to me?

13.Have you ever met yong oppa’s past girlfriends? have they ever visited you?

14.what do parents hope for in a daughter in law


cr. 爱国 咪路 Baidu; shared by scatterbrain @ soompi

Wah, woori SeoHyun is so straightforward!! 😀

Unluckily she can’t ask those questions to mother-in law in Busan before.. 😦


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